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Clue references in Poe Party (44/?): Pseudonym foreshadowing

Eye contact is something that varies from group to group. There are times when you look people in the eye and times you do not. I did not know that when I went to South India. I was not aware that that particular behaviour was culturally variable, and that my rules were only one set of a number of possibilities.

Michael H. Agar, The Professional Stranger

Example #1085 of why I want to throw anthropology/sociology textbooks at the heads of autism researchers.


favourite minor character | requested by yoyomarules
battlestar galactica: colonel saul tigh (aka deputy downer)


Here are my main boys who I love very dearly! Michael of course will always be my number one, but anywho they’re all very talented human beings who deserve nothing, but peace and happiness in their lifetime. I will name them all in order : michael clifford, damon albarn, park jimin, rex orange county, 2d, mac demarco, awsten knight, chris martin, ezra miller.

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What are your favorite things about Michael Emerson? His best attributes in your opinion.

oh anon…where do i even start?? there’s too much to say about this!

above all my favourite thing about michael is that he seems soooooo freakin nice. i’ve had a lot of celeb crushes and from all of my extensive stalking research he sounds like he’s the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most friendly, least problematic, most humble, grateful and generous one of them all. people who’ve worked with him from fellow stars to volunteers at comic con have said he’s just the greatest and the loveliest. according to fans he’s approachable, kind, friendly (see the recent fan post in his tag but there are endless accounts of the same kindness and friendliness) and always has time for them even if he’s walking his dog or on the train or out with carrie. (he’s even nice to paparazzi and those annoying tmz guys). 

just look at him taking time out of his day to give these lost fans/tourists directions in hawaii in this video. he’s so focused on the task it’s adorable

and look at how his poi castmates feel about him

also just scroll through his twitter feed and you’ll see most of his tweets are shout outs to other people like small theatre companies, student radio stations, little-known writers and artists he likes, other tv shows. he’s always complimenting everyone else lol it’s adorable

and aside from being in an ad advocating aids research he and carrie also made this video for lgbt rights in like 2009 or something and posed for noh8

apart from his niceness which is my NUMBER ONE FAVOURITE thing about michael emerson my number two favourite thing is how much he loves his wife. there’s soooooo many examples of their cuteness that make me die but i think the best example of how much he loves her is in this video from :54

other things i love about him: he’s extremely talented as an actor and as an artist, he’s funny, he’s cute and sometimes a bit shy, and a big dorkhe has a super eclectic taste in music just like me, he’s dapper af and he’s sexy as hell

then there’s this pic

oh and his dog’s adorable

i’m sorry for the essay! but really i could go on and on and on about him lol


Like Her - Part 5 (C.H.)

A/N: There was a high demand for me to write a Part 5 soooo, you’re welcome☺️ Enjoy! :) x

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I screamed as I jumped over the couch and ran around the house.
“That’s right. You better run!” Calum yelled from behind me as he chased after me.
“It was your fault for falling asleep!” I told him as I continued to run away from him.
“That doesn’t give you the right to draw a dick on my face!” Calum yelled back.
The rest the gang was just watching us run around the place in amusement.
I squealed as I took a little too sharp of a turn around the table and Calum came to a halt on the other side. “It was Luke’s idea!”
“Gee, thanks, Y/N. Just sell me out like that. If this were an actual battle it’s nice to know that you would sacrifice me to save yourself,” Luke said sarcastically from his seat.
“It was your idea though!” I protested.
“Why would you listen to him though?” Calum asked.
I shrugged. “It was a funny idea.”
Calum narrowed his eyes at me. “Is it still funny now when you’re running away from me?”

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5sos trying to speed date probably
  • Calum: do you like food and are you willing to do anything for food
  • Mikey: my ideal date is sitting in my room in the dark playing video games what do you mean 'of course you're single' wtf lady
  • Ashton: goddayum you thick wait why are you walking away
  • Luke: you like to have a good time? me too! my idea of a good time is going to church and praising jesus amen
  • Calum: do you like to get naked and always be naked? what do you mean public nudity is illegal what are you talking about
  • Mikey: this is stupid no one will ever love me like i love my computer
  • Mikey: idk ma'am you seem nice and all but are you punk enough to date me?
  • Luke: yes of course my mother will always be my number one woman sorry

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Who is the best looking AH? I'm going with Ryan, that is a hunk of man if I have ever seen one, and I'm a straight dude.

that is a very fair and valid assessment but also please consisder this cinnamon bun

I rest my case

with touring around the world and his obvious love for bracelets, michael had a ton of them. even though most broke very easily, he still managed to keep an entire drawer full at home. he had favorites that he always wore but he always made sure he wore the black one. it was a stretchy, black band that was only fifty cents in a coin machine but you gave it to him on your very first date. as cliche as it was, your first date was at the carnival in midsummer and michael had won you a giant stuffed shark so obviously you felt the need to win him something; only you kept losing at everything. it wasn’t until you’d tried every game at least once (some twice) when you marched over to a coin machine that held bracelets in little plastic containers and shoved it in his hand. he laughed as you rolled your eyes but put it on anyway, promising that he’d never take it off. and he didn’t. it helped him through awkward situations and pre-show jitters. it helped him in the middle of interviews when he didn’t know what to do with his hands. all he had to do was fiddle with the bracelet you gave him months ago and somehow you managed to calm his nerves, even though you were thousands of miles away. [x]