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High School Musical 2 in a Nutshell

Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer jobs
Kelsey: grow
Sharpay: turkey from maine
Troy: hire my friends pls
Jason: wtf i just burned this guys toast
Taylor: the boss is such a creep
Gabriella: ok guys break it up
Kelsey: na na naaa na
Troy: you are gonna get sooo WEEEEEET
Sprinklers: haha fuk u guys
Chad: i dont dance
Ryan: pls
Chad: ok
Gabriella: nice water aerobies oldies
Chad: were like brothers since pre k dude
Troy: fuk u
Gabriella: the plan is always rearranged
Troy: what about us
Gabriella: i never liked this necklace anyway
Sharpay: youre just jealous cuz i won
Gabriella: i don’t wanna play wtf!!!!
Troy: its no good at all, to see yourself and n
Troy: woah this reflection is uncanny
Troy: im not gonna stop notgonnastoptilligetmyshot
Sharpay: humu humu’s back on
Ryan: lol nope
Troy: once in a lifetime
Gabby: hi sorry can I have my necklace back
Miley Cyrus: CAMEOS R FUN

The ‘Exchange’ Program #3

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

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#1  #2

Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

A/n:I love this gif omg and I’m sorry it’s short (plz don’t kill me)

“Y/n, please be careful around him” Mark warned.

“Maybe if you would tell me why, I could be careful around him” you laughed.

“Okay so” he begins “You know my friend Ashley over in Korea?” he asked with you nodding your head, eager for him to continue. You look over to Jungkook being invited to sit with the populars. You roll your eyes mentally, ‘Of course he would sit with them’

“She’s told me all about this guy Y/n, she goes to school with him. He’s bad news Y/n” he takes a sip of his OJ.

“How do you know its him? I ben theres a million Jeon Jungkooks in Korea” you said.

“She sent me a photo, what can I say I was interested in the guy?” Mark shrugged his shoulders causing you to laugh.

“And what is so bad about him?” you’re curious to find out what he had been doing wrong in Korea. You look over at the table he was sitting at, you found him staring at you. You quickly looked away trying to not make it that obvious.

“Well, he’s been expelled from two schools. For what I don’t know, but Ash thinks its because he fucked a teacher” Mark chuckled.

“Oh my God” you gasped shaking your head laughing.

“He’s a fighter too, apparently he’s like this ultimate street fighter up there. Always skips classes, smokes, player at heart, speaking of hearts he doesn’t have one. And for him to be more of a douche apparently him and his friends motto is ‘Hump them and dump them’“ Mark finished.

The anger boiled up inside of you, you absolutely despised men like that. In fact they shouldn’t even be able to call themselves men. 

You stood up from the table and gave him a death glare, you clenched your fists and walked out with your friends closely following you.

“Tell me about Y/n” Jungkook groans as he readjusts his sitting position. The blonde girl with a nose piercing Jungkook barely knew the name of stated.

“All I know is that she’s a goody two-shoes and is really smart” the blonde girl pushes out her chest, hoping to get him to notice her.

“She’s always so happy” another girl pipes up, slurping her slushy “It’s kind of annoying actually.”

“What about her friends?” he asks again.

“Mark and Jackson? They’re both rich, Jackson is dating Mia and Mark…well everybody knows he has a massive crush on Y/n. She’s a smart girl but she’s so oblivious to everything” Brad chuckled to himself, laying his hand on his girlfriends thigh.

Jungkook felt a pang of jealousy inside him as he watched Mark leaning into you, making you laugh. He didn’t know why he felt this and he didn’t like it.  

“Hey..” he whispered as he climbed into your small convertible. Still angry from what you have been told, you didn’t answer him and sped off in the direction to your beloved home.

Once you got to your room you slammed the door right in Jungkooks face, obviously not intending to but the comment that his friends and him made really started to annoy you.

Jungkook walked into his room sighing to himself.

“Why is she all moody?” he asks himself and starts to get un dressed. He started to think what he did today that annoyed her so much.

“Of course I didn’t do anything wrong, if it’s about that stupid maths game..” he snickered to himself and rolled his eyes.


You dropped the plate and cursed to yourself. You had been avoiding Jungkook for so long you thought you were gonna get away with it and go to bed, but obviously not.

“Are you okay?” he asked whilst charging down the steps. He’s asking if you’re okay? Has he eaten something weird?

“Yeah, I’m fine” you smile at him, picking up the plate.

“Really? Because you’ve been ignoring me all day” he smiles, a smile that makes you melt inside.

“W-what?” stuttering, you can’t comprehend what’s going on.

He stepped closer to you, your breathing became more erratic. 

“W-what are y-you doing?” you stuttered again and backed away hitting your back against the kitchen counter.

He came and pressed his arm against the wall, trapping you from moving.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he calmly said smiling to himself, obviously proud of the effect he has on not only you but to all girls.

You couldn’t let this sucker think he owns you in away, you remembered Mark telling you once you could be sassy if you wanted too…so here it goes.

“I think you’re trying to make a move on me but as I re-called last night, you said you had no interest in me and would never make a move on me, or something like that” You smiled and patted his chest “Don’t quit your day job”

You slid out of his arms and walked away casually leaving him in a dumbfounded mess.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jungkook whispered to himself. He turned around to look at the stairs as you walked away.

“Two can play this game kitten, two can play”

Mated Pt 3 // Werewolf Shawn

Part 1 | Part 2 

(oops didn’t edit this sorry yall i’m too tired)

Summary: You and Shawn are mates. He’s an alpha werewolf. You’re a human. Also…you have a boyfriend already. What happens when a werewolf is rejected by his mate?

