for my freind

helo. my name is Yuti kaTsucki antd i am in thisj yearz’ grand priCks!

my husbandt viktor is suprorting me withj his entirre bieng! i loaf him!!1

thisj is my rival and freind! anuthor yuri! exceppt he’s an angstky teen lol XD

his fan bass is crazey! they r nya peopol XD

hear r my rivalz! 1 of them is mye good freind phishit! they all skaytt reilly well!!

godood lucc at the grandt pricks finals! sea u their!

Los Angeles Shadowhunters as Things I've Done
  • Emma: kicked a kid rly hard in the stomach during a martial arts class and they had to sit the rest of the class out and i haven't seen them since. this was like 4 years ago.
  • Julian: dated my best friend but then broke up after 24 hours because it was too weird
  • Arthur: ordered 2 large cheese pizzas from dominos at like 1 am
  • Cristina: spent weeks flirting with a person, then found out that they had a girlfriend but "she didn't need to know"
  • Diego: pretended not to know someone to psych them out before an audition
  • Dru: got asked out and then high-fived the person as a response
  • Kit: cried b/c my pizza fell on the floor
  • Livvy: my brother got trapped in an elevator like 6 months ago and i still make fun of him because of it
  • Mark: pretended to date one of my close freinds so we wouldnt get left out of couples activities.
  • Tavvy: couldn't remember how to do basic subtraction on my precalc test
  • Ty: put a bunch of excessively gay decorations around my half of the room because my roommate was really homophobic
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Ok so I never do these but one of my best freinds like she is the most good looking amazing person and hilarious, but anyway she is new to tumblr so you would really help me and her out if you gave her a follow and if you do and send me a screenshot that you did I will shout you out also I also just hit 40,000 followers and would like to just say thanks a million I have been on this for only half a year and the support is unreal thanks a million all you demented people

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