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Dear Catherine, I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologize to you for. All the pain we caused each other. Everything I put on you. Everything I needed you to be or needed you to say. I’m sorry for that. I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who I am. I just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and I’m grateful for that. Whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, I’m sending you love. You’re my friend to the end. Love, Theodore

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Sometimes, you think you can connect to someone who you later realize you’re only attached to because they fill sort of emptiness that needs to be taken care of. This connection can reach to great lengths from playful dates around the block to sudden heated bedroom games under the covers. I never knew I, myself was doing it until I saw her. I always announced that I liked someone anonymous to avoid any further confrontation about my love life. I finally had my anonymous person.

I was a house party thrown by a close friend and was sharing a drink with Olivia, a former fling who I had been hanging a lot with recently. She was one of the few people I was comfortable around and no matter what people said, I still enjoyed her company and it sort of shifted into a whole new direction when I noticed her acting different. All of a sudden, she always wanted to be around me and it got a little overwhelming. I was never one to know to handle someone’s feelings so I didn’t give myself any other choice but to keep whatever it is she thought this was, going. We were having what I thought was a stifling conversation when she leaned in and kissed me. With no warning, just went straight for it. I pulled away, not even a second later and looked puzzled into her eyes as she looked back at me in dismay. “I’m sorry.” She muttered and walked away, flustered.

I sighed and took giant swig from my beer when I felt a forceful thump against my back, pushing me forward, leaning on the skinny table beside me for stability. Feminine giggles heard behind me as I saw another friend of mine with a new girl I hadn’t recognized but was responsible for breaking me out of trance from her clumsy actions. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She spoke, unable to contain herself. Her smile was the first thing I noticed, it was different; Her eyes, with a hint of nervous and unamusement. “Sorry Cal.” my friend, Blaire, pat my upper arm, smiling and ran off with the mysterious brunette, who quickly turned her gaze back at me and back. I downed more of my drink, furrowing my eyebrows and headed slowly in their direction. I momentarily made small conversation with people along the way so I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was following her. I tried to forget her but she kept reappearing wherever I went. With every person I spoke to, eye contact was rarely given because I could not stop looking at her. Her face was now plastered in my mind and so was her smile. She was definitely not afraid to let it stretch across her face. Her nose crinkled and she leaned slightly forward, sometimes covering her mouth to hide her insane smile. Before I knew it, the person whom I was supposed to be engaging in a conversation with was gone. I should’ve expected that.

My beer bottle was conveniently empty and I approached the table with the cooler in which they were provided and popped off the cap without an opener with my savvy skills. “Excuse me.” That familiar voice spoke behind me. She gave me that smile, for some reason, made me feel so different inside. I smiled back and stepped aside as she reached into the cooler and retrieved a bottle. Her body’s searching motions made me assume she was looking for a bottle opener and I turned momentarily to set my own bottle down to help her in attempt to potentially start a conversation. “Hey, I can open that for you, if you’d-” Pop “-like,” I chuckled, still finishing my offer to see her sipping from her self opened bottle already. “Thank you, but I think I’m all set.” She smiled through her teeth and turned to walk away. My first thought was what just happened as if it wasn’t simple enough. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Olivia standing there, fiddling her fingers.

“Oh hey…” “Cal, about what happened earlier tonight,” “You know what, don’t even mention it. We don’t have to dive into that. We both know we had a little too much to drink and shit happens.” Her eyes narrowed slowly down, sulking. “It’s alright.” I gave a small smile, patting her arm and her walking away. I broke out my trance once again as I felt a tap on the opposite shoulder. “excuse me… you must really like beer to always be blocking this cooler,” the voice spoke sarcastically. “I could say the same about you, you can really ingest a bottle,” “Actually, it’s for Blaire.” “What? Blaire can’t walk anymore and help herself like a big girl now?” I said shaking my head in Blaire’s direction while she stuck the middle finger at me grinning. She, however, smiled politely and shook her head. “Well, she can’t really open a bottle quite yet so I guess that’s why she has me.” Pop She set the water bottle I was drinking aside and tossed the beer cap in the basket. “Where did you learn how to do that?” “It’s an ancient technique.” “And I thought I was the only one who conquered the bottle cap trick.” “You must be Calum.” I blinked, taken back by her sudden knowledge of who I was. “I’m sorry, have we met?” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Uh no, Blaire just mentions who her friends are casually. She refers to you as, um, beer boy? And I assumed that meant it was cause of something like this.” “Nice. You know me, who are you?” “Y/N.” I held out my hand to shake hers and for the first time, I was feeling awkward around a stranger. “Thanks Y/N. I’m glad I can count on you.” Blaire bumped her shoulder, taking the bottle from her. “So… Have you met-” “Yeah, Blaire you’re about 4 minutes late. Thanks for trying though.” I sipped my beer, shaking my head. “Beer boy?” She broke out laughing. “Sorry I didn’t think that’d come up but since it did, now I know you guys talked plenty. I hate to break this up but our ride is outside sooo, I’ll catch you later.” She fist bumped me, clicking her teeth and pulled her away as she gave that familiar soft smile and mouthed a goodbye. I sat back down and started clearing bottles out of courtesy and I noticed a black rubber object peeking from between a few empty bottles. I pulled it out and saw it was a miniature bottle opener attached to few keys. I looked them over and saw Y/N scribbled onto the handle in silver ink. That little sneak. I quickly slid it into my coat pocket and with a smirk and walked away before anyone saw.

valentine me, please? (chanyeol)
word count: 1262 w.
genre: fluff, romance, valentines day au
summary:  teaching chanyeol english is frustrating.

valentines day special ; pick your date

minseok | junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

“Chanyeol, we’ve been through this last week. It’s ‘love’ as in luv, with an ‘ugh’ sound. Not ‘lob’.” You switched from English to Korean pronunciation of the words for Chanyeol to better understand.

