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I stood on a bridge this weekend, and for the first time I didn't want to jump. I take that as a win.

That is an absolute win! Awesome Anon - 1 Bad thoughts - 0  I’m so proud of you and happy you are still here with us! Keep fighting my dear anon! 

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You're awesome!!!!!

oh my goodness! thank you sooooo much, anon! Your nice words really made me feel a little bit better ^-^

You are awesome too <3

Can people not get upset about the dad dating sim the Grumps helped make when it’s not even out yet

Like, it’s probably gonna be a little silly because the Grumps and their friends were involved, but it’s an entirely gay male dating sim that doesn’t appear to cater to yaoi fangirls. Which is unprecedented afaik. And anyway, it’s not out yet! Maybe it’s awesome, we don’t know yet

Like i know we all wanted to either have a Grump dating sim like that one Normal Boots did, or like a sidescrolling beat-em-up or an RPG where we play as the Grumps. But these guys endeavor to do things differently, and never do what we expect.

Lots of people worked really hard on this for over a year, the least we could do is give it a fair chance. Just sayin.


Older Noctis and Kingsglaive Luna - Gifset requested by: anonymous

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Hi I love your art!! For that drawing thing you did can I request mercymaker in B? It's ok if you don't, I'm sure you're busy! Have a great day ❤️

thank you sweet anon (/□\*)・゜true that i am busy but i’m trying my best with all the requests in my inbox and all these ship weeks happening :’D 

but here’s the lovely mercymaker for you  ❤ hope you have a good day, too! 

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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


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I like your latest fic! What is this au? Can you tell us more? Are you and amalas are doing a collab? Is there going to be more? This is exciting!

Thank you anon, I’m so glad that you like my fic!

For now we’re calling it the War AU. It’s a historical AU set somewhere in the early-mid 20th century. If you have any specific questions, send in another ask!

Yes this is a collab with @amalasdraws​! We have a whole lot of plot and story planned out and we are so excited to bring this story to life! There is so much yet to come!

For now… how about a small teaser?

Tooru’s so close.

He’s so close that Hajime can feel his warm breaths against his face, his neck. Hajime shifts, Tooru’s arm sliding further down his side, fingertips resting on his lower back, warm and light even through the heavy fabric of his jacket.

Hajime swallows, eyes sweeping across Tooru’s face as they look at each other. Really look.

He’s never really looked at him this closely before… Tooru’s eyes are so dark and captivating, and he has a tiny scar across the bridge of his nose. Hajime wants to ask where it’s from, find out more about him - everything about him that Tooru will tell - but all of his words get lost somewhere in his throat, all mixed-up and jumbled when Tooru brushes their noses together softly.

The war feels far away when it’s just the two of them here, tangled up together, breathless from their laughter, warm and comfortable for the first time in weeks. Hajime moves his hands up to Tooru’s shoulders, holding him close, more relaxed in cuddling him in. Tooru tugs himself a little bit closer, leaning in slightly, and Hajime meets his hesitant gaze.

“Have you… ever kissed a man?” Tooru asks, voice quiet and shy, but he doesn’t look away.

Hajime swallows.

He looks down for a moment, his response coming out quiet and small. “No… I haven’t.” He pauses, shifting a little, nervously. He keeps his thumbs moving in careful circles on Tooru’s arm, the touches calming. Grounding. “Have you?”

Tooru smiles shyly and nods his head. He keeps his eyes on Hajime. “Yes… I have.”

Hajime looks down at Tooru’s lips and wonders what it would feel like to kiss him.

Are his lips soft?

What would he taste like?

He keeps his thumb moving slowly, eyes flicking up and down, conflicted. “What… does it feel like?”

“To kiss a man?” Tooru asks, still smiling. His hands slide up Hajime’s back, leaving goosebumps in their wake until he grips Hajime’s shoulder blades tightly.

Hajime bites his bottom lip, still entranced with Tooru’s lips. He can’t tear his gaze away, and leans in a little bit closer unintentionally. “Yeah…”

Tooru nudges him carefully. He moves a little bit closer, fingers curling in the fabric of Hajime’s shirt.

“You wanna find out?”

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I saw you said avocado should be a condiment so NOW I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT AN AMAZING SANDWICH I MAKE. It's turkey-ham, muenster cheese, mustard, and peppered avocado paste (mashed up avocado with black pepper and a pinch of salt) on toast. It's the greatest thing I've ever made. In my list of My Best Creations, this sandwich ranks right up there with my kids.

Okay Anon that does sound like an awesome sandwich, and I’m gonna try making that avocado paste thing. 

But I gotta ask…when you say “turkey-ham”, do you mean turkey and ham (entirely acceptable) or some kind of meat like turkey bacon only it’s ham made from turkey? 

I mean the later would still be acceptable but I would also be a little afraid of it. 


guidelines here ⇠. works in progress can be found ⇢ here. fic recs here ⇠. masterlist under the cut ⇣. requests are closed. 

♥︎ - fluff

☁︎ - angst

✕ - smut

☾ - au

✓ - request

・- head canons

▪︎ - moodboard 

⦿ - one shot

… - series

✎ - drabble

! - fake texts

bts ⇣


moonlight | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: jungkook and you are spies partnered up to take on a renowned crime boss at a fancy restaurant, so of course you have to play the part. maybe the red dress was too romantic however, because jungkook insists this is a perfect first date for the two of you. and, come on, you’re not really complaining. spy!au.

destiny ⇢ one, two, three, four, five, six | …, ☾.

↳ summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all. angel!au.

puppies and a pop star | ⦿, ♥︎.

↳ summary: you’re worried sick when your boyfriend, jungkook, is late coming home from recording, and even more worried when he walks in covered in bruises and holding a puppy that you definitely haven’t seen before.

demon!jungkook | ・, ☾, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: “Could you do a Jungkook scenario where he transforms into a demon and then you too meet and you understand he’s different? You’re like best friends and then he turns you too and says that he loves you Thank you 💖” - anon. demon!au.

tricky things | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

summary: you’ve been known as many things: friendly, beautiful, jeon jungkook’s best friend, and now, a half-demon’s half-demon girlfriend. continuation of demon!jungkook. demon!au. 

gangster ceo!jungkook | ・, ♥︎, ☁︎, ✓.

↳ summary: “Hii!!! I just found your blog and its awesome like im in love with the jungkook scenarios!! Since the requests are open can i request a gangster or ceo scenario with jungkook? you dont need to do both, you can do the one that seems easier i guess if you do decide to take this request and continue writing awesome stuff!!” - anon. gangster!au + ceo!au.

highlight of my life | ⦿, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: you’re bts’ makeup artist, and a certain golden maknae has a crush on you. he expresses this in the only way he knows how: with the help of his hyungs.

babysitter!jungkook | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters! 

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

amour chassé-croisé | ⦿, ☁︎, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: by day, you’re just a normal teenager in love with a popular model that goes to your school, jeon jungkook. but by night? you protect the city of paris under the alias ladybug, assisted by the ever elusive, ever anonymous, and ever so flirtatious, chat noir. you’ve always wondered who chat noir really is under the mask, but he may just be closer than you think. miraculous ladybug!au + superhero!au.

boyfriend!jungkook | ▪︎.

↳ summary: jungkook as your boyfriend.

isn’t she lovely | ✎, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: he didn’t know he could love someone this much, after you. dad!au.


college boyfriend!namjoon | ・, ♥︎.

↳ summary: namjoon borrows radio dj!yoongi’s studio once in a while and falls for his cute assistant along the way. college!au.

happy birthday, experiment 255 | ⦿, ♥︎, ☁︎, ☾.

