for my bby ray

V Route Day 8

I’m not crying from the phone call I’m not crying from the phone call I’m not crying from the phone call I’m nOT CRYING FROM THE PHONE CALL WHAT ARE THESE DROPLETS OF WATER COMING FROM MY EYES?!?!

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I’m Lovesick💕….miss that ray of sunshine!

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Camis acting is always a topic of discussion. I hope she never sees all the hate she gets :(

Ummmmmmm who the heck is out there questioning the acting abilities of my bby, my cinnamon apple, actual ray of sunshine Camila Mendes???


And now onto my love my bby the cutest lil ray of sunshine kim taehyung (I’m so so excited to see him act in his new drama!!)

  • He would be s u c h an amazing brother okay this is just perfect for him
  • He’s such a family man like when I think of Taehyung I think of family and he’s just such brother material
  • He would be the brother that’s highkey your best friend
  • Like he would always hang out with you and take you to the arcade, to dinner, just anywhere you wanted to go he was down
  • He would l o v e spending time with you no matter what though like you two could go out you could stay in and just watch anime he was just happy he got to chill with his bby sibling
  • He would be the brother you could tell anything to like he’d know your deepest darkest secret and he’d never tell anyone not a single person nope no bc you trusted him with your secrets and he was going to honor that by keeping them
  • He wouldn’t be as protective as the other boys when you started dating although he’d still give them the typical “you hurt my bby sibling, I hurt you”
  • He would be the type to actually ended up being close friends with your partner like they sometimes just kinda hang out by themselves
  • Tae tells your partner stories about you from when you were younger
  • He would have like zero shame about it too he would tell anyone and everyone stories about the two of you as kids
  • “One time, we climbed up this huge tree in front of our house but I slipped so my lovely sibling over there hugged me until I stopped crying isn’t that sweet”
  • But honestly he’d make just a good brother like just so so sweet and caring and just wanted to have fun and make you smile every day