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Pitch 1.09 | Part of me wants you to leave for the same reason you want to leave.

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10 Hopes for S2 of Shadowhunters

1. Climon doesn’t happen or ends sooner than in the books. We need friendship Climon, not toxic as hell romance Climon. Like it was so bad, just don’t do it.

2. More Raphael, ‘nuff said

3. Magnus and Simon broship. This is necessary to life.

4. Clary stops being so destructive and grows up. I want her to take a look at the people around her and think before she does something. I want her to care about Simon like she did before she really got involved, where she cared about his safety and well-being. 

5. I really want the Jace thing cleared up soon too. Book-readers know what I mean. That plot was just so awkward to deal with and I’m pretty sure it lost a lot of people in the books.

6. Simon redeems himself. The end of the last season has a lot of people of both sides of the Saphael drama, but Simon did do wrong by the clan and if we want to avoid some of that Mark of Cain shit then he’s gonna have to make up for it, which it looks like he’s gonna try. 

7. Raphael eventually forgiving him. Simon needs to redeem himself, but Raphael needs to let him. Raphael is the kind of guy who does whatever is best for the clan, so I hope if Simon can prove he isn’t a threat, he’ll eventually forgive him. I don’t expect a 180 where he’s just like, “Welcome back, baby, don’t break anyone else out of prison and also you’re grounded for ten years. So, no mutts or shadowhunters.”

8. Saphael training sequences and Simon w/ the clan

9. Raphael and the clan not freaking after what happens after the boat (again, book-readers know what I mean) because they made up and bonded and shit

10. Saphael. I want love!Saphael but honestly I could live with it just being a broship right now and maybe Simon pining when he realizes he doesn’t love Clary anymore.

You know what I like best about Carry On? The spells. The way that they’re common (or not-quite-so-common-anymore) phrases that you put magic into yourself. I just like how the magic doesn’t inherently come with the spell– you have the magic and you’re the one who puts it into practice with your voice.

These so called “fans” are literally slut shaming Jensen now. You remember those pictures of young!Jensen from that cowboy shoot? Yeah, those ones. I’m not even going to elaborate what they are saying in relation to those pics, I’m sure you can imagine for yourself.

This is just too low, like, even for them.  


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas and Tauriel

Dateline: Dale (21/40)

I think one of the biggest issues at play here is the definition of the word “harassment”. What most people don’t seem to understand is that there is a dictionary definition of a word and a contextual, or real world, nuanced, applied version of the same word.

It could be easy to read the definition of harassment as “something that disturbs or upsets” and immediately snap to the conclusion that yes, these people are harassing these other people because their word have both disturbed and upset said people. But let’s put that into a twenty-first century, Internet based context.

You may not like someone’s opinion. There are plenty of things I read on the Internet on a daily basis that I find gross, wrong, reprehensible, or in disagreement with my own ethos. This doesn’t make them harassment. For example, I had a news story done about me when I was seventeen years old. My parents consented to have my story, my likeness, my face, my voice, my words, all of it under the control of the network who presented that story. This story was a public story, available for public consumption and commentary. And trust me, the commentary was plentiful and a good majority of it was not nice. In fact, it was downright awful.

It wasn’t harassment, though. I had, momentarily, become a public figure. (By no means a celebrity, let’s not get dramatic and be honest here lol), portions of my life and story becoming public along with them. If these people had made threats against my person, had threatened my personal information or safety, or had repeatedly contacted me personally, THAT would have been harassment. But rude remarks? Cutting words and opinions about my public story and situation? That’s not harassment.

“But people have been repeatedly contacting the family with these words”, you say. Fair enough. But the legal system in this country takes things on a case by case basis. Which means the “one person represents all you Larries” bullshit that is a beloved line to drop doesn’t apply here.

The blogger in question has stated her opinion on public stories made available for public consumption on many occasions. That is not harassment, no matter how you dislike it or disagree with it, it simply isn’t. Taking someone’s home address and phone and likeness and giving it to a stranger without that person’s consent? That’s definitely harassment.

Just because someone says things you don’t like doesn’t mean you have grounds for legal action. So… try again, I guess.

YoI Season 2 reality check

Okay, now episode 12 is over and we were (still are) all blown away with how perfect it is. But I realized I haven’t seen on my feed what the implications of season 2 are so here are my thoughts on it: When Kubo-sensei said to watch until the end and pay attention to Viktor’s decision, I think this is what she means: Think how fucked up Vitya’s situation is. He is Yuuri’s coach, choreographer, rival and lover. Not to mention Viktor has been away from figure skating for almost a year; there’s the fact that he might not be able to make a comeback - he said so himself. Then there’s Yurio, the ever evolving beautiful monster who will potentially prevent him from representing Russia, and that would frustrate him. He may even resent Yuuri a bit because Yuuri was the reason he took a break. And all those are bound to put a strain on his relationship with Yuuri. Even the great Viktor Nikiforov will crack under that enormous pressure. For the second season, I think YoI will illustrate how even the most decorated figure skater has his own issues. It will also focus more on Viktor and his bid to get back on the ice. And if we’re lucky enough, we may be able to see parts of his past. The skating component on season 2 would surely be more dazzling than the first season but ultimately, I am more excited about the character and relationship developments that will happen on the second season and see how Viktuuri will get past this hurdle.

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this post is going to be like half an outline for a fic i want to write and half a hope it’ll inspire someone else to write it instead but ive been thinking about how dirk must have learned more basic life skills. he can cook (or ‘cook’), has a place of his own, and presumably do laundry, among many other things.

while it’s entirely possible the CIA taught him some of them that seems a) unlikely for the age he’s implied to have been when he left and b) unlikely in general because lbr, the CIA sucks. so i suggest that just as the universe puts food in bart’s path when she needs to eat, it put people in dirk’s path to teach him how to survive. 

imagine him ending up in the yard of a lonely old woman who takes an immediate liking to the strange, skinny, scared, english boy in her garden. after practically dragging him inside and forcing him to eat, she starts complaining about how the young these days never have enough time for their elders and she’s been waiting all week for her grandkids to come over and help her with housework. dirk realizes this must be why he’s here and eagerly offers to assist. he knows next to nothing but that’s alright because he can follow directions and at the end of it he can change a lightbulb and clean dishes like a pro.

the next mission (as he has taken to calling them) isnt so easy. a troubled high school senior has vanished from her foster home in the middle of the night. the missing girl’s older sister doesnt understand who dirk is and why he cares, but she’s just glad someone does, the police have’n already written her baby sis off as a lost cause runaway. she let’s him crash on her couch for a week and feeds him what she can spare; in return by the end of the week he finds the girl and get’s her back relatively unharmed. turns out the girl’s (much older) boyfriend had kidnapped her and dirk experiences someone pulling a knife on him for the first time. but hey, he learned how to kinda cook and rent an apartment.

the early days are the easiest even tho he has no clue what’s going on (even more so than later). the people he meets are more kind and receptive than they’ll ever be again and getting involved in cases aren’t such a struggle. a few years down the line while he’s happily cooking in his kitchen, alone but free, he recognizes what the universe did for him to get to this point.

if he didn’t feel like such a pawn he’d almost be grateful.


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas and Tauriel

Dateline: Dale (2/40)

“where are you from?”

when asked by another person of color: “oh it looks like we may share some history as immigrants or children of immigrants! I want to know what your other culture is and I’ll share mine!”

when asked by a white person: “you don’t look like you’re from here, please confirm my suspicions that you’re from elsewhere”

to those, I always answer: “I’m from here.”

and they ask: “No, where are you REALLY from?”