for my final tomorrow

You guys better be fucking ready for the onslaught of tattoo photos I’m posting tomorrow. I’m finally getting my Boosh tattoo which has been in the works for over a year now and I’m getting a Dirk Gently Project Icarus one on my wrist.

Soooo a little life update since I basically use this place as my journal.

Pandora is having me do the third and final step tomorrow morning, which is interviewing with the district manager. I’m excited and super not worried– mostly because I’m just impatient and this took forever to get moving.

But! There is another place in the mall that supposedly heard about me from pandora and from a few ladies in my mom’s work, and they apparently want me to come in and interview with them as well. They’ve said that they’re completely flexible with hours and will even give me only one night a week if that’s what I need. They told me they’re willing to work around my schedule with pandora once I get it. This job pays a tiny bit better AND is commission.

So basically, I could potentially be working two jobs. I’m not gonna jump into anything just yet, I’m gonna start with Pandora and see how stressful that is before I get into the other one. But! Working two jobs would be so beneficial because it’s more money to save up for that school I want and maybe an apartment later on down the road….

I don’t know. I know I’ll be hella stressed out and busy but the other place seems really intent on meeting me and they have promised that they’re willing to come second to pandora so…. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Blue Diamond icons from the leak!! feel free to use, credit would be appreciated!


i’m having a taxing time with the chapter i’m on right now; not because it’s difficult to play, but because it’s difficult to endure. i had to take a break to save my nerves… so this is a gift for myself to keep me going <3

edit: was able to keep going to the bitter end… made >this<