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Screenshots from MY LITTLE UNDERGROUND COLONY | Oxygen Not Included! :D

I really like this game! It seems like it’s fun to play and I love the look and style of it. The characters look so cute! Plus I had so much fun watching Seán play this game too. I like watching him play this these kind of games and watching him learn how the mechanics works and just how to play the game in general. I love his little colony that he’s started in this game. 
GO TEAM VOMIT COMET! :D I think my favorite member so far is Bertie.

Get to know me more?

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Nicknames: Ruby, Nyx, Acerola
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5′7
Time right now: 4:35pm
Last thing I googled: Voltron
Last movie I watched: I haven’t watched any movies lately.
Last TV show I watched: The Vampire Diaries 
When I created this blog?: Since January 2017, but I’ve had my main blog since 2012.
Why did I choose my URL?: It’s a combination of one of my favorite captains, Acerola and Alola
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Pokemon team: A full team of Silvally with Protect and Explosion only.
Favorite color: Black and Purple
Lucky number: 2
Favorite characters: Jellal Fernandez from Fairy Tail, Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, Steven Stone, Gladion and Professor Sycamore from Pokemon, Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale, Link from Legend of Zelda and Sebastian from Stardew Valley are some of my favorite characters.
Number of blankets I sleep with: Usually 1, 2 during the cold days
Name: Ruby
Birthday: April 2
Relationship status: Single lonely cat lady.
Chinese zodiac: Tiger
Siblings: 1 younger and 1 older. I am a middle child.
Favorite Smell: Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works and Bombshell from Victoria Secret.
Pets: A cat named Peanut and a dog named Butter. Peanutbutter!
Wake-up: Around noon
Sleep: Anywhere from 1am-3am
Type of Phone: iPhone 6
Love or Lust:  Love as it eventually turns into lust.
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced Tea, although I do love a good Arnold Palmer. (its a combination of lemonade and iced tea)
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Coke or Pepsi: Eh neither.
Day or Night: Night since I am a night owl.
Text or Call: Text but when playing games with friends, I’d rather be on a call.
Make up or Natural: Make up.
Met a celebrity: A couple actually, since I live in LA.
Smile or Eyes: Eyes but usually both.
Light or Dark hair: On me? I have dark hair. On someone else? Depends on the face. I love the combination of light eyes with dark hair though.
Shorter or taller: I want someone who is taller than me.
Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence, but a little attraction doesn’t hurt either.
Chapstick or lipstick: Both.
City or Country: City, I am a city girl living in a major city.
Last Song I listened to: One Day They’ll Know (Odesza Remix) - Pretty Lights
Fruits or Veggies: Fruits, I love fruit.
Anime or Cartoons: Anime. I watch so much anime.
Phone case: It’s one of those fancy cases that act kinda like a snow globe? Like they have some kind of like liquid in the back and you can shake your phone to make the glitters move around and stuff… anyone know what I am talking about?? It has a cute cat on it though.
Dream Job: I honestly really wanted to become a YouTuber, and did YouTube videos for a while. I did gain some subscribers but I didn’t continue. Now I am in college getting a degree in Digital Media and hope to be a game designer in the future.
Milk and Cookies or Donuts and Coffee: I am lactose intolerant so milk is off, but I also absolutely hate coffee, unless its a frap.. So I will just take the cookies and donuts.

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