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Snape Appreciation Month (Day 22)

Favorite Chapter

I have to pick two for this one. Snape’s Worst Memory and The Prince’s Tale to me are absolute favorites. I go back and look at them frequently and even look up videos for them. They fascinate me and pull me in. I always liked Snape and felt there was more to him and these both backed that up.

To me, SWM is a favorite not so much because we learn more about Snape but we learn something that challenges not just Harry but the reader. We learn that James Potter was an arrogant arsehole in school who bullied another kid simply because his friend was bored. He assaulted a kid, humiliated, undressed, and choked them out of boredom. And we are forced to question this hero, this loving father, this loving husband and who he really was. All while we are forced to wonder … is Snape actually as bad as we think or just broken?

For me … it was always an easy answer.

While SWM starts the questioning, we are tossed around in HBP (I can’t picked a chapter from that as the entire book as a favorite of mine). We learn more about Snape and at the same time watch him kill a beloved character. So, despite what SWM gave us we have to get to TPT to realize yet again that Snape was not the bad guy. And it is heart breaking. These chapters challenge our perceptions (even me who liked him from the start) and force us to see this character we were instructed to hate in a different light. I love these chapters because they tell us the story of the silent hero, the unsung hero, the darken and bitter hero. And we need that in life so much.

These two chapters not only served this purpose but they held a personal one for me. As a child I was teased and bullied over things that I had no control of at times. I was just a kid. A kid that never realized her hair was too greasy or her teeth could be fixed, straightened and cleaned up. A kid who never realized having all the answers was always the best. A kid who never realized that just because a parent was distant didn’t mean you were a bad person. A kid who never realized that the hope she saw within Star Trek was something she could achieve. A kid who, with the help of a greasy haired potions master, learned to hope she could be more than what she was told. The moment I read these chapters … I knew I could be. I could be the hero of my own story.


Today I’m depressed but allow me to count my blessings: my girlfriend is the best human ever, I get a puppy the day after tomorrow, and my family is finally helping me and treating me like family! Wowowow

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Why are you so anti La La Land?

I’m not anti-La La Land at all. I have nothing against it, it’s a cute movie and all. I just feel like movies like Moonlight are more deserving of all of the awards that La La Land has been sweeping up this awards season.

The reason why I want Moonlight to win so bad is because of its story. To have a movie about an African-American boy struggling with his sexuality while growing up is something I thought would never happen. It’s touching and relatable because it’s something that I went through growing up and to see someone that looks like me going through what I went through during my whole childhood really strikes a chord with me. Growing up African-American and gay is difficult because the stigma of showing yourself as weak or feminine is something still looked down upon in the African-American community if you’re a boy. You have to act as masculine as you can to prove yourselves to others or else you would get teased or picked on. Barry Jenkins telling of Chiron’s story through Moonlight paints a story of millions of African American males childhoods. Not only African American males but also other males of color as well.

When you compare that to a musical about a white woman wanting to be an actress and a white man wanting to save jazz, a genre deeply rooted in African-American culture and from slavery…she just doesn’t have the range compared to Moonlight, I’m sorry.

But none of this really matters anyway because we all know that La La Land is going to sweep at the Oscars just like it did with all the other major award shows this season so


Waverider 99: Season Two Edition

It all started when we blew up the time pigs, the Time Masters, now history’s all screwed up, and it’s up to us to unscrew it up. Half the time, we screw things up even worse. So don’t call us heroes, we’re something else. We’re legends. 


favourite the vampire diaries characters: caroline forbes
Why didn’t he go for me? How come the guys that I want never want me? I’m inappropriate, always say the wrong thing and Elena always says the right thing. She doesn’t even try, and he just picks her. And she’s always the one that everyone picks. For everything. And I try so hard and I’m never the one… 


FFXV Week 3

Day 7: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day // Chocobros // Free Choice

English voice cast for Final Fantasy XV | Chocobros + Luna

Team Voltron as things I have experienced during my first year of college finals:

Shiro: caffeine monster. Consumes as much caffeine as possible hoping it will help him stay awake to study and stay alert during the tests. Definitely mixed Red Bull and a Latte earlier, with no regard for whether or not he would survive. But somehow it does nothing for him and backfires. Instead of being ready for the exam, he turns into a twitching, irrational, groggy monster who just wants it to be over.

Pidge: similar to Shiro except instead of backfiring, the caffeine takes Full Effect™. Pidge has finished every assignment several days before they are due, has making an online flashcard system that has been shared with the entire class, and has overachieved way more than humanly possible. Don’t tell Pidge “good job” because speaking to this sleep deprived gremlin will end in disaster. Do not approach the beast. Stay back.

Lance: the human embodiment of “listen, if I get a 20% on this final, I’ll still pass the class with a 76, so I’m really not worried about it”

Hunk: Is Worried About It. Someone give this boy a hug.

Keith: “I heard that if someone dies during the test, then everyone gets an A on the final. What I’m saying is that we all have to make sacrifices, Lance.”