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I feel like that other anon meant they've decided the ship isn't going to sail in canon land but they still ship it. Maybe not but I felt that feel from it since I'm leaning the same way. It's not gonna be canon but it's still my OTP.

Oh, well. Yeah. That’s fine. I’ll still be over here raptor-screeching at the subtext.

I personally haven’t counted it out entirely happening in canon, because I can’t see the future, but yeah. I think this is really what we’re all doing to one degree or another. Expecting anything to definitively happen in canon and then watching the show with that end in mind can be frustrating. I get that completely.

Some things are clearly textually foreshadowed, and I have less difficulty predicting stuff like Dean opening up his black demon eyes in 9.23, and Chuck and Amara reuniting to save the universe in 11.23.

We’ve been watching the codependency between Sam and Dean break down for the last few seasons, and I expect that to continue. But that sort of thing is a little bit harder to grab on to and put in a tidy box. The emotional and interpersonal evolution of all of these characters is messier and more organic than the season-long mytharc plots, you know?

There’s no grid you can lay atop a string of episodes to plot out the important beats they’re hitting leading to a specific target, such as there was with the entire Amara and Chuck story. It makes it a LOT harder to predict where it’s all leading. For me, that adds to the enjoyment of it, rather than taking away from it, because that’s how people work. It’s absolutely NOT formulaic. It’s NOT predictable, and we can’t say for sure where it’s leading.

We’ve watched Dean grow emotionally by leaps and bounds this past season. It was a really introspective year for him, despite the threat of the end of the universe hanging over him for the entirety of it. Without that sense of doom, I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing where that takes him forward from this point.

As for Cas, he spent the better part of the season either severely depressed or possessed. I think he’s due for a cathartic victory here (i.e. his hunt for Lucifer), and then he can embark on the same kind of introspective journey Dean’s been on…

This is just how I watch the show. It works for me. I haven’t counted anything out. I haven’t staked all my happiness on any particular resolution. While I do enjoy speculating about the future of the A-plot, speculating on the canon future of the emotional subplots gets into murky waters just by its very nature. But rather than “watch just for the surface text” and completely ignore the subtext, I try to take it as they give it out.

I’m not going to ignore the subtext. They’re putting it there for a reason. But I also would never look at the subtext and say OH YES! THEY’LL OBVIOUSLY BE KISSING WITHIN TWO EPISODES NOW! Because that’s not how subtext works…

Which is why the other anon’s message confused me so badly. Why ignore an entire layer of the show’s text? The layer I personally derive the most enjoyment from analyzing? I’m not confusing reality and porn here, though. As long as they keep putting the subtext in there, I’m going to keep reading it. I can see it evolving. I have no idea where it’s leading us. None of us do.

And that’s WHY I, personally, find it so fascinating.

If continuing to look at the subtext without that certainty or a guarantee from TPTB that it’s going where it looks like it’s been going for years, if that has lost its enjoyment for you, then by all means, do your best to ignore it. Watch the show for fun, engage in fandom for your OTP fix. What I’m saying is that I have no desire to separate those things out from one another, because the way I’m looking at it there isn’t any conflict between them.

I think at this point at least half my enjoyment from watching this show comes from pulling apart the subtext and examining it with a microscope. Not because I am looking for evidence or proof that they’re going to be canon or not, but because I PERSONALLY FIND THAT ACTIVITY ENJOYABLE. It is its own reward, you know? 

I hope that makes sense. I’ve only got one cup of coffee in me as of yet…

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Oh, Hi! SO long as we leave all credit intact, are you opposed to reblogs?

I’m fairly lenient with my art but I just wanna make some ground rules so people know for reference:

-Please don’t repost my art on Tumblr- even if you credit, there’s literally no point in doing that when you can just reblog my art from my blog.

-Please don’t upload my artwork onto Twitter, I don’t want some of my artwork there for personal reasons and I’ll upload my own stuff deemed appropriate there too. 

-If you decide to crop one of my pictures for a Tumblr icon, roleplay, Skype etc, that’s okay as long as you leave credit and a link on your blog and post (not necessary for Skype).

-I don’t mind if you want to re-upload my artwork onto another website, just make sure you leave credit and a link. I would prefer if you ask for permission first however so I don’t get a sudden shock that I find my artwork somewhere that I didn’t personally upload to. 

I know some of you aren’t “stealing” and want to just share artwork around, I totally get it. Just make sure you ask the artist first cause they might have
reasons for not posting artwork onto certain websites.

***Also you can always find the source of an image with Google Image Search.*** -Just wanted to add that in there.

Thank you!

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Hello. I noticed you've been getting anons basically referring to the holocaust as some made up event? Why would anyone think it never happened? I'm very confused. And I'm only asking because you seem to know a lot about the holocaust in general, so I'm figuring you've had many people say this to you?

Thankfully I have not. It’s only been recently when I’ve been posting images from my trip to Berlin. There have been a few reblogs and commentary on the historical holocaust photos questioning their validity but I try my best not to give an audience to a debate like that. 

