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Happy Valentine's Day
  • <p> <b><b></b> Ciel:</b> My love for you burns, like the fire that turned my parents into ashes.. <p><b>Sebastian:</b> Later tonight you shall be receiving the D in Demon.<p/></p><p/><b>Undertaker:</b> Mayhaps a coffin for two?<p/><b>William:</b> You are worth the overtime and extra work that I'll be getting from this.<p/><b>Claude:</b> I'm a massive prick. I don't deserve love..<p/></p><p/></p>

Every time I go out in public I wonder how many people read gay smut in their spare time

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 Oh, hi there, kinkshaming anon…

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I wonder if you are the same salty anon that’s been haunting my blog… but that one doesn’t speak in capslock… hm where do I start…? Let’s talk in points, shall we, so I can make sense of your screeching kinkshaming.

1.) I will never EVER leave Kojuro alone, he can’t take care of himself and he is the love of my otome life and you just have to deal with me as one of your sisterwives, capiche?

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2.) Do you even know what Daddy kink is, outside of pornstars dressing like little girls calling their fellow performers (usually burly men) that? Not that I will kinkshaming anyone if they are into it. You see, it’s a spectrum. It is NOT ABOUT INCEST - IT’S ABOUT POWERPLAY. My take on Daddy kink is where I can position myself safely as the vulnerable one, the one to be spoiled and adored by a protector, a sophisticated older man who knows what he’s doing, sexually or otherwise. 

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Please note that I am not under any obligation to explain this to you but I will, since you might go around spreading this hate and I just want to get this out there so people who got your hate will read and feel better about themselves - the fault is not with them, they have the rights to enjoy the kink in their own blogs. You might have an anger issue.

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You know the story Daddy Long Legs? (oh dear, have I ruined that story for you now? Sorry not sorry, you deserve it for being a petulant anon) - it’s that feeling of being safe and taken care of - that when everything goes sideways, he’ll be there to catch you and so on. This is the reason why I call Kojuro “Daddy” in my post sometimes… I feel safe and I can be his precious girl when I want to, sexually or otherwise. 

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And, of course, Kojuro isn’t always the capable Daddy Long Legs - the man is domestically challenged - so I, as the MC, can switch to the role of his caretaker anytime I want, this is the dynamic that hooked me to his character, it balances itself out. 

This doesn’t apply to all older characters or love interest though, as much as Voltage shoved Shingen in our face as the “Daddy” character (among other inappropriate stuff), I can’t call him that because I don’t feel safe with him all the time. This is just me. Others may find it perfectly fine, and good for them!

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My blog is safe for all kinks. And if I do spot something I’m not comfortable with, I am not gonna go anon to harass them. I’ll just scroll away, why stress yourself out and getting your panties twisted by other people’s stuff. I played otome for stress relief and this blog is for sharing my journey and take on the game, and interact with fellow fangirls.

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3. I don’t have incestuous shit on my ass thank you very much. I don’t actually want to call a man take to my bed with “Daddy” and I don’t feel squeamish about using Daddy to refer to the kink because English is my second language and I don’t actually call my Dad “Daddy” - So I don’t have the ick factor, it’s lost in translation. Maybe this is something you need to consider before kinkshaming people. You, obviously call your dad daddy in real life, hence the ick. Well, you can just, you know, block me?

4. Have you even read my fics? Never ONCE I called Kojuro Daddy in fics… That would be like so anachronistic I can’t even - I’m a fan of the canon universe. I used “Sire”. And I don’t force anyone to read it. 

5. I thought we had this Daddy kink brouhaha last year? You are fairly new to the fandom, aren’t you? My suggestion will be to learn to use the block button or how to block certain tags and keywords, otherwise tumblr would be one helluva trigger hell for your prissy prim ass and you’ll spend all your time sending people this meaningless hate.

I do wonder why I got more anon haters of late…

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Be Mine, Valentine.

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and your long-time boyfriend has planned an extensive scavenger hunt… with quite the twist at the end. 

