for my own emotion's sake

anonymous asked:

as a cis white lesbian i know there are certain things i can be ignorant to and i just wanted to say thank you for educating me/others even though that is not something that is required of you and of course many people dont listen at all and continue on with their bullshit arguments (also thank you for the fixing the block of text thing! i really wanted to read your response but if i ever see a block of text its just like.. Nope because my brain Can't handle that so thanks for the accessibility)

hey definitely no problem, and thank you for coming at what i do with a respectful attitude and the knowledge that i provide educational information for free and at occasionally the cost and/or sake of my own mental and emotional duress.

also my adhd ass is the fucking same i hate reading big ass text like i’ll hyperfocus on a book but a long ass text on tumblr? brain: nope.