Chanyeol grinned while you rubbed your temples in a circular motion. Maybe it’ll help relieve the headache you’re getting from this 165 cm giant.

“I’m pure Korean. You should understand that. I get 'R’ and 'L’ mixed up. Blame the alphabet, not me.” Chanyeol raised his hands as if surrendering.

“I’m Korean, too, but I learned English in a breeze. You don’t see me committing the same mistakes again and again, don’t you?” You eyed him wearily, arms folded across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” He whined like a puppy and you can’t help but smile at his childish act. Chanyeol confined his face using his long arms.

“English is hard,” you can hear his muffled voice, frustrated.

Taking a glance at the time, you tapped Chanyeol’s shoulder. He faced you, his nose crinkled and it was damn adorable. You said, “We have to finish our lesson before seven p.m.”

“Ohhh,” Chanyeol eyed you teasingly, “You have a date.”

Deep inside, Chanyeol prayed your response would be something along the lines of 'No, I don’t have a date. Would you like to be my date for today?’ but it seems like the heavens were neglecting his wishes at the moment.

“Actually, I’m going out with Jongdae for dinner.”

You thought you saw his face fall but you decided it was just your peripheral vision fooling you. Your crush senses need to stop tingling. You haven’t admitted this to anyone but you have a huge crush on Chanyeol.

At the first month, you developed a brother-sister with the guy. Teaching him English as a second language and you, being his friend, offered to teach him English. However, you felt yourself becoming closer to Chanyeol when he started opening up to you. He often tells you how he wanted to communicate with the international fans but apparently, elementary english doesn’t suffice for a proper conversation.

Above all that, you found it handsome how he was determined to learn a language that’s hard to understand. Baby steps, that’s what you kept telling him. Chanyeol has to learn English step-by-step.

“Oh, okay. Well, have fun with Jongdae. You deserve that much,” He flashed you his pearly whites before picking up the pencil and answered the blanks on his workbook.

You deserve that much. What does that mean?

“Hey,” you called him out.

Nudging Chanyeol, he turned to face you. A sullen expression painted on his face. You flinched inwardly because it’s rare for Chanyeol to frown or have a straight face whenever he’s with you.

“I know it’s been three months and…” You could feel your heart race as you choked up the words in your throat. A confession was coming up and you didn’t want to handle rejection at Valentines Day.

“…and I just want to say that I’m proud of you for conquering this feat even if you’re having a hard time and we’ve been repeating lessons week per week.”

You wanted to bang your head on the nearest hard surface. That didn’t come out right and it wasn’t motivational at all. You shook your head, composing the right words inside your brain.

“What I meant was you’re doing a great job, Yeol. I’ll be here every step of the way,” You pumped your fists. It was the least you could do as his teacher.

Chanyeol could sense a wide smile coming up. One that would stretch from ear to ear. He stared at his workbook for a good ten seconds before calling your attention. He wouldn’t want you to be disheartened on this special day just because of his incompetency in English.

“I’m done with the activity. Can you check it?” Chanyeol asked, handing you the workbook he answered.

You took another glance at your watch. There was at least one hour to spare before your so-called date with Jongdae. You wouldn’t want to call it a date because that word’s reserved for someone else. Preferably to that someone who’s sitting right across you.

With hands fidgeting under the table, Chanyeol gulped nervously. “I’ll have to go after I check your–”

Nicely written penmanship scribbled on the worksheet took you by surprise. Chanyeol has difficulty in grammar and spelling so seeing this message on the paper nearly swept you off your feet.

I don’t think your date with Jongdae is going to work out. It’s a mistake to go through this.

“Wait, what’s the meaning of this?” You blurted out in English so Chanyeol wouldn’t pick up your words. It was impossible for Chanyeol to use these words in a sentence since he’s struggling with sentence formation. He must be fiddling with Google Translator under the table.

Chanyeol knew you’d be surprised. “It means I like you enough to have lasted three months repeating the same lessons.”

“I wanted to spend more time with you that’s why I’ve been trying to dumb down my English.” He confidently spoke in perfect English. There were no hints of the R and L mix-ups he’s been having trouble with the past few months.

“You’ve been pretending?!” Slapping your hand to your forehead, you heaved a big sigh. “I went through all the trouble explaining to you– Ugh, I can’t believe!”

“I’m sure Jongdae would understand,” He said again, in pure fucking English. “I mean, anyone who doesn’t want you is an idiot. If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want you.”

Chanyeol felt heat surging through his ears. Flustered, he bowed down his head to avoid your gaze. “No, actually, I want you.”

Cute, you thought. Chanyeol always thought his big ears was a downside when it was his best asset all along.

“Stop saying things like that, you’re making my heart race.”

You placed a hand over your heart when Chanyeol suddenly had the courage to lean in close to your face. “Maybe I like making your heart race.”

That’s it, you were a complete goner for Park Chanyeol.

Chanyeol cleared his throat which caught your attention once again. “Valentine me, please?”

You laughed when he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment. The Park Chanyeol you’ve been tutoring English made its appearance after cool English speaker Chanyeol disappeared.

“What I mean to say is, would you please consider being my Valentine?” He asked, hopeful eyes piercing through you.

It was hard to say no to Chanyeol when he was being this adorable. Plus points to his husky voice that made him hotter when speaking English.

“Aww, you asked me to be your Valentine.” You cooed, pinching his cheeks. You added, “I guess I have to make an excuse to avoid ditching Jongdae.”

