for my favorite musical recording


Mac Miller “My Favorite Part” (feat. Ariana Grande)
Directed by _p

“The record is a masterpiece in rhythm, melody, harmony, and style written by a legend whose influence extends all over the world. Without Michael Jackson my music wouldn’t be what it is today.” - Tao on Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller' 

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My favorite recording of Beethoven’s 5th symphony (:
I’ll just leave this here~

fullonlarriemainblog  asked:

11 and 27 :) I'm sorry if you're having a shitty day <3

11. do you listen to music when writing? ABSOLUTELY! My favorite writing records right now are Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman, 5H’s 7/47 and Britney Spear’s latest, Glory. I also make themed playlists for certain stories? 

27. best review you ever got: Oh man. I have a bunch of really wild ones from different fandoms, but my favorite 1D reviews are anything where Im referred to as a fandom savior or something equally grand and absurd…I always cry whenever anyone says that because this fandom saved me?! Anyway, I’m also incredibly partial to this review from @verily-i-say who staged a “hostile take over” of the title “number one fan.” I love you vee!

“Oh my god. OH MY GOD. You’ve killed me, I’m dead and I’m writing this review from beyond the grave, because this story made me BURST FROM EMOTION.

Firstly, I have to say, I’m absolutely shit at remembering names and titles and usernames and urls, but I got about four paragraphs into this story and immediately found myself thinking “ahh, this has GOT to have been written by the same person who wrote that other fic that I absolutely loved.” and I checked as soon as I was finished and of course I was RIGHT and this is now only your second 1D fic, but equally I’ve now been totally overwhelmed by both of them… So of course I re-read this one immediately (and there’s every chance I’m going to re-read the other one as soon as I’m done leaving this comment/nervous breakdown).

So I’m now officially your biggest fan, I don’t care whoever else thinks they’ve got that title, I’m staging a hostile takeover and now it’s me, over here with a big foam finger with your name on it. I’m subscribed to your A03 page because I want to read every single thing you write, the second it’s published. Hell, the way you bring the boys to life, I want to live in your brain and hear fics straight from your imagination, before you’ve gotten a chance to type them out.

Jesus. This has given me SO MANY FEELINGS.

I was vibrating with the nervous, obsessive, kinetic energy Louis was filled with, and so caught up in the way he was so fixated on Harry. I couldn’t help but laugh at Liam’s awkwardness, the way we all know he used to be in the early days, and Louis’ withering sarcasm in response. Every single piece of dialogue that any of the boys said was so spectacularly in their Voice that I could hear them saying it perfectly.

And then of course, the gentle, easy way that Harry was so open and happy, the image of him smiling into his hands, so big that you could still see it past his oven mitt hands - I could feel my heart cracking open alongside Louis’.

In short, holy shit, I couldn’t possibly say enough about what I think of this fic, and please, PLEASE keep writing in this fandom.”

Reasons i love luke hemmings

Remember all those times i said you literally were not ready to talk luke hemmings and my love for him with me? Well. I think nows a better time than ever. Here we go..

- his singing (obviously): luke’s singing was the first thing to draw me in with this kid i remember watching his old fetus covers and absolutely falling in love with fetus luke’s voice (like honestly fetus luke has my heart) and now that he’s grown into his voice more and has learned how to use it he’s honestly one of my favorite voices in music in general. Aside from his stage and recorded singing that video of him singing in 5sosonthewall????? Like that was just his normal, casual, singing-for-no-reason voice and wowowoww it literally gave me chills i can listen to that boy sing for days

- his sense of humor: anyone who knows me knows i love lame jokes that people normally respond to ‘shut up’ with and luke is full of those types of jokes! Which he clearly gets from equally adorably lame parents. But he’s not only lame nacho cheese jokes and bad puns, he can also be quite witty and it all comes natural so much so that he doesn’t even realize he’s being funny half the time until someone laughs (then he gets all proud and cute and in his head is probably like ‘damn hemmings, you are one funny guy’ like please i love him hes such a dork)

- he’s so smart!: he likes to downplay it a lot which i honestly will never understand but it’s okay because the other boys do enough bragging for him they love making sure everyone knows their little brainy boy is the smartest in the band and he likes documentaries and he managed to finish his schooling all while this big life changing career started to build around him and wow im honestly in such awe of him and his character as a person which leads me to my next one..

- his personality: he’s literally one the sweetest most gentlemanly-est teenage boys you’ll come across. It’s literally just in his nature to be nice to everyone and kiss boys cheeks no hesitation because they’re fans too and why wouldn’t he kiss their cheek? I bet not kissing that fans cheek hadn’t even crossed his mind for even a second. He also does this thing where he tries to make fans feel a little more at ease when they’re especially emotional with like little jokes and hugs and aws and are you okays and hes just so sweet please bless liz and andy because they raised such a lovely boy

- his laugh!!!!: there’s laughs where he throws his head back squeezes his eyes shut and sounds like a loser and there’s laughs that are more giggles and i dont know which i love more because both are so adorable to encounter and you cant help but fall a little harder for the nerd every single time

A few more lil things:

- his cute feetsie thing he does

- his literal ocean of eyes

- the cute lil white spot on his front tooth

- his cute lil boopy nose

- his adorable knobby knees

- his cute lil tush

- not necessarily his beard but his proudness about about it

- ..ok the beards pretty nice

- the cute pout he does in selfies

- the lil one eye squint he does when he sticks his tongue out

- hiS dIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the way his hair curls when it grows out!!!!

- his cute lil tummy

- his super broad swimmer shoulders

- his chest freckles!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!

- the crack in his voice when he sings with everything he has

- his general stage presence

- his growing confidence 😍

- his love for his family and the way he’s super family oriented

- his love for his old pup molly!

- his music taste

- his really weird faces he likes to randomly make

- the fact that he’s literally those huge dogs that think they’re tiny lap dogs

Got a bit carried away but how someone could literally hate this boy is absolutely beyond me????? Feel free to add some of your own favorite luke things!!!! (:

“I Want You (She’s So  Heavy) - We covered this song in 2010 for a split 7-inch with our buddies in Manchester Orchestra, I grew up feasting on a bunch of my parent’s LP’s, with the main course being the Beatles, accompanied by some large sides of Zeppelin and the Stones, (and perhaps some Steve Miller Band for desert.) Anyway, this song is one of my favorite Beatles songs on probably my favorite Beatles record. It has been hailed by music writers as one of the heaviest pre-Sabbath songs, with some saying that the song may “have inadvertently started doom metal.” Now that’s something to put on your resumé. I dig that we mostly left the tune alone except for the verse after the first ‘She’s So Heavy’ part being spiced up a bit. Teppei killed it on the engineering/mixing side of things. It sounds raw and well…heavy.