People have their own personal reasons to deny the holocaust, but from my understanding it is most typically used as a rationalisation or justification for anti-semitism and racism. The claim tends to be that people of the jewish faith use or exaggerate the holocaust to garner sympathy and advance some sort of agenda. You need to understand that people who deny the occurrence or extent of the holocaust are deliberately ignoring the vast, significant amounts of historical evidence to the contrary.

Also worth noting that holocaust denial is actually outright illegal in a number of european countries and you can be prosecuted for it. 

i’m officially here and looking to get activity going again. i want to apologize for the wank fest that went down before i stopped logging in; i get very passionate about the issues i speak on, and i don’t mean to make people uncomfortable. i’m going to clean up my blog and pump out some well-overdo drafts, and maybe clean up my html a little bit. thank you to those of you who stuck it out.

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I dont understand how just saying "meh, i dont like this ship it makes me uncomfortable" is hateful? I mean, I LOVE roadrat with all my heart n soul tbh, but, if someones uncomfortable for their own personal reasons, i cant rly see it as hurtful? especally since it seems like it was just a personal thing. idk, maybe im misinformed, but, I dont understand, im not hurting anyone by expressing my love for the ship, they arnt hurting anyone by sayin they dont like it. idkk,

They didn’t just say “meh I don’t like it” they said it was gross and attacked it based on an age gap that’s common IRL, thats insulting to people who choose to be in those types of relationships. (eventually going on to say it was predatory and wrong because junkrats mental illness)

It’s fine to dislike a ship, but to insult it or misrepresent it in the shipping tag is asking for trouble.

But I enjoy these discussions, so maybe I’m more eager to jump onto these types of posts then most are. I don’t care if they don’t like the ship, I’m not going to change their minds clearly, but stop saying ‘its predatory’ or 'problematic’ as an excuse, because at that point I will correct them.

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I have a very bad feeling about Abraham, had it since I first heard about the cult, but now my feelings have been solidified: hubpages (.) com/religion-philosophy/death-of-abraham-hicks-esther-and-jerry-hicks-creation Please read and share your thoughts on why you agree or disagree, it's important to me and got ignored on another blog already.

I might read that article some time soon. I haven’t listened to any Abraham Hicks in a long, long, long, long time, and I don’t plan to in the future.

To each their own, I just choose not to for my own personal reasons…whether or not I end up reading the article that you have shared.

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I'd rather not because we're not mutual. We're not even semi-mutual. We don't follow each other and we've never spoken before. I'm just curious as why you feel you need to hide, change URLs, and change your name. Only guilt people hide. So tell me, Dani, what are you guilty of?

      ooc. i’m not guilty of anything. and i don’t necessarily owe you any answers if you’re not even going to talk to me off anon. i did what i did for my own personal reasons, a lot of them for my mental health. i’m allowed to take care of myself. 

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for ur ask meme: GABRIEL

G. Do you remember your first OTP? If so, what was it.

Oh god, I have a lot. I’ll go with the first one that I actually engaged in an fandom with, which was Haru/Kyou from Fruits Basket.

A. Current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

For most current, OTP is Reaper76, OT3 we’ll go with Gabriel/Ana/Jack.

B. A pairing you didn’t initially consider but someone changed your mind

I’m pretty sure @milkcree sold me entirely on McReyes and I probably have something up my sleeve there….

R. A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

Nick/Rochelle/Ellis from L4D2. 

I. Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms? If so, which and why

Well, up until recently I was sticking to smaller fandoms, but I definitely would say I steer clear of the SU fandom for my own personal reasons. Overwatch is my first big fandom in a number of years and I’m enjoying it so far, though!

E. Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not recently, but back in the day I was part of an RP group raiding a rant community, which was pretty great. Got a Fandom Wank post and everything.

L. Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves 

Ocelot is very good at meowing. 

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You haven't posted or reblogged anything in a while and idk if you're just busy but I just wanted to say that I hope everything is alright

I took a short break because I was super busy with work and then this past week I was actually out of cell service and I went camping off the grid which was a much needed mental break and I got to see my fam I won’t be on here as much as before for my own personal reasons and sanity basically I’m going to try to write but no promises. things are fine right now but I just need a break for a while, I might make a post about it explaining it more when I get home

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Hmm... Have you ever try Assfucking? Why are you here? Only to make guys horny? 😉

I’m here to blog content that I enjoy and to show off my body for my own personal reasons nothing to do with turning people on. So please stop.

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What's happening? I've seen what's going on but I'm confused? All I know is that you don't like TOP and people are attacking you for it? Anyways, whatever it is, I'll support you. Ily :)

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of them for my own personal reasons. But this anon is going to my boyfriend since I’m not responding and attacking him, and now they’re going on about how he never defends me. Well, I’ve never told Troy which type of defense I prefer, and he prefers comforting me in private apparently. So that’s the drama