Warnings: LITERALLY 250% FLUFF 

(also, general lack of knowledge about a “berry picking farm”… you’ll see) 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

Words: 3,033 (SORRY NOT SORRY) 

Special shoutout to my main homie and fellow scorpio, @hamilbye, for fangirling over this earlier. I really needed that confidence boost. You’re my fave ♥♥ 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you following me or reading this! I love you all and just picture me sweeping you all in for a huge group hug because that’s what I would be doing if you were all in front of me. 

You were unsure of the time you were woken from your sleep, but you knew it was early. Even with your curtains drawn, you were acutely aware of how dark it was outside. Shaking off your sleep and trying not to trip over your own feet as you shuffled across your floor, you arrived at the door. Simultaneously tugging your hair into a ponytail and peeking to see who was at the door, you were surprised to see no one standing in the hallway of your building. Perplexed, you opened the door to check again. Peering out into the hallway, you shivered in the cold air conditioning the building ran and almost missed the envelope with your name written on it. You bent down to pick it up and stepped backwards back into your apartment, closing the door behind you with your foot. Leaning your back against the door, you tore the envelope open. You never were one for patience.

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Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.

Until It’s Gone - Ch.6

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mild language, hunting vibes, protective Winchesters (yay!)

Word Count: 1,880

A/N: This is the sixth chapter in my newest ongoing series. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for being my letter checkers and fellow fangirls :) My writing soulmate and sole sister…life wouldn’t be the same without you. There’s a good bit more Dean in this chapter, and it ends with a bang. We’re going hunting… Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

Read (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

Sam felt Y/N slowly slip out of his arms in the morning, but he kept his eyes shut and remained motionless to feign sleep. He heard her make her way to the bathroom and close the door behind her before the sound of running water reached his ears. Sam smiled to himself. Y/N always took a shower in the mornings. It was a habit that had been lovingly picked at and teased over when she’d lived in the bunker.

Sam got dressed for the day and made up the bed before going to the kitchen to search for breakfast. Y/N joined him a few minutes later, her cheeks still flushed from her shower and her hair pulled back into a neat braid. He noticed her attire and set down the second half of the bagel he had been working on.

“Y/N… why are you dressed to go hunting?” It was her lace up, waterproof boots that gave it away. She always and only wore them on hunts.

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Happy Valentine’s Day CS Shipmates


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I love ALL my fellow fangirls, thanks for the lovely chit chats, the hours of fic, spec, and meta reading entertainment as well as the awesome art, gif sets and edits that you guys all share with this fandom! 

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fanfic links ~ percabeth 10 more smutty goodness!

yes, i am alive and i’m going to shower you with kinky smuts!!! when life/fanfic writers give you percabeth lemons, create fanfic links and let my fellow fangirls/boys devour it with their eyes. here it is! also these are either with or without plot! enjoy!

~ Without You Things Go Hazy by Fangirl-it-out (ps this is a multi-chapter story with 12,295 words)

~ Untitled by suchastart (this is a hogwarts au)

~ Untitled by greenconverses  

~ Untitled by greenconverses (i know, so many untitled works)

~ Something Shameless by holdingontoyoufordearlife (love this one!)

~ Give it to Me by A. C. Potter

~ Hitchhikers by GothicNicoLover (this one is OOC and really porny)

~ A Predicament of Time by writergirl8

~ Until the Last Moment by Artemis Rae

~ if I ever cross your mind by greenconverses 

and those are 10 smuts for you people! request me on more fanfics you guys want! 

SJ Maas books are like “oh you like reading?” and then kick you on your ass and pour acid all over you while feeding you your favorite desserts.
—  my best friend/fellow SJ Maas Fangirl

Fanfic Author Appreciation: @historicbellamyblake

Just a wee little shout out to my friend and fellow fangirl @historicbellamyblake! If you haven’t read ALL her fics yet would definitely should, BUT here are some of my personal faves…

So anyway, Brianna is a brilliant writer and a beautiful unicorn and all her fics are A++ 12/10 would recommend! 