“You don’t have to,” Chanyeol smirked. “This was part of our plan.”

“You know, someday, I’ll be able to see right through you,” you chuckled as he wrapped his arm around your waist. Heat creeped up to your cheeks and you found yourself burying your face on his chest.

Caught off guard, Chanyeol crouched down and kissed your cheek. “Someday, but not today, we have a dinner date to go to.”

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“I Swear I Know You.” - James Neal

Requested: Yes indeed : Hi can I have a fluffy James Neal one? Maybe where you are a hockey player who plays in the NWHL and you guys know of each other but have never met, and when you finally meet you get super nervous and he flirts with you and finds you adorable when you’re flustered then your friend Sidney Crosby teases you after watching you and him 💙

Warnings- curse word and fluff y'all it’s so cute.


It was 6 o clock in the evening. Lights were surrounding us as loud music played shaking our ear drums. It was a party that no one was going to forget. The Penguins just won the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row and everyone was hyped up. The room was filled with players from all different teams including my own.

Katie stood next to me as we watched the room fluctuate throughout the night but eventually she decided to go have fun of her own. It was until Sid came up to me causing me to stay a little longer when I was about to leave.

“I have someone you should meet.” I raised my eyebrows to the sweaty man leaning against the table next to me. “James Neal.”

When he said his name I wanted to spit my drink out but I didn’t. James Neal is one of my favorite players, I’ve always loved watching him play. His technique was astounding and it’s something I could definitely learn from with my team.

“No.” Why did I say that? Sid looked at me like I just killed his puppy, not with sadness but with shock. “I’m not important to talk to Sid it’s fine.”

“Excuse me? Y/N you play for the fucking New York Riveters , you are their lead fucking goalie, last time I checked you’re pretty important..” Sid protested leaving me to my silence walking away.

It was only a few minutes of silence. But to be honest it wasn’t really silence with the music playing in the background of my thoughts. I could feel a presence next to me but I didn’t dare look to see who it was.

I sighed loudly contemplating if i should leave or not. I don’t want to disappoint Sidney. Why does he always have to be so important? I’m tired of going to parties every other weekend in his honor. But he’s my best friend like I have a choice.

“Hey.” My thoughts were interrupted by the strong presence next to me. I turned my head assuming it was Geno but I was greatly mistaken. James.

“I’m James, you’re Y/N right?” I nod my head taking a casual sip of my drink trying not to speak because I don’t want to say something I would regret. “I watched one of your games last month, you’re a badass on the ice.”

“Thank you, I try.” There it was something embarrassing, 1, I could feel my shyness kick in. In all honesty it was pissing me off in how shy I was getting I’m never shy.

“Congratulations on getting into the finals.” He bid me a thank you and it was like vomit coming out of my mouth. “Most people say that the ‘runner up’ is the first loser.” 2

He laughed. I didn’t expect him to laugh at the fact I just called him a loser. I felt myself getting more and more embarrassed by the second.

“I came over to tell you that you looked beautiful outside of your enormously large goalie gear.” He was still laughing . “But I felt the silence as better company.”

“You know I feel like we’re going to keep complimenting each other till one of us asks the other out.” 3. But this time I was embarrassed with confidence.

“True I can see it, so when are you going to ask me out?” He smirked sending me a wink along with it. Charming, I knew he was a good guy but nobody mentioned charming.

“I think you’ll have to compliment me some more and we’ll see where it goes.” I smiled I noticed my drink was empty and excused myself to go get another.

I walked up to the bar and Sid swiped himself next to me. I looked at him giving him a questioning look as he smiled at me cheekily.

“You two need to date.” He blurted I looked down at me shoes as my face turned red. “But I think he needs to compliment you more.”

“You’re such an ass stop ease dropping.” I lightly hit him laughing as he teased me for the rest of the night.


(requested by @psingh97 )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 955
summary : based on the song ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons
note : it might differ from the song a little bit , but hope you still like it 😉
*not my gif

It had been almost half a year now since Y/N and Kai became friends , well best friends. ‘Friend’ wasn’t really the right word he’d use because Y/N was a lot more than that. She was the most special person in his life , the only one who actually listened to what he had to say and tried to understand instead of judging. Meeting her had changed the way he saw life but it hadn’t been exactly the day they met first that changed it all. It had been a random afternoon not too long after the wedding when Damon had asked her to watch him for a couple of hours.
That’s when Kai felt something he had never felt in his life. Hope. Hope that there might be at least one person in the world who understands him , wants to listen to him and might believe in him. And if that could happen , then maybe there was a chance for him to change, be happy and end the circle of pain. There had been so much of it in his life always pulling him into darkness but after that day Y/N turned into his light in the darkness always leading him home. 

