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Dear White People is a great show, and everyone should watch it! I love Lionel, Sam and Jo so muuuch <3

I’ve been enjoying doing matching drawing sets for my Instagram Account! (Also, all three of the actors liked and reposted these drawings and I just love them a lot, what a bunch of cuties)
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BBC Merlin Characters + when the writers actually followed the legends
→ for Samantha; happy birthday!

A Shoulder To Cry On (Rafe Adler X Reader)

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Okay…so I have no idea where this came from…it kinda originated from a dream I had, that involved someone I used to consider a friend. I got really ill half way writing this…so I feel it gets a bit shitty towards the end. And I don’t know if this is considered slight fluff? Also I got writers block when it came to the prompts i need to do and my Sam X Reader series…this was just to help me get into the swing of things again. It was meant to be a drabble…but me being me didn’t stick by that, its 3200+ words.

Warnings: Slight domestic violence.

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Vanessa Huxtable: The Aespathetic Version

I know literally everyone is doing this due to you, and I feel kind of bad for being unoriginal but what the heck? You inspire. 😃 Here’s to you, burntpicasso. 😳🎩🎀💐✨✨

My little lovebirds,Samantha Goth and Jackson Mint. And Jackson’s Dad Key in the background who I guess came by to check up on them lol

Jackson: Life’s endless pain is dulled by your magnificent presence, my dear Samantha

Samantha: I wouldn’t even be alive if it weren’t for you, my precious Jackson

the reincarnation au: ancient rome
  • root’s royalty. her parents are dead but she’s like the niece of the emperor twice removed or something and he doesn’t have any kids of his own
  • it’s greer and she hates him but she has access to a whole bunch of resources so she makes it work
  • he’s always trying to find her acceptable suitors and she’s Blatantly Not Interested and also always sneaking cute girls up to her room
  • they argue a lot. she never loses
  • she loves (LO V E S) ditching her security detail–an endless source of frustration for captain carter, who’s just trying to do her job and keep root safe–to slip into town
  • that’s how she meets sameen
  • on one of her trips into town she’s just meandering from stall to stall as usual. enjoying the freedom
  • and up ahead she sees a scuffle. dirt’s being kicked up, people are shouting and forming a ring around the fighters
  • root’s kind of party exactly
  • she pushes her way through the crowd and to the front of the ring to see two of greer’s guards having their asses handed to them by a girl who can’t be more than 5'2"
  • the crowd’s going nuts. this girl’s whaling on them. root’s turned on
  • she hears more shouting coming from behind her and glances over her shoulder to see half a dozen more guards headed their way
  • she slips into the ring–the girl is currently sitting on one guard’s chest and slamming his head against the ground repeatedly–grabs her by the shirt and pushes their way through the crowd
  • the little fighter is decidedly not happy to be rescued
  • “who the hell do you think–”
  • “unless you’re keen to see the inside of a jail cell you’re going to want to follow me”
  • the other girl glances over her shoulder to see the slew of guards trying to push through the crowd after them
  • she shakes herself free of root’s grip “you don’t have to hold my hand, i’m coming”
  • root rolls her eyes. they weave their way through the streets and the stalls and the crowds
  • they’re nearly trapped, eventually. guards coming up the street behind and in front of them
  • there’s a narrow alleyway to their left. a thin space between two shops just wide enough for them to squeeze into
  • root pulls her charge in after her
  • they end up VERY close. face to face, chest to chest, backs pressed up against the walls. they’re both breathing heavily
  • the guards run past them and they both let out sighs of relief
  • they stay put for a moment to catch their breath
  • “what do they call you?” root asks. the other girl narrows her eyes.
  • “you first”
  • “you can call me root”
  • “shaw”
  • root rolls that around in her mouth. “shaw. a pleasure”
  • she’s cute, this one. big dark eyes, hair tousled from the fighting and fleeing. root’s into it
  • shaw only grunts and checks the street. it’s clear
  • they slip back onto the street
  • “what happened back there?” root asks. shaw shrugs
  • “greer’s full of shit and so are his people. guards were giving a kid a hard time so i stepped in”
  • “admirable. you’re a fighter. careful, with that. greer’s always looking for gladiators to force into the arena”
  • shaw’s head snaps up. “go back. what’d you say your name was?”
  • “root”
  • “as in–”
  • “unfortunately”
  • shaw scowls. “am i supposed to bow? kiss your hand? call you Your Majesty?”
  • “if you’d like to keep all your appendages i wouldn’t recommend it”
  • shaw smiles a little at that
  • they spend the rest of the day together. at the market, then skipping stones down at the pond. shaw knows a spot away from the masses. they dangle their feet in the water
  • this becomes a regular occurrence: root escaping into town and meeting shaw at the pond. sometimes they still browse the market. sometimes root steals a basket and food from the kitchens before she leaves and they make a picnic of it
  • root never brings shaw back to the palace. she won’t risk her. for the first time she has someone she doesn’t want to lose
  • eventually she slips up. one of greer’s men, zachary, follows her when she ditches her other tails. follows her right to the pond, to shaw, who she greets with a kiss
  • they find themselves surrounded in no time at all
  • they’re dragged back to the palace and separated. shaw tossed into a cell, root locked in her room which may as well be
  • greer visits root
  • walks into the room sighing and shaking his head. “my dear samantha–”
  • “i have nothing to say to you”
  • “she’s a fighter, this friend of yours. knocked out two of my men and bit lambert before the others could restrain her”
  • root glares at him coldly
  • “it’s a pity, you wasting your time on a street rat like that. i’ve brought so many promising young men before you…”
  • root only glares. greer sighs
  • “i’ve come to offer you a proposition, my dear. a chance to save your friend. you choose a husband from those i’ve set before you, and i will give your friend a chance to save her own life”
  • root feels ill. she’s going to kill greer, she decides then. whatever it takes, she’ll bide her time, and she’ll be the one to watch the light drain from his eyes
  • “fine.” she spits. she chooses some bland man from an obsolete country across the sea. he couldn’t meet her eyes, she remembers. he’ll be easy enough to manipulate
  • greer sets the date for shaw’s trial. a big Public Event. the trial of the woman who dared to endear herself to the emperor’s charge
  • greer tells root the setup. two doors, shaw’s choice. behind one, a husband. behind the other, a lion
  • she’ll be armed with only a dagger. her fate is her own choice
  • captain carter is sympathetic, at least. she despises greer as much as anyone. she sneaks root down to the dungeon to see shaw
  • they grasp hands through the bars as root explains the situation
  • “sameen, it’s all my fault, i put you in danger, if i hadnt–”
  • “hey. it was my choice too. i don’t regret it.” shaw squeezes her hand
  • root’s in tears
  • “i’ll find out which is which,” she promises. shaw nods
  • “give me the lion”
  • root looks to her in alarm. “absolutely not”
  • shaw snorts. “im not gonna spend my life shacked up to some guy /greer/ picked out for me. and i get a dagger, right? that’s a fighting chance”
  • “against a /lion/, sameen”
  • “the lion. promise me.”
  • “i–i can’t–”
  • “root. please.”
  • root closes her eyes. nods as the tears start to fall. she cups shaw’s cheek through the bars
  • “goodbye, sameen”
  • shaw hears the unspoken “i love you” in her voice
  • “i know. me too” she whispers
  • the day of the trial, carter finds out which door contains which fate. she reports to root. door 1, lion. door 2, husband
  • shaw steps into the arena, blinking against the harsh sunlight. the crowd goes wild
  • greer smiles smugly from his seat beside root
  • shaw turns to look at them, her hand shielding her eyes from the sun
  • root has a choice
  • honor shaw’s wish. let her take her chance with the lion. watch her be torn apart in front of an audience of thousands
  • or have her dragged off and married to someone else. lose her anyways. this is the last time she’ll see shaw either way, root knows this
  • the lion or the husband
  • the lion or the husband
  • shaw is looking to her expectantly
  • root makes her choice
  • gives shaw the signal
  • shaw nods and turns away
  • root closes her eyes as greer bellows “BEGIN”
Rikki-x200 visits DiMarco

