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lmao I had someone tell me that the only reason Dany is burning people alive is because Cersei is stopping her from taking the throne and giving the kingdoms peace because only Dany can be a peaceful ruler.

Excuse you but i would like to present

Sansa “do we have enough food for everyone” Stark

Sansa “We need to prepare for the people who will come here for protection” Stark

Sansa “We will give our bannermen their resources if we dont use them” Stark

Sansa “Make sure our men’s armour is safe” Stark

Sansa “WE NOT I” Stark

Sansa “I don’t really care about power and i was ready af to hand it over to my little brother” Stark

Sansa “smarter than she let’s on” Stark


Jonerys scenography ➤ Water.

I hope I deserve it. You do.


“Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Stranger…”

“You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.”

“I am hers and she is mine,”

“I give you my body, that we two may be one.”

“From this day, until the ends of my days…”

“I give you my spirit,’til our life shall be done….”

He loved Ygritte of course he did. But he was younger then and it was a passionate, youthful kind of love. Like most Young Loves. They fought and drove each other crazy. Like a Storm. It was a whirlwind forbidden romance. A wildling and a Nights Watchman. He watched her die in his arms and light her funeral pyre. Wondering if one day he will ever love another… or will she be the only Love of his life?

With Dany it’s different. The way he looked at her… Tenderly, a yearning maybe. Like he can’t quite believe she’s standing right in front of him. He would not bend the knee. They are too different… North and South… Westeros and Essos. Northman and Valyrian. She wants his fealty and he would not yield. But in some ways they are similar. He’s King and she’s a Queen. They are about the same age. He feels that she has a good heart and she was kind enough to give him men and resources and let him mine the dragonglass. Still… “There’s no time…” He said to Davos.

Then why did he look at her that way? Her soft voice drew him in, her violet eyes. And her pink pillow lips seem to beckon him. He’s mesmerized, transfixed for a while. But he steps back. There’s no time…

You can love two people in different ways. Doesn’t mean you love one more than the other.