    “When you said you needed my help with some ‘thing’ you failed to mention it’s not a thing , Damon.” said Y/N , folding her arms on her chest. “This is a person who might’ve made mistakes but deserves to be treated as a human being. You know , with respect ? Why do I feel like the wrong brother went back to high school…”
    “Hilarious. Just watch him for a couple of hours.”
Y/N rubbed her forehead with her thumb and index finger unable to comprehend how Damon had referred to someone as a ‘thing’ in his text to get her there. Surely none of her friends liked Kai much , specially since the whole wedding thing but that is no reason to treat someone as if they were nothing. Exactly that had been the reason why Kai had snapped not once but twice , because everyone always treated him like trash and expected the worst out of him.
    “Damon you can’t act li- ”
    “A few hours. Please ? Alaric and I need to do something and this one has to be -”
    “- under surveillance ?” asked Kai , popping up behind Damon. “I don’t have a reason to hurt anyone. Why is no one seeing this ? Besides what is she going to do ? Bore me to - ”
    “Keep you busy.” smirked the vampire , heading towards the door. “Oh and if she ends up hurt in any way – you are dead.”
Damon closed the door with a loud bang making Y/N jump up from the sound for a few seconds. Her hand reached in her pocket and she typed a quick message to her ‘friend’ , angrily tapping on the screen before clicking send.
    “Ouch.” said Kai , taking a peek at her screen from behind her shoulder. “That was kind of harsh. Aren’t you worried he will do something to get back at you?”
    “You know , you don’t have to watch me. I promise I am not planing on murdering anyone. Feel free to go home or do whatever it is you were going to do before Damon decided to force you to hang out with me.”
    “No , no. He is not forcing me to do anything , I want to stay and hang out with you … and I am sorry about him. He kind of -”
    “- expects the worst out of me. Everyone always does , I am used to it. Trust me.” said Kai with a note of hurt in his voice, walking over to Damon’s liquor stash.
    “I don’t.”  she smiled at him while he checked out the fancy bottles with curiosity. “Also I was going to say he acted disrespectful , judging without listening or giving the benefit of the doubt you deserve after the merge , following on first expressions and … expecting the worst.”
Kai looked up at her  listening to her heartbeat. It was completely even , she didn’t appear afraid of him and definitely wasn’t lying. Y/N had every reason to lie , to be afraid. They were all alone in this giant house , there was no one for miles and he could easily hurt her if he wanted.  Instead she sounded embarrassed about her friend’s behaviour and … Had she really said that she wants to be there ? No. He must’ve misheard or something. No one ever wanted to be around him.
    “You don’t expect the worst out of me and you want to be here. That’s new. I must be hallucinating or something - ”
Y/N smiled at him noticing the surprise in his voice. “Everyone deserves a chance and you don’t seem evil. There is darkness , I can see that but its not who you are. People make mistakes. It is wrong to be judged only by them. Also you did try to get Bonnie out of 1994 and helped saving her life almost dying to make it happen. Then before that you siphoned the spell keeping all my friends out of town for almost half a year and since neither of them ever said ‘thank you’ … Thank you.”
    “No one had ever said ‘thank you’ to me and actually meant it.” he said sitting on the sofa with her following right after. “It’s kind of nice.”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , smiling at Kai who had a curious expression on his face clearly trying to figure out if she was lying or not. There was no reason for her to lie , not really. Kai wasn’t as bad as her friends made him out to be. He just needed a friend , someone to believe in him and give him a chance. Who knew , maybe he was exactly what he seemed like –
    “ – cute and cuddly.” she finished out loud with a small smile.
    “What ? Wh-what’s cute and cuddly ?”
    “Not ‘what’ , ‘who.” she turned towards him. “You. It’s just everyone sees you as someone dangerous but to me you seem … cute and cuddly.”
    “Cute and cuddly ?” he asked a little amused. “Haven’t heard that one before. Usually its ‘sociopath’ , ‘psychopath’ , ‘an abomination’ , ‘a monster’. Does that mean you like me or am I being too hopeful ?”
    “I kind of do … like you , I mean.”
Kai studied her face , listening to her heartbeat. No, Y/N wasn’t lying. A small smile spread across his face and he offered her his drink. For a second their hands touched and he noticed she didn’t flinch. Everyone always flinched , everyone always tried to get as far away as possible from him but this girl did the exact opposite and moved a little closer to him.
    “So , what do you want to do ? Just because my least favourite Salvatore assigned me on Kai patrol doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Or do you want to sit here for who knows how long doing nothing ?”
    “You don’t like Damon ?” he asked surprised. “I thought you were friends.”
    “Some days , yes. Others – I just want to stake him.” she said taking a sip from the bourbon in her hands.
    “Yep , I definitely like you.” he grinned. “Alright , since you are the girl and I am a gentleman … what do you want to do ?”
    “Listen ? Wh-what does that mean ?”
    “Well , you seem like a someone who wants to talk to someone , a friend. I can be that friend , if you want , and listen. I promise whatever you say - I won’t make assumptions , judge or spill to anyone what you have said to me. You can even compell me , if you want to be 100 % sure. I am not on vervain –”
Kai smiled at her and she passed him the glass , pulling out her phone right after and turned it off before leaving it on the coffee table. He watched her half amused half confused and took a sip of his drink wondering how he had missed seeing who this girl really was. Someone who doesn’t manipulate to get what she wants. Someone , kind , understanding and real who gave him something he had never had – hope.
    “You are not like the rest of them are you? There is something different about you. I just can’t put my finger on it.”
    “Yeah , I guess you can say I am a little different.” she smiled shyly looking at her hands until Kai lifted up her chin. There was something really gentle about the gesture that made her heart skip a beat and by the way the corners of his mouth twitched. It hadn’t gone unnoticed.
    “I like different.” he said softly.
    “Me too.”

*         *          *

Kai sat at the bar glancing at Y/N and her friends. There was a party at the Grill and his best friend had asked him to go with her and since it had been her asking he had said yes. They had had fun up until a few minutes ago when Caroline had practically dragged her away from him because there had been something important for them to discuss which apparently couldn’t wait. By the looks of it they were arguing or more like her friends were trying to get her to hate him again while she tried not to lose it.
    “I know you always want to see the best in everyone but he is not a good person. How can’t you see that ?” argued Caroline.
Y/N rolled her eyes. This had been happening for months now. Her friends used every chance they could find to try and get her to turn against Kai. Only the more they tried , the more she dug her heels deeper and found more reasons to love him.
    “Yes. He is and if you give him a chance to prove it , you will see it. You know,  it is absolutely unbelievable how you judge him only by his worst mistakes and always find a way to skip on the good he had done.”
    “Good ?! Where did you see good Y/N ?!” snapped Bonnie. “He tried to kill me like 5 times in the Prison World and then left me there all by myself -”
    “- like you almost did to him twice?”
    “I almost killed myself because of him - ”
    “- and HE ALMOST DIED TO GET YOU OUT !!!” she raised her voice. Y/N took a deep breath and spoke a little calmer. “He risked his own life , Liv’s and Jo’s lives and the lives of every single person in his family to make it happen.”
    “He killed his siblings , his entire family -”
    “- and your smirking sidekick over there ‘never’ killed any of his family members ? He killed a pregnant woman and did kill like two of his ‘uncles’ if I recall correctly.” snapped Y/N. “Lets face it. We all have done awful things. A few moons ago , after I triggered the werewolf curse, I nearly wiped out a whole group of campers in the woods and Kai was the one there to stop me. We are all awful people. Don’t make me list the things all of you have done.”
Stefan rubbed his forehead taking a sip of his drink glancing between Y/N and everyone while she turned around looking at Kai who looked so sad and alone sitting at the bar. Caroline folded her hands and stared at Y/N while Damon was holding onto his glass almost breaking it and Bonnie was visibly trying not to shout.
How can’t they see it ? she wondered.
    “Your double standarts bother me. Truly.” she turned on her heels but Damon grabbed her hand.
    “Yes , we all have done awful things but neither of us had screwed up as big as he had.”
    “Do you even hear yourself right now ?! You know what - come looking for me when you all stop being such hypocrites.”
Y/N yanked her hand free and made her way through the crowd towards Kai. His eyes lit up immediately when he saw her but there were traces of tears in them which meant he had been listening. Why did her friends had to do this when her best friend was standing right there ?! Hee trailed his finger on the top of his glass and sighed , almost smashed it in his hand after he finished his drink.
    “Come on. Dance with me.” she smiled , taking his hand.
Kai gave her a small smile. Going to the party had been one thing but dancing had never been a part of the plan. Specially not with the looks  her friends were giving them.
    “I don’t dance and I doubt your friends would be okay with it. You go have fun , I’ll be -”
    “I want to dance with you.” she said intertwining her fingers with his. “One dance. It’s a slow song , you don’t have to do anything else but hold me close thats all. It will be like a hug with music. Also , have you met me ? I don’t give a damn what they think. I know who you are and you are not what they say.”
A small smile spread across his face seeing their hands intertwined together. Y/N always believed in him , saw the good in him and by the looks of it always defended him. Yet he wasn’t sure he deserved it , or her.
    “Just one.” she pouted.
    “You are so cute when you do that.” he pinched her cheeks. “But it’s still a no.”
Y/N continued giving him the pouty face adding puppy dog eyes too. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and a second later he got up seeing her smile get wider making him smile too just like always.
    “How is it that you always get what you want?” he wondered , placing his hand on her lower back pushing her through the crowd until they were on the dance floor. Y/N turned around hooking her hands around his neck while his hands found their way on her waist and he pulled her close.
    “See , that’s nice isn’t it ?” she smiled at him and he pulled her even closer resting his forehead on hers. “I love slow songs -”
    “You do ? Why ?” he asked curious.
    “Because of this. Being able to be this close to you.”
A smile spread across his face at her words and he felt his heart skip a beat. He loved seeing her smile , hearing her laugh – it always made him happy beyond compare which was a really nice thing considering everything he had been through in his life. There had been so much pain and darkness until she had shown up. Now there were more than one flickers of light. All because of her.
For a while they danced to the slow song until another song started to play. Y/N thought he’d pull away since it had been ‘just one’ dance , instead he pulled her closer unable to make himself let go off her and they continued dancing , laughing and having fun as if no one was watching. It was always like this when it was the two of them - somehow the world around them always disappeared and it was just them. Even if there was a crowd of people around them.

Everything was perfect , more than perfect actually until some random guy decided he wanted to dance with her while she was dancing with Kai. The guy kept putting his hands on her even though she pushed them away and purposefully stepped on his foot more than once since he didn’t appear to take the hint. Neither of this went unnoticed by her best friend and a part of her started to get a little worried seeing him clench his jaw , trying really hard not to snap.
‘Look at me. Just look at me.’ she mouthed cupping his face. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and focused on her , calming down a little and then the guy spun her around and put his hands on her waist which was the last straw for both of them.
    “Hands off. I am with someone.” she snapped pushing the guy’s hands away but he just didn’t seem to take the hint he wasn’t wanted. Y/N growled , golden amber veins flickering under her eyes but even that didn’t get him to back away. “I said hands off.”
All of the sudden the guy’s hands reached for his throat trying to remove the invisible grip on his neck before he started choking on his blood. Y/N turned around and saw something she had rarely seen the past few months. Her best friend’s eyes were burning with anger and purple black veins were flashing under his eyes.
    “I believe the lady doesn’t want to dance with you. What is it with guys these days? Never taking a hint –” thought Kai out loud , tightening the invisible grip “Oh well - ”
    “Kai ? Hey , hey look at me not at him.” said Y/N cupping his face. “This isn’t you , you know that. Let him go. He is compelled by someone - ”
Kai’s eyes were fixed on the guy and a part of him knew his best friend was right. Judging by the way Damon was smirking at the moment , it had most likely been him. Probably trying another thing to prove to her that he is a monster and get her to hate him. To ‘open her eyes so she can see what a huge mistake it had been becoming his friend’. But there she was , by his side not leaving and never giving up on giving him hope or making him believe that even though there are mistakes he had made , he can become a better person and redeem himself.
    “Look at me. Just let him go.” she said softly.  

