for my matesprit


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet

  • Homestuck friend: so what do you ship?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: oh, ok cool. ....but like what's you favorite pale ship?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: black?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: OK but what about ashen
  • Me: *goes on a long explanation describing all of the possible auspistices to Johnkat, including future!karkat*
  • Homestuck friend: .....
  • Homestuck friend: we're done now

arcana-of-the-true-self  asked:

I haven't been following u for very long but a common theme from all the information I currently have is that your trolls tend to get into relationships with people they have at some point heavily injured because I know of at least two instances of this by now and honestly it's both wild and amazing


Kitana, Himmel, and a majority of my trolls have met their quads through being close friends, or were damn near murdered [Mel’s matesprit, Kairos, tried to stab him with a trident].

Kitana n @crowleplays ‘ Satare both [probably] met in jail for getting caught doing STUPID SHIT, they became besties and now they’re matesprits

Raizol met Thalia when he had to chase after his lusus and TRIPPED OVER HER in a field of flowers

Riqxae was just some odd and very chill star that ended up falling for @teamstarlightcollectors ‘ Xaylao and my Baozha. He found them both really funny and loved their company

Those are just a very select few ; v ;

Davekat relationship theory

Ok so we all know they are in a quadrant but it still hasn’t been revealed? homestuck ends in two days and we don’t have a clear answer. Some people think it’s redrom and some people think they are moirails. I think that the way its been going Hussie is leaving it up to us,the fans, to choose. What I mean by that is it is everyone’s own opinion. with the dialogue and moments from the comic we have seen it can go either way.

It’s Valentines/Matesprit day!!!

I know what you’re thinking…

Aaaaahhh I totally forgot and have nothing to give my super awesome matesprit!!! D:>’

Well fear not~!

I have prepared a collection of nice valentine cards you can quickly print out and give to your significant other. :3

(Oh yeah. And in celebration of Valentines Day, I’m uploading 10 more pages today, marking the 500th page upload. Double bonus! :D )

(( anon: truth do you hide behind memes to hide how sad u r

mindfang: lol wtf no?? people can make memes and not be tryna hide anything

*3 hours later*: hey guys look at this meme i made out of my dead matesprit isnt it cool lol

ive done so many embarrassing quadrant things honestly?? 
my first matesprit convinced me troll david bowie may or may not show up when you pail with someone 
i tried to cook for john when we were still dating which was just such a terrible idea and im still sorry for that (its the thought that counts right?)
the first time @crowkiind invited me back to his new place i kind of crashed the date by telling him about the dead people living in his hive 
i flirted with sollux by drawing him terrible pictures in ms paint of himself no less 
i once laughed in the middle of a super serious conversation with a flushed interest because he started speaking spanish as the humans call it and i didnt know humans could speak that language so i got excited 
if you ever feel embarrassed about something you did in a romantic situation talk to me and ill make you feel better

plaguetrolls  asked:

(4 sweeps) Vide, what's the most exciting thing you've ever done?

Oh oh oh um! I cL-Limbed a taLL-LL tree, right up to the tiptop, I saw the kite, I brought it down, ahh, I was goooood. My moiraiL-L’s matesprit, she said I never couL-Ld, but I did because I’m quick and L-Light and cL-Lever as cL-lever!! ALL-LL the branches were creaky and nobody bigger couL-Lda done it but I did! So now I can go hunting with my moiraiL-L-and-them, ‘cause I’m so tough and grow-up and brave.

>You lift your chin and throw your shoulders back, stamp a foot, all to show off just how tough and grown-up and brave you are.

anonymous asked:

Help, TGM, I need your advice! My moirail and matesprit are both seadwellers who've just entered into fleet service, and they've been given command of ships deploying to two different star clusters. I don't want to leave either of them but I can't go with both! What should I do?

If you’re old enough to have quadrants who have both entered fleet service, then it is likely you have already made your required genetic contributions and will not be given demands for another for quite some time, if at all. This is fortunate, because it means you can make a logical choice for practicality rather than for survival.

Though it’s hard to decide between two people that you pity unconditionally, the logical choice is to go with your moirail. Fleet comms aren’t always instantaneous, but they are consistent, and you’ll still be able to stay in contact with your matesprit, write to them, and send them holo messages. With enough work on both ends, you can still have a flourishing matespritship, and if you’re creative enough, you can still express that flush passion through the extranet.

On the other hand, you can’t pap your moirail through a camera. Your “shoosh” might come five minutes too late through a microphone. All quadrants are important to a balanced romantic life, but the physical presence of concupescient quadrants is really only necessary as far as making genetic donations to the Empire. The ability to physically go to your moirail and collapse into their lap is not something to be underestimated, and your presence would undeniably be better spent keeping your moirail stable and calm than it would be making sure your matesprit gets a kiss goodlight 

Despite the strong evidence that this is an obvious choice, that does not make it an easy choice to make. I’m sorry that you have to make such a difficult decision, and I wish you luck making it and living with the consequences.

- Abigyl Torina, TGM Dawnclaw