Sakamaki Shuu - “Lost Eden” Walkthrough (No Spoilers)

Thought I would share this with my fellow fangirls who are playing this game right now :) This route was, as expected, so awesome. Shuu is my prince of princes ^_^ 

To get ending 1 (Vampire ending), you must choose majority “M” (blue) choices. To get ending 2 (Manservant ending) you must choose majority “S” (purple) choices. To get ending 3, you need a mix of both. 

How to read the guide below:

I picked all “M” (blue) choices because I wanted to run the first ending first, therefore all choices for sections 1-4 of Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy correspond to “M” choices. Below, “A” and “B” refer to the first and second dialogue options, respectively. The numbers refer to which combination of words in the paragraphs at the end of sections 5-10 you need to choose to unlock the Heaven scenarios.

Here are the choice guides: 

5:B (1,3)
6:B (1,3)
7:B (2,3)
8:B (2,3)
9:B (1,3)
10:B (1,2)

5:B (1,3)
6:B (1,3)
7:A (1,3)
8:B (2,3)
9:A (1,3)
10:A (1,2)

5:A (2,3)
6:B (1,3)
7:A (1,3)
8:A (2,3)
9:B (1,3)
10:B (1,3)

If you repost this guide somewhere online, please don’t forget to give credit to my Tumblr for it. Stay tuned for more guides for the rest of the characters along with route reviews/impressions/summaries.

Thank you for loving Diabolik Lovers! 

I am so glad to have Android 17 back.😍 Gosh its been so long since Ive seen him on the screen. Good memories.😊 Ever since I read the small article about 17, the park ranger gig and the whole 17 is married with 3 kids, I admit I was like “WTF?!“😲 In a happy/shocked/confused. Android 17?! The murderer of Dr. Gero and 18’s twin brother is now a park ranger, husband and father?!?! 18, I can understand but 17?! Hell I wanted him to have a ounce of humanity but gosh-damn!😕And researched the hell out of this too and here is my thoughts. This is going to be long post but hell this is worth talking about. I would love to heard my fellow 17 fangirls too because I love their thoughts too.😘

Ok, Confession time: I lost faith in DBZ ever since they aired the Super Hell Fighter 17 saga. I hated GT after that. Before the Super 17 saga aired, I thought the rest of the GT was so damn boring and cringe-worthy (Due of the “Forgettable-But-Not-That-Forgettable” Baby saga. There were so many problems in GT I rather forget and thank god, GT is not canon. A friend recommended me to watch DB Super because this show is supposed to fix the problems for the last episode of DBZ before toddler Pan and then he recommended me to play Dragon Ball xenoverse games. So I did because hell it was my childhood.

Then the starting of Universe Survival saga and I saw one character whom I thought will NEVER get the fair shot he deserved: Android motherf***king 17.😁 I admit I fangirled like crazy because I missed him and I think he deserved better than that bullshit they pulled in GT.

Android 17 wasn’t really evil. (Future 17 is evil, yes.) but if you think about it, Android 17 killed one person and that was Dr.Gero. 17 was a teen with human lifestyle but the man ruined his life and created him to be a rebellious and reckless killing machine. 17 got his revenge against Gero and it was the end of it. He fought the Z fighters and beat them up with 18 but they didn’t kill them. They let them live and told Krillin to give them Senzu Beans possibly to challenge them next time. Hell, if 17 wanted to kill Goku so badly, he would fly all the way to Goku’s location and ended him there. Instead 17 and 18 drove for days possibly because 17 probably was a car lover or vehicle expert in his human days before he was kidnapped. I think 17 wanted to challenge Goku for the thrill of it to see if the greatest Super Saiyan who killed the red ribbon army can fight the ultimate android (little did our rebel know, he wasn’t the “ultimate android.”) After all, this was just a game to him. 17 never got that chance to fight Goku and was absorbed by Cell.

What do you think happened after 17 was absorbed? Was 17 traumatized by the experience inside of Cell? Did 17 sees everything that went on from inside Cell’s eyes during the Perfect Cell saga and Cell Games saga? Maybe I’m looking too deep into this but it is worth bringing up.