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There is this cool person with this amazing blog that you always wanted to befriend - but you never had the guts to actually tell them? 

This is your chance to let them know!!! Just add the url of your senpai’s blog: @ … 

61. “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.“

When you spotted him at your engagement party, you felt your body freeze. It had been a year and a half since you last saw him.

He had the same silvery hair. Same piercing blue eyes. At first, you thought your mind was playing tricks on you. You didn’t think that he was actually there.

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for my followers, i’ll also be holding a small art giveaway. send in a non-anonymous ask with a svt-related prompt – on august 5th, i’ll be choosing 2 out of those sent in to draw! (these will be clean & not quick sketches!) thanks again to everyone who’s made my tumblr experience worthwhile! ^ ^

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Imagine meeting Jared at a wedding

I sit around, watching as everyone gets closer to the center stage. I should be excited, my sister’s best friend is getting married and I was able to position myself as a bridesmaid, but everything feels dull after having dealt with a fail marriage yourself. I look at my hand, inspecting the place where my ring used to be, missing the weight of it.

My eyes move to observe the place, the fairy lights hanging everywhere, the tables ready to be occupied by the guests. The music starts, and I return my gaze to my hand, feeling sorry for the bitter person I became after being dumped by my husband.

“So, you don’t like dancing either?”

I turn my head to my side, observing the man sitting next to me. Brandon’s best man looks at me with a casual smile on his face.

“I don’t like weddings” I say, even though it is not entirely true.

“Oh…” Is the only thing he says before turning his gaze to the people cheering at the newlyweds, “I can understand it; I mean, this can be really overwhelming”

“There’s too many people”

“Too many happy people” He laughs, I allow myself to smile at his comment, “I’m Jared”


“I know” He smiles, “I asked Brandon, he said you wouldn’t want to talk to me”

“I’m not in the mood for weddings” I shrug, “So, best man?”

Jared looks at his tuxedo before returning his eyes to mine. The smile does not leave his lips, even when the only thing he can find in mine is a serious expression.

“Yeah, been best friends with Brandon for years, he didn’t even have to ask me, I already knew. The same happened to you?”

“Not really” I mutter, noticing all the people starting to move from the waltz.

“Come on, we are in the same table”

Jared gets up from his seat, showing me where our table is located. I follow him, asking myself a bit late why he asked Brandon about me. We arrive to a table occupied by all the bridesmaids and the other groomsmen. I check my name in one of the seats, Jared doing the same on the other side of the table. When he finds his name, noticing he’s located on the other side of the table, takes a look at the empty seat by my side. Empty, but not for long. A man sits by my side, and I receive a kind smile from his behalf.

“Hey, Shannon!”

I lift my head, looking at Jared talking to the man by my side. They both share a look, and without saying a word, they swap seats.

I look at Jared, sitting by my side now, “What are you doing?” I ask him, confused.

“I don’t know” He shrugs, with a smile.

My sister, who just notices what is going on, gives me an interested look. I just roll my eyes at my little sister.

We don’t talk for the first part of the course. We spend the appetizer in silence, but once the soup arrives, he starts sharing comments with the rest of the people in our table. I can see him smile and laugh with the rest, but I’m too deep in my bubble to participate.

When I hear my name, we are already receiving our entrées. Everyone is looking at me, especially Jared by my side.

“What?” I ask them, startled by their gazes.

“We are talking about London” My sister informs me, a reassuring smile on her lips, “The guys want to know about it”

“How long did you live there?” The man, Shannon I think, asks me.

“Oh, five years” I answer, not really wanting to get into too much detail.

“Must have been fun” Another one says, why is there so many people I don’t know in this goddamn table?

“I guess, I didn’t go out that much” I say, after finishing my glass of wine, “Once you get used to it, is just another city”

Some of the other bridesmaids look at me like I’m crazy, just by the fact of saying that London is ‘just another city’. I shrug it off and continue with my meal now that I’m not in the spotlight.

“You are doing great” My sister whispers in my ear.

The meal is over, and everybody is walking to the dancefloor. Anne stops by my side for a few seconds to congratulate me for something that shouldn’t be celebrated. But I guess that if you are in your 20’s, with the whole world at your feet, your big sis’ problems seem too far from your own world.

“You want to dance?” She asks me, holding my wrist, “We could put everyone to shame on that dancefloor”

“The bar is waiting for me” I mutter, with a shy smile, “Go have fun, I’ll try to do the same”

She looks at me reluctantly, but leaves me alone.

Alone, at last.

I walk toward the bar, giving the barman a pleasing smile.

“What’ll do?” He asks.

“Let’s start soft”

He nods and starts preparing me a Cosmo. I wait for my drink, looking around, seeing the people enjoying the celebration. I feel like such a killjoy, but being here brings memories from my own wedding, happy memories that clove to my heart like nails in a chalkboard.

“There you are”

I turn around, meeting my eyes with Jared’s.

“I’ve been looking for you” He says, sitting by my side, again, “Too many people, too many unnecessary encounters”

“Some ex girlfriend that you are trying to avoid?” I ask, noticing how a smile escapes my lips.

“Yeah, and some that didn’t got to get the title and want to now” He laughs, “What are you drinking? I want one”

The barman hands me my drink and starts preparing one for Jared.

“Are you sure you want to stay with me? I’m pretty sure you would have much more fun with those pleading girls”

“You are in a party pooper mood tonight?” He asks, receiving his drink.

“Maybe” I mutter, “Well, definitely, why?”