[Original Story]

“Jack…I mean Mr. DiMarco. I swear I’ll cover it. My name is Richard and I’m a 26 IT Guy whose had a bit of a rough go. I needed some money to get my car running again for work. Surely you can understand that. Work has been stressful recently and I’m trying to put in the overtime hours to pay you back, but I’ve been helping my girlfriend with her bills and the money got away. I promise I just need a little more time!”

What a pathetic little drudge you are. First you disrespect me by calling me by my first name and then you tell me your stupid little story. Giving the money to your girlfriend and then blaming her for not being able to pay back. So she owes me too i guess. I’ll give you a chance to be a man. [ .. hey Sergio.. bring that girl here. She owes the money too…]
What was I saying. Oh right. The girl owes me too is what you’re saying. So you’ll both have to work for me. I have to say this is a great opportunity. I’ll make you my twin whores.

And the best part is I only need to transform you. You’ll just become a copy of her. Of course the both of you will need some mental adjustment: Loving sucking cock, only thinking about how to please the customers and the other regular slut training.

You’ll be working for me 24/7 and you’ll always be reminded that you did that to your precious little girlfriend by looking at her in the mirror and the helpless slut next to you. You’ll hate yourself for getting her into that position, because you couldn’t admit that it was all your fault. When you’ve paid me back you can leave, but she’ll remember what you did to her. Do you think she loves you enough to forgive you for this? Of course if you change your mind about that I have another offer.

You’ll both forget that you ever where together and that you ever where anything else than my bimbo whore employee. You’ll be working for me indefinitely. You’ll suck and fuck and you’ll love it. You’ll need to be programmed a little bit more extreme of course since you’ll have to work for two. But you can be assured that your current girlfriend will be cared for. 

You on the other hand will take care of our customers forever. But don’t worry. You’ll absolutely love it since you can’t remember ever having dome something other and your IQ will be reduced so much.

So what do you say? A life of happiness and sex or a few month of that but your girlfriend will have to suffer the same fate and is probably going to leave you afterwards?

“Mr DiMarco, I love my dear Samantha, and I believe our love is strong enough to endure, but I don’t think I could ever look her in the eye again.  I wish there was another option, but I will…sniff…I will take the place for both of us.  I just hope she can live happily.  Maybe our paths will cross again someday…sniff”