It was thanks to Krillin and the dragon balls that Android 17 has a chance to redeem himself. We didn’t know what happened to him after the Cell Games. During the Kid Buu saga, we finally did see 17 (one scene) as his cocky self but we know that he isn’t doing anything bad besides helping Goku with the Spirit Bomb. That’s the last time we saw him.

*Sighs* then GT…yeah F**k that show. Yeah it was hot seeing two Android 17s but it didn’t cut it. Anyway since it is not canon, I’m not going to bring my feelings towards it.

Now we all know that 17 was a cocky and self-absorbed little dick but loveable as hell (why the hell he carries a gun but he never uses it?😂 Well, since he is a park ranger, guns will play a bigger role in his life) but there was a need to changed 17’s development. He went from a cocky and self-absorbed rebel to a matured, serious and zero tolerance type of guy (no mess with nature). When I noticed the change of this personality, I thought it was a big step but understandable. I admit I was surprised enough when Akira admitted that about 17’s job and is married and has kids. But his personality surprised me. Maybe I was used to 17’s childish personality but since he is a dad, maybe that childish tendencies passed down to his kids. Anyway, I think Android 16 and Android 18 might influenced 17 during their short period time together during the two sagas. They played a bigger part in his life despite the fact 16 is dead and 18 married Krillin.

16 was quiet, nature-loving and somewhat caring despite his programming of wanting to kill Goku (I know, it sounds weird when I put it like that) but he abandoned his mission after 17 and 18 got absorbed by Cell, seeing that not even 16 can kill Cell. This ended 16’s life. Maybe 17 saw the outcome of his death through Cell’s eyes but we, the audience, don’t know. Because of this, I think this changed 17. Because of 16, 17 wants protect the environment. He knows Goku and Z fighters can handle the villians like Buu. He prefers to be alone like a “Lone wolf” and likes the Solitude. Even I think the Solitude life suits him.

Then we got 18 and Krillin. They both fell in love, got married and had cute little Marron (born four years after the Cell Games). Maybe 17 envied the life that 18 has now because of what he is. For all we know 17 probably thought no human woman in her right mind would fall in love with a Android or let alone have any kids with him (“I WOULD!” said some cheeky fan girl😍).

Somehow, his personality woo his zoologist lady.

Okay, we don’t know if Marron is older or younger than 17’s kid and two adopted kids. But this is my headcanon: the two adopted kids are older than 17’s kid. We still don’t know and I could be wrong. It has been 7 years since the Cell games. Maybe 17 thought there was no way he can reproduce with a human woman so instead they adopted first and then the couple “tried” to do the deed and realized she can get pregnant by him. Thus 17’s kid is born (please let it be a boy! 😣. I don’t even mind if its a girl. That would mean fanarts with 17’s daughter with Pan, Marron and Bulla😆. But honestly if its a boy, would it be so cool if 17’s kid had his father’s orange bandanna?) But I digress.

Anyway, since 17 has a family, maybe 17 wants to prove himself that he can better himself and train in the woods.

Now the fight with Goku v.s. Android 17. Isn’t this the fight that 17 wanted years ago? We finally got it. And 17 didn’t act like his usual self in the past due the fact he has indeed changed. The 17 we once knew would be like “I’m the ultimate android” Macho/alpha male brag but since he is a changed man, 17 didn’t brag. He is no longer that weak android who couldn’t defend himself against Cell anymore. It is possible that 17 is stronger than Perfect Cell.

We all know 17 wanted to challenge Goku from the moment he was released by Dr. Gero but he never got that change. It’s been years and 17 didn’t go look for Goku. He might have known he was no match for him (16 admits he is as strong as imperfect Cell and 17 saw their fight together before he was absorbed). 17 knew he stand no chance against Goku but he did wanted to prove himself useful one day.

He even was able to have a nice conversation with Goku and shown him a photo of his family. Wow that is something!

