for my dear samantha

“Anna, you’re getting to do things most people only dream about.”

This came from my dear friend Samantha as we were walking to the campus cafeteria, sometime before I graduated last December. I’ve had many conversations about my calling to Africa and how God made it possible, but for some reason this line has stuck with me. While I’m not sure living in rural Kenya is something many desire, the components of it entail various dreams that lots of people have. I.e., traveling across the world… visiting a foreign land… embracing an entirely new culture… serving our fellow humans… following God so closely you are nearly stepping on His heels… and I get to experience them all at once.

To say that I feel undeserving of this opportunity would be a grand understatement. A lot of people say that I have worked hard for this, and it’s true. But I am no more entitled than the next young adult in their early twenties with love for Christ and passion for missions. God has opened every door and all I’ve had to do is walk through them. I am overwhelmingly humbled by my community of believers of have prayerfully and financially supported me. I don’t know that I have ever felt so loved… so lifted up.

The simple prayer I keep finding myself praying is this: “Guide me. Direct my steps.” Maybe it seems elementary, but I don’t want to make my own way when He is The Way. I don’t want to trust in anyone or anything but The Truth Himself. And I don’t want to be alive unless The Life is the One breathing into me.

I’ll guess I’ll leave you with these Relient K lyrics inspired by Jesus’ words in John 14. They never get old no matter how many times I hear them… namely because God’s Word never wears out.

“I am The Way, follow Me and take My hand.

I am The Truth, embrace Me and you’ll understand.

And I am The Life, and through Me you’ll live again.

For I am Love. I am Love. I am. I am Love.”


Vanessa Huxtable: The Aespathetic Version

I know literally everyone is doing this due to you, and I feel kind of bad for being unoriginal but what the heck? You inspire. 😃 Here’s to you, burntpicasso. 😳🎩🎀💐✨✨

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