“Because I need someone like you tonight”

I notice how both of my eyebrows raise at this comment, and I find myself speechless. How are you supposed to respond to something like that? Especially when the person saying it is actually really handsome and you are in the middle of a divorce. Jared plays with his hair for a second, waiting for me to say something, but I can only focus and how invested he looks. He really wants to spend his time with me, and I’m in no position to say no.

“When I asked you about the whole bridesmaid thing earlier, you were really vagued with your answer”

“There’s not much to say” I shrug, but he seems even more interested in the topic.

“Baelyn just asked you?”

“Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t even sure that I was going to be here, I arrived last night”

“Right, you were in London” He mutters, handing his empty glass to the barman, “You want another?”


I must be the most boring person in the whole party right now, but he keeps looking at me with interest.

“That dress looks really pretty on you”

“Oh, thanks” I stutter, looking at the tight dress.

We stay quiet for a couple of minutes, but I can notice how his eyes watch me from time to time. I feel uncomfortable at first, but I start to get used to his presence once the empty glasses start accumulating by our side

His comment about how pretty I look shocks me. I know I’m not unpleasant to the eye, but my confidence is so low lately, that I find it hard to believe any good comments about my appearance. My friends and family are always stating how pretty, or happy I am, even though I look like a hurricane throwed up on me. I don’t believe them, but I believe Jared, who keeps playing with his long hair, offering me honest smiles.

“Let’s play something” He says, “We’ll take turns to say an statement, and if we feel identified, we’ll take a shot”

“You want to get me drunk?” I ask, laughing for the first time in the evening.

“Well, you look like you could use a bit of alcohol, and I can’t say no to a few shots”

“So, ‘Never have I ever’, but with tequila shots?”

“Yeah, fun, isn’t it?”

We lay a row of tequila shots in front of us. I know this is probably a bad idea, but my brain’s in “party mood” and wants some alcohol. Jared volunteers to start with the game, and we turn on our seats to face each other.

“Never have I ever flirted my way out of a speeding ticket” I watch him take a shot, impressed by his confession.

“Oh, my God” I mutter, he laughs, leaving the shot glass aside, “It worked?”

“Nah” He laughs again, “She was a really professional officer, but she kinda wanted to spare me, I could sense it”

Ok, this as starting to get fun.

“Your turn” He announces.

I get comfortable in my sit, thinking about something to say. I used to play this game when I was younger; my friends always picked the dirtiest things to say, but I just couldn’t remember any. I decided to start slow, leaving it for the alcohol to make my memories come back.

“Never have I ever gone commando”

We both take a shot, laughing while putting the glasses aside. He definitely looks like the type of person who would go commando everywhere. Even now.

“That was an easy one” He grins, lifting his head in confidence, “Never have I ever called someone else’s name while hooking up”

I stare as he takes a shot, and then another. When he notices my confused expression, he clarifies.

“It’s happened more than once”

“Come on, how can you do that?” He shrugs, handing me a shot, “I haven’t done it”

“I can see, but at this rate, you’ll have to take me to the hospital before you get a tiny bit drunk. Drink”

I drink, thinking about a new statement.

“Never have I ever…” I start, but stop still thinking about it, “Never have I ever send a dirty text to the wrong person”

This time, I’m the only one who drinks. Jared laughs at me, and I end up laughing with him.

“Tell me about it” He asks.

“It was a boring day at work and I needed some entertainment. Luckily, I sent it to my sister and not my parents… or my boss”

“It was too dirty?”

“Not much, just starting”

“You have to be careful with those things” He suggests, making the barman refill our glasses, “I would literally die if I end up sending one to my mother”

“My sister almost died, it’s not only your parents that you have to be careful”

We continue with the game for what it feels like hours. I learn that Jared has played strip poker and lose just for the pleasure of showing off; lied about his age; sing on the street to gain a few coins (while drunk), among other things. He has learned that I have never kissed someone on the first date; that I dance and sing in the shower; also, about one time that I lied about being someone’s relative just to get in a party, and so, so on.

The more we drink, the dirtier the statements. Jared starts asking about sexual experiences, and I do it too. We are laughing in our own bubble, while everybody else is enjoying the party at their own pace.

“Never have I ever been with someone who was in a relationship”

Jared doesn’t drink, and I stare at him, processing the words.

“Can you excuse me for a second?”

I stand from my seat, starting walk toward the bathroom. The statement keeps spinning around in my head, making me feel dizzy. By the time I reach the bathroom, i run to one of the stalls. I feel the tears coming out, running over my cheeks, ruining my make up. But I can’t stop.

‘Been with someone who was in a relationship’

I have never done it, and after experiencing being the affected part of that statement, I was more than sure that I would never, ever, do it.

The minutes pass, and I find myself able to get out of the stall. My face does not look that damage by the tears, and I take my time to fix my make up in front of the mirror.

When I come out of the bathroom, someone holds my wrist to stop me. I turn around to see Jared pulling me toward him.

“Are you okay?” He asks, biting his bottom lip.

He looks really worried, and by the time I shake my head no, he lets go of my wrist.

“I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” He apologizes, burying his face on his hands, ‘You want to talk about it?”

“Not really” I whisper, “But I would really want to dance now”

Jared takes his hands from his face, noticing a shy smile forming on my lips.

“I can help you with that”

His hand holds mine, starting to pull me towards the dancefloor. The music is soft, and the people start holding their partners really close. Jared puts both hands on my waist, and I raise mine to cross them on his nape. We move slowly, following the rhythm of the music with our drunken bodies.

“I have never been in a long relationship” He mutters.