Like Son Goku and Vegeta, Android 17 has something and someone in his life to protect more than his own. 17 doesn’t want to think himself as the ultimate android he wanted to be in the first place. He just wants to be strong enough to protect the environment and the family he loves most. Maybe the fact that 17 never talks about his life as a park ranger and a family man is too embarrassing because of what the z fighters might think of him (although I doubt that but if you were a Z fighter, and you just found out that android 17 is a family man with a wife, three kids and worked as a park ranger, you say “NO F***ING SHIT WAY THAT TRUE!” Maybe he wanted to keep the whole “I got a reputation to protect” attitude despite the fact he doesn’t hang out with the z fighters.

We don’t know but it is worth thinking. We all know 17 will join the z fighters for the tournament and we will see more of what the android is capable of. And so do I. I love to see his reunion with 18, Marron meeting uncle 17, and introduction of 17’s family (cross your fingers😥).

I honestly can’t wait to see more of him in future episodes. 😆

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Cool Cats

This is random, but I just felt like recommending and showing some appreciation to the people listed below, because they make coming to this website worthwhile for me. So check them out and follow them!

Edit: Excuse my weird censoring of words so they hopefully don’t show up in tags.


I love her for many different reasons. She’s my #1 fellow Seb fangirl. If something Seb related has happened and I need someone to fangirl with over PM, then she’s someone I always run to! I also love her because we mutually fangirl over Margar!ta Lev!eva together (B A B E ! ! ! ! ).

She also sends me random 8uckyNa+ posts she comes across even though she doesn’t ship it. If that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is! It’s the little things that can mean so much. 😘

Also, you should follow her just for the cute voice and accent alone. I’m tellin’ you. Follow her, and get her to make a recording talking to you. I SWEAR!!! She is the cutest. Love that lil Australian voice.

AND ALSO! If you love 13 R3asons Whÿ, she’ll be a great follow for you because she’s obsessssssed with it right now. ;D

Good For: $ebastian $tan. $tucky. Cap+ain A/\/\erica. Margarita Lev!eva love. 13 Reasons Why. Pretty multi-fandom. AND THAT AUSSIE VOICE!

Seriously, she is the best! FOLLOW HER!!!!! OR ELSE!


Yo, do you like friendly people? Then you should follow Ally if you aren’t already! She’s the best person to talk to about Sebastian’s filmography, and upcoming projects. FOR REAL! Also, anything Bucky related in general, especially if you ship BūckÿNa+. And Mãr\/ęl! And Chris!!!!!!! Her whole blog is just A+ content, okay?

Seriously, she’s a great person and one of my favorite people from Texas. ;P Also, she posts other non-fandom content that is really interesting all the time. I feel like I almost like/reblog too much of her stuff sometimes. Hahaha 


She is one of the first people I followed on this website, back in the days of the Mâr\/ėl Against Humanity games, and I’ve never regretted having done so. She was also around for the Seb/Chris filmography viewing parties that I lazily quit doing half way through. 🙈  She’s really sweet and fun to hang out in chats with, plus she posts lots of great fandom content!

Also, gurl is always liking my embarrassing rants and personal posts, and that shit means a lot when I’m feeling down!

ANYWAY, you should follow her if you love Sebastian, Bückÿ Bár/\/es, great social commentary (/political) content, Sén$e8 love (RIP 😭), and so much else. I LOVE HER AND YOU SHOULD TOO!


Do you love Mãr\/ęl? Cap+ain A/\/\erica? $tucky? ALL THE SHIPS?! Then you should follow Viper (or Vipey…as I call her in my head haha)! She is seriously one of the sweetest, friendliest people on this website. If you don’t already follow her, then you absolutely should. I’ve had many a great conversation with her, whether it’s fangirling Cap related things, ship related things, or Sebastian and Chris. And Sam Wilson. And T’Cha!!a. And naughty fanfic….ALL THE THINGS, OKAY?

