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I thought hip hop line would be done with mixtapes after getting relatively big, but I’m so so happy that their true passion for hip hop will never fade and they’ll constantly be putting out new music for us. Mixtapes that other people release usually showcase how powerful, strong, fast their rapping is, but seventeen didn’t. Their lyrics weren’t about sex, money, or drugs. It was genuine, smooth, refreshing, and almost nostalgic. They aren’t trying to make money out of this, this mixtape was a thank you from seventeen to us, for all their fans across the world, city to city, no matter where we are. 

so thank you, seventeen

my mom was extra cruel to me today about vernon

she was saying that as a little girl she’d take me to central park, and other parks around nyc to play very very often up until i was 5 

and then she proceeded to say “hm you probably played with vernon once or twice you never know 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 ” 

and now the thought of lil vernie and me running around the nyc playgrounds WON’T LEAVE MY MIND