“Lucky you” I laugh, resting my head on his shoulder, “I have never been in a short one”

“Lucky you” He mimics my words, “I have never been in love”

“I have” Is the only thing I say, feeling the tight nod on my chest, announcing future tears if I don’t change the subject quickly, “I have never been at the beach at dawn”

“It is so… beautiful” He whispers in my ear, “I can take you there, you should watch it, it is one of the most amazing things ever”

“I would love that” I say, feeling quick shivers down my spine, “Your turn”

“I have never… I have never feel this comfortable with someone”

I stop moving as I hear his words. Jared stops too, pulling away to look at my face. A small grin appears on his face, and I’m not sure if he’s being serious, or the alcohol is starting to speak for him.

“I have never feel attracted to someone this quickly” He continues, “I have never wanted to kiss someone as much as I want to kiss you”

I wet my lips, feeling his words all over my body, sending new shivers over my spine. I fold my arms over my chest, trying not to show how his words are affecting me.

“I have never… ever been with someone as beautiful as you, someone who doesn’t even know how amazing she is” He gets closer to me again, putting his hands on my arms, “And I have never wanted to tell someone as much as I want to tell you, how unbelievably amazing she is”

A part of me wants him to kiss me, another one wants to run away from this man who has known me for just a couple of hours and is already putting the world at my feet. I decide to stay, feeling his hands caress my arms, seeing how his lips reach for my ear.

“I really want to show you that dawn” He whispers, “It would be alright if I take you?”

I nod, receiving his hug as a gift.

“And I really want to see it”

His arms hold me against him, and I can’t believe how desperate he is, like he wants me even closer, but he isn’t able to accomplish it. I do the same, crossing my arms on his nape once again, pulling him toward me.

“I have never wanted someone as much as I want you right now”.

I’m scared…

Liam’s POV

“What am I supposed to do?” I desperately asked Mason.
“You’ll be fine Liam, trust me.” Mason reassured me.
I shooked my head, how can I be fine when I’m the reason she’s gone. If it wasn’t for me trying to get back at Theo… She would still be here.
“Liam you’ve been like this for months now, you have to let go.”
“I CAN’T JUST FORGET HER AS IF SHE WAS NEVER THERE! I loved her, I was supposed to be there and protect her.” I replied back.
I tried so hard to keep back the tears but I had to let all of this pain out. Everyone keeps telling me to let go of her. And I can’t, I mean how can you forget about the one person who made you feel normal. Like you actually had a place in this world. The one person who you had fallen madly in love with and could not see a life without them. How?
“Its okay Liam.” Mason whispered.
“I’m scared…”
I looked up at my best friend trying to search for some type of answer. But like always he had no idea on how to help me.
“I- I should get Scott.” Mason suggested.
“No! I want be alone.” I obliged.
Mason nodded and left me. I couldn’t let her go…. Just not yet.

happy new year tumblr! CHEERS!

It’s currently 9:57 where I’m at but i just wanted to say it now to those who have passed midnight and in case i miss the countdown haha! New Year always makes me sad because I dont like endings. But I have you guys to celebrate with so I dont feel so bad :) Have a wonderful year my wonderful friends/followers!

So, 2016 is finally over and with that It’s also over my first year with sciencebabies on tumblr. This has been an hard year for most of us i guess, I’ve had a lot of fear because of things that happened in the world and right beside me. However, In those months I’ve always find here a place full of love and full of beautiful people who always had sweet words for me.

I am so shy, so I have never spoken with most of you and maybe you don’t even know who’s tagging you on this post but if you’re here is because I have always admired you and look up to you. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. This fandom is full of talented people who can do really great things but most of all have a great heart and I really wanted to wish you an amazing year because you deserve pure and endless happiness. I hope life gives you everything you need. 

I also want to thank everyone who spent a second of their life reblogging, liking or answering my posts. And to those who become even my friends. Thank you thank you thank you you are precious. You always made my day and made me incredibly happy. I’ll always be grateful to have met you in this life. 

Love you all, Camilla. 

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If I forgot anyone (which will probably happen) I’m deeply sorry and I want you to know that I really appreciate you by all means ♡

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Again, I’m deeply sorry if I forgot anyone, I literally appreciate each one of you and have unconditional love for everyone. Thank you again, I hope everyone has a lovely day and I love you all! :) ♡


“I will continue supporting that never changing dream.”

I’ve almost reached 2k followers, like whaaat? Why do you all follow me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m hella appreciative, but like, why? LMAO, I’m sorry, I’ve never been good with things like this, so thank you all, for putting up with my nonsense, and just, following me, I guess– thank you! <3 (also sorry for the shitty edit, im lazy! lmao)

Below are the blogs I appreciate the most on my dash, they’re filled with mutuals, and people I look up to, so I wanna thank y’all for just being amazing people, and bringing nothing but amazingness to my dash!

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These people are like life lines tbh, take them from me and I’ll die– notreallybutyouknowwhatimean. Will be under a read more because hella long!

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So I hit 2.5K followers a few weeks ago and I finally found time to make this follow forever for all of you amazing shipmates. I know I haven’t been on much lately but I am still always astounded at the amount of lovely people that follow me. Thanks for sticking with me during this crazy busy last semester of college (where I can only sparingly write and gif like I want to) and this thrilling fifth season of our favorite show. You all are awesome. Never hesitate to come say hi (or fangirl/rant/sob - depending on the episode - over our favorite couple).

Below are some of the people who brighten up my dash daily. I feel so honored to say that the majority of you are already friends with me. (I am extremely sorry if I forgot someone - full blogroll on sidebar)

~ A-D ~

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@boyfriendhook, @braveswaan, @captaincronut, @captaindixons,


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@charleia@cinnamonirony,  @cocohook38, @colinodonorgasm

@cs-aura-fluffer, @cutieodonoghue, @dashingrapskillian, @dcrkswan,


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