The walk home was quiet. Leaves rustled around you, blowing in the breeze that cut through your thin jacket. It was all starting to hit you. So you turned twenty and now your life has been set on a path with Shawn’s because Myra saw it in a vision. How were you going to explain it to your parents? Your friends? Your boyfriend?

You pull your jacket tighter against you, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep warm. It wasn’t fair that you didn’t get to choose who you married. It wasn’t fair that you would have to break up with your boyfriend. No. It wasn’t. So fuck it. Nobody can force you to date Shawn, to love him. Nobody can make you break up with your boyfriend. You huff, breath coming out in a little foggy cloud. The temperature is dropping and you still have several blocks to walk until you’re home.

You hear someone jogging toward you. Probably just someone out for some exercise. You step to the left so they can pass you but their steps slow down to a walk. Glancing back, you see Shawn just behind you, casually walking maybe twenty steps back. His hands are in the pocket of his hoodie he must have put on after you left Myra’s house.

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Coming Out

*A Pride prompt for my friend Ashley. She asked for Andreil + Coming Out and this is what my brain delivered. Enjoy! 

“Andrew, what the fuck did you do this time?” Neil clutches the phone as he races out of the airport and flags down the nearest cab. He can’t believe that Andrew has managed to get himself arrested and on the night when he and Neil had plans. They’re on different teams and they rarely get to spend quality time together. Bailing your boyfriend out of jail did not count as quality time, in Neil’s opinion.

Andrew makes a noise of complaint before sighing. “I’ll tell you when you get here. When are you getting here?”

Neil climbs into the back of the cab and gives the address to the police station. The cabby, thankfully, chooses not to say anything. “I just got in the cab,” Neil explains. “I should get there in thirty minutes.”

“Thank fuck,” Andrew grumbles and hangs up.

Neil sits back in the seat and shuts his eyes. Really he should be grateful. Andrew’s curbed his aggression over the years and it’s been a long time since there were legal repercussions for his outbursts, probably not since they were in college.

At the station Neil notices that there is a suspicious number of people hanging around. It’s late on a Friday night, nothing is happening in the general area, so why are they here? He keeps it in the back of his mind as he hustles inside and posts bail.

Andrew comes out a while later, his clothes are rumpled but what draws Neil’s attention is the bruise on his cheek and his swelling hand.

Andrew,” Neil whispers. He takes Andrew’s hand in his, looking at the bruised knuckles. “What happened?”

“I was out for drinks with Samir when some asshole started trash talking Muslims and Arabs, you know that usual racist shit. So I told him to shut the fuck up and things escalated from there.”

Neil sighs and pulls Andrew in for a hug. They’re walking outside, the cool wind whipping around them. Neil isn’t thinking about anything except for Andrew.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” he whispers into Andrew’s ear. “How’s Sammy?”

“Oh, he’s fine. They didn’t take him in. I was pretty clear with the officers that I was more than capable of taking out three guys.”

“Three?” Neil isn’t surprised but he is impressed, as always.

“Yeah,” Andrew smirks.

They’re on the sidewalk, Neil’s scanning for another cab. He takes Andrew’s uninjured hand in his, it’s a rare moment of public affection but goddamn he’s missed Andrew. And he’s so glad that Andrew’s okay.

Andrew spots a cab and waves his injured hand. And that’s when the first flashes go off.

The suspicious crowd lingering outside the station is actually paparazzi, tipped off that Andrew Minyard, star exy player, had been arrested. The story became even juicier when Neil Josten, the powerhouse striker for a rival team, arrived at the same station to bail him out. Then, wonders of fucking wonders, they’re seen, hand in hand, hailing a taxi!

Andrew and Neil duck into their cab but the damage is done. The sports news is full of speculation the next morning. Neil has already received a terse e-mail from Ichirou. They get their coffee and settle down to watch the coverage. Analysts are going over their every interview since their college career, trying to discover when this started.

“I thought they hated each other,” one of Andrew’s teammates says in an interview. They get one of Neil’s team members on the phone and she says the same thing.

“Guess we’re busted,” Neil says. Andrew just shrugs. “You know, we could really rock their world.”

There’s a glint in his eye that is pure mischief and Andrew loves that. He pulls Neil in for a kiss. “What did you have in mind?”

And this is how they make the cover of every sports magazine and most of the popular news and celebrity gossip blogs: standing outside on their apartment balcony, a Pride flag draped over their shoulders, sharing a kiss.

Neil and Andrew never did anything quietly and their coming out moment steals headlines for weeks.

[FYI: The Pride flag was a gift from Nicky, of course.]

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for 26 years…
Passing levels and rings collecting.
Walking the world only on foot.
And the stars reach.
After each fall you stand up!
Giving laughs everywhere…
You’re never alone, with friendship, everything is possible.
To live and learn from our actions.
No matter the difficulty of the challenge…
I’ll show you right now that I’m capable!
You are and you will always be my friend,
Although they do not exist…
I will always keep you in my heart,
you’re my hero sonic the hedgehog <3

drawing made by me!

painted by @ashleys-doodles


Merle Highchurch, sex icon 🌸💕✨

I had a ton of fun at Colossalcon East this year and realized that I never posted my photos to Tumblr! Our group did TAZ practically all weekend and it was a ton of fun! I’m really proud of how my Merle cosplay looks, and our good friend Ashley Paulette Photography did a phenomenal job capturing that!

Photos taken and edited by @ashleypaulettephotography-blog
Colossalcon East 2017