for my cami

me thinking about jimin’s soft tummy: ✨🌈💞💗💓💝💖🌸💫💗✨💖💗💘💫🌸🌈💖🌈💖🌸💫💓💝🌸💘💗❤️🌈💓💫💞💝🌸💗🌈❤️🌸💝💗✨💖🌈✨🌸💞💘💓🔆💘💞✨💗🌈💗❤️💝💞💓💗💖🌈💞❤️💞💗💗💘🔆💓💞💫💗🌈💞💞💗❤️💝💓✨🌸🌈💞💘🌈✨🌸💗💓💝💖✨💗🌸💖✨💓💘💞✨💗❤️💓💝💗🌈💞💘🌈💓✨🌸❤️💗

Okay episode 4 was freaking AMAZEBALLS. And of course I HAD to draw Undyne being a badass haha. I remembered that Cami made a tu-toriel (Im not sorry) for animating fire so I decided to give it a try. It could be better but I tried my best. I dont have an animation program so I had to draw each frame individually in my art program :/

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart