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Guess who made another shimeji ∠(ᐛノ ∠)_ This time, it is Kiibo from NDRV3! Please I just wanted a smol hope robo to keep me distracted and company while working 

Send a message if you’re interested for the shimeji download link! [Other shimeji by me here]

tendou: i didn’t understand why people care so much for their friends until i got a friend myself.
tendou: *picks wakatoshi up*
tendou: i’ve only befriended wakatoshi for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and myself


Sketches I’ve been meaning to post, mostly Mini but also some Ohm and Veronica from Heathers! 

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TOP 50 CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers) - #45. Wes Gibbins.
“You can’t defend Griffin! I saw him fighting with Rebecca. He’s not a good guy like you think. And he’s got everything… The school, money… But Rebecca’s got nothing. She’s alone, a… a pawn. And isn’t that why you do this? Defend people? So they get a fair trial? But that’s not gonna happen for her because she’s poor. And I don’t think that’s fair or right, and… If you want to fire me, fine. But she needs you.”

  • <p> <b>Del:</b> alright so i was in the elevator right? And i didnt know there were more people there-<p/><b>Mini:</b> its such an enclosed space! How would you not know??<p/><b>Del:</b> it was alot of us! Okay- so we are in the elevator right? And theres this old woman, and toonz said a funny right?<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> oh god i remember this<p/><b>Del:</b> and i said, " thats not what you said when you fucked me last night "<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> * WEEZES *<p/><b>Del:</b> and vanoss makes it worse saying we make videos on the internet!<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> oh yeah! I-i told the lady, " dont worry we make videos for kids online "<p/></p>