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got any big naruto recs? u write so well I'm always wondering what you read!!

As always, there’s a fic rec tag that you can always check. ^-^

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Fancast for the live action Titians tv show

oh here we go, people will be angry no matter what I do, I’m basing this on my favorite Titans team (1999 team) I’m fine and supportive of the Live Action cast so far but want my own team:

Dick Grayson/Nightwing:

(Mark Ryder)

Cyborg/Vic Stone:

(Aml Ameen)


(Laverne Cox)

Donna Tory:

(Krysten Ritter)

The Flash/Wally West:

(Patrick Gibson)


(Ryan Potter)

Arsenal/Roy Harper:

(Brian J. Smith)

Jesse Quick/Jesse Chambers:

(Laura Prepon)

Argent/Toni Monetti:

(Lana Condor)

Damage/Grant Emerson:

(Nicholas Hamilton) 

Beast Boy/Garfield Logan:

(Ian Alexander) 

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ask meme: fma:b

❤ Favorite Male: roy mustang, jean havoc, greedling
❤ Favorite Female: riza hawkeye, lan fan
Favorite Pairing: royai bitch who do u think i am (but i do love linfan too ok)
❤ Least Favorite Character: i know this is blasphemy but i’ve never been a massive alphonse fan (but i mean he places way above all the low-key nazi characters obvs)
❤ who’s most like me: riza, without a shadow of a doubt, but also falman, probably?
❤ most attractive: lust honestly like olivier could step on me tbh
❤ three more characters that I like:
 old man fu! ling yao! hughes !!!!!!!!!!


Team Free Will so far on season 12

Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves.

Honestly The Curse of the Colonel is one of my favorite Japanese urban legends…

Basically the Hanshin Tigers baseball team had a major victory in 1985 and fans went WILD and stood on a bridge chanting the player’s names, and every time they said a name a fan that resembled the player whose name was said would jump into the canal

BUT there was an american player on the team named Randy Bass and the crowd wanted to include someone who looked like him too, but there were no white people around so they snatched a Colonel Sanders statue and tossed it into the water as an effigy

after this the Hanshin Tigers won nothing for 18 years! The rumor began to circulate that throwing the statue into the canal had angered Colonel Sanders and he had cursed them and wouldn’t allow them to win until they retrieved the statue. Obviously many attempts were made to find it, but no one was successful.

In 2009 the uper body, lower body, and right hand of the statue were found when police thought it was a dead body, but the left hand and his glasses are missing and the Hanshin Tigers still have not won anything. It is said they will continue to lose until they find the last pieces. Here’s the colonel though!


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.


get to know me: favorite team → team avatar (open in new tab for larger size!!)
Sokka: “I just wanted to say: good effort out there today, Team Avatar.”
Katara: “Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it’s not gonna catch on!”
Sokka: “How about the Boomerang Squad? See, it’s good cause it has Aang in it - Boomer-Aang!” (art credit)

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Does Caboose catch Sarge eventually? Does he hug Lopez?

you think ur tough? u think ur hot stuff???? ???  i hear captain caboose caught the entire red army