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who knew I was this chatty?!

So a lovely follower asked me to write an about me and why I do what I do kind of thing and so here it is. I am so sorry this turned into a novel. Like wow. I am just not this chatty :p 

I am a grad student (last semester YAYY!!) and I live in South Carolina. The love of my life is a big black labrador named Chloe. I read a lot, write a little, and watch serious amounts of hockey. Professionally I work in health administration, that’s what the whole grad school thing is about :) I’m actually not a huge fan of television. 

So that was a nice seque :p I do still watch teen wolf because I’m stubborn and determined to make it til the end! But I am a sterek fangirl and not so much a teen wolf fan. I was hesitant to write why I dedicate so much of my free time to this blog because it’s not a happy story. Honestly, I had considered writing this sooner because I talk to a lot of you that are struggling with grief, depression, anxiety and other things like that and most of the content of this blog happened because there was just too much of that stuff going on in my head.

I started this blog in spring of 2014 and in June of 2014 my mom died. In a space of 3 weeks we went from her not feeling well to me planning a funeral. I was devastated and in all honesty I grieved for nearly 2 years. So this blog was built on me distracting myself by living in the sterek fandom :)

So what am I doing in the sterek fandom anyway?!!! I love Stiles. That is my total and complete reason for everything teen wolf related. I want Stiles to be happy and I want Derek to want Stiles to be happy.  If you’ve been hanging around then you know I’m all about the cheesy, fluffy happy endings. If you knew how many times I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice you would totally understand. :) 

I’m a closet writer. Is that even a thing?!? I have 3 fics that I need to edit and then I swear they are going to see the light of day. So that is kinda my thing behind not doing reviews. Everyone that shares their work is so brave!!  They deserve kudos and comments and wonderful tags on their posts. That’s the PSA for this post. Go show some love for your fandom artists :)

Ok, I’m done now. Did anyone actually read this far? :p Seriously, big hugs to you all for loving sterek alongside me. Come talk fics or anything else with me anytime you want! 


I’d just like to say, for the record, the LAPD and Detective Decker in particular, acted impeccably on this case. This whole courtroom, nay, the entire city can rest assured that someone as honest, trustworthy and reliable as Detective Decker is out there protecting them.

tfw your crush walks in while you’re interrogating your bully about the invisible akuma that’s after her and your tail feathers decide now’s the time to confess thanks a lot Peacock Miraculous

from A Declaration of Love by @imthepunchlord


Every inch of you is perfect from the

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