She’s the type of person that you can talk to about anything. Even when you admit to embarrassing sekrit kinks, there’s no judgment. Or if there’s a little, at least she’s nice about it. 😝

What’s also great about her blog is that it’s pretty much exclusively fandom content. You don’t have to wade through a bunch of other junk (like my cesspool here) if you’re not interested in it. Plus, she tags extensively if you need that. Yayyyy!

Seriously though, she is one of the nicest people I’ve had the honor to get to know on here. Even if it’s been weeks since I’ve talked to her, I know I can pick up any random conversation, no problem. She’s the besttttt!


You should follow her because she is one of the sweetest people I’ve talked to on this website. She’s a great person to follow if you love $eba$tian $+an, as she reblogs a lot of amazing content. The same goes for $tucky, Mãr\/ęl and Cap+ain A/\/\erica in general. I also really love her super distracting screencaps of Sebastian posts. She’s great at picking out little moments that make you go 🤤.

She’s also someone I highly recommend if you’re looking for 99.9% fandom related content. Seriously. Just scroll through 2 pages on her blog, and you’ll probably want to reblog most of it.

Amazing content + great person! So friendly, and easy to talk to!!


Okay, I love following Jen for many different reasons. One, she’s the type of fan that I tend to gel with, in that she’s a fangirl but doesn’t go overboard. She recognizes when people take shit too far, and I love that. I cling to those kinds of people, tbh.

Two, she loves Margari+a Lev!eva! Follow her Margo blog too! @margoshafans.

Three, she reblogs great funny stuff/shitposts/meme stuff that always makes me laugh. She’s just a great follow for multi-fandom stuff, and random content.

ALSO REALLY NICE!!!! Takes no shit from stupid people, but in a nice way. :D


Yo, I love Sarah. I really do. She’s my fellow Tr3vant3 fangirl. And Seb fangirl, O B V I O U S L Y. If I ever want someone to just chat with, I know I can talk to her….whether it’s about movies, or fangirling and thirsting over someone (S E B A S T I A N). She’s super friendly and one of my very favorite people everrrr.

Blogwise, she’s good for Seb content, Cap and Mãr\/ęl stuff, but also a lot of really great general content too. Sometimes it’s pretty pictures, other times it’s important political things. 



I have had many a great conversation with Gati, she’s the bestest. I love her blog because it’s multi-fandom, and there are so many great things that she posts about. She also loves Sebastian, which is like my #1 thing. MUST. LOVE. SEB. :P

But seriously, if you love great conversation…or stand-up comedians (P.S. Gati, did you watch Ha$an M!nhaj’s stand-up show on Ne+flix???? I’ve been meaning to ask!)… or Ara$h! (SHE LOVES!), or apt political posts that make you go, “YEAH!!!!!!”, or multi-fandom content ranging from Mãr\/ęl to DC to all kinds of TV shows and Harry Po++er. Yo, I’m just saying, she’s amazing and you should follow her because of her awesome personality AND the awesomeness of her blog. DO IT!!!!!


Love On3 D!rect!on? $tucky? $ebas+ian $+an? BT$!!!!??????? THIS GURL IS FO’ YOU. FOLLOW HA NOW!!!!!!! Jo is also one of the people I followed way back in the days of the Mãr\/ęl Against Humanity games and also solidified my love by coming to the Seb/Chris filmography viewing parties. Sometimes it was just me and her and I loved her even harder for that. She didn’t just say, “Ew. Bye.” 🙈

She’s a great follow if you like multi-fandom content mixed in with lots of random/interesting things. She also loves $hadowhu/\/ter$ if you like that! AND there’s lots of BT$ now too, which I am personally resisting by the tips of my fingers to reblog every time I see it! I’M TOO OLD, GURL!!!!!!!!! I’M TOO OLD!!!!!

Seriously though, I love Jo and my Tumblr experience would not be the same without her, so you should follow her too because you are missing out otherwise!!!

Anyway, I could keep going….but then this would be a mile longer than it already is. I feel bad for quitting when I still have several other people I wanna mention, but I gots 2 go. Maybe I will soon though!!!!! I follow so many amazing people. :DDDD