↳ summary: namjoon is experiment 255, the latest model in a series of humanoid robot helpers for mankind. you’re the primary caretaker of experiment 255 until he’s deemed fit to be sold on the market, and for the most part, you’re supposed to stay unattached. but throwing him a mini birthday party wouldn’t hurt much, right? (cause i just had to do something weird for his birthday). robot!au.

babysitter!namjoon | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters! 

you like goblin | !.

↳ summary: the rap line reacts to you and your obsession with the kdrama, goblin. 

in between the lines | ✎, ☾, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: “I’m a writer and you’re my character and wtf how the heck did you just literally climb out of my first draft?”


traveling in paris with taehyung | ▪︎.

↳ summary: taehyung in paris aesthetic.

kim’s emporium of the strange | ⦿, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: you’ve always been curious about that little shop in town that only ever opened during Halloween, and one day, something in you possesses you to check it out. your curiosity lands you in a cauldron of hot water with a cute witch named kim taehyung and a lot more problems than you started out with. witch!au.

my heart’s content with you | ⦿, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: throughout the struggles of college life, slightly overbearing parents, and a road to finding yourself, you meet your soulmate, the mysterious Kim Taehyung, who despite being the strangest boy you’ve ever met, has also proven to be the best. soulmate!au.

bermuda triangle | ⦿, ☾, ☁︎, implied ✕, ✓.

↳ summary: it’s a life of money and death. you just happen to fall right into it, but not without the help of a certain handsome hitman: kim taehyung. mafia!au.

babysitter!taehyung | combined ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters! 

motivation | ✎, …, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: part of a series of weightlifting fairy kim bok joo inspired drabbles. you have a competition soon, and your beloved, annoying boyfriend has to get you ready for it. he might not make it out alive, though. swimmer!au.

cute when you’re jealous | ✎, …, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: part of a series of weightlifting fairy kim bok joo inspired drabbles. it’s no lie that kim taehyung is attractive. you just have to make sure everyone knows who he belongs to (i.e. you’re jealous and taehyung loves it). swimmer!au.

valentine’s | ✎, …, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: part of a series of a series of weightlifting fairy kim bok joo inspired drabbles. you ask why taehyung doesn’t bring you flowers like the other girls. you get a surprising response. swimmer!au.


babysitter!yoongi | combined ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters!

first love | ⦿, ☁︎, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: yoongi’s been in love with you since childhood and he only has the courage to tell you when you’re about to marry someone else. best friend!au.

you like goblin | !.

↳ summary: the rap line reacts to you and your obsession with the kdrama, goblin.

the married life | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎, implied ✕. 

↳ summary: being married is never a bore when your husband is a vampire king + inspired by  “Stop calling me Princess!” “I apologize, my Queen.” vampire!au.


boyfriend!jin | ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: falling in love in cooking class has never been so sweet. boyfriend!au.

babysitter!jin | combined ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters!

a dash of wicked | ✎, ☾, ♥︎, ✓.

summary: “I’m a writer and you’re my character and wtf how the heck did you just literally climb out of my first draft?” ⇢ what exactly is standard protocol when a super villain you create for a children’s book comes to life one day? well, you keep him, of course. 


my neighbor, jung hoseok | ⦿, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: you’re just trying to get in a nap after a long day at school, but your very sweaty (and very hot) next door neighbor is keeping you up, practicing with his dance crew way too loudly. you hike your way over to give him a piece of your mind (but you’re getting more than you bargained for). neighbor!au.

babysitter!hoseok | combined ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters!

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

you like goblin | !.

↳ summary: the rap line reacts to you and your obsession with the kdrama, goblin.


loose ends | ⦿, ☁︎, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: “fate will tie up loose ends, always, forever” you and jimin were once high school sweethearts. that was, until he signed on to big hit and you cut off ties. it’s a few years down the line now and you meet once more, and you realize those feelings never quite left in the first place. 

babysitter!jimin | combined ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bts as babysitters!

take a breath | ✎, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: on days like this, jimin thinks he should really thank his mom for putting up with him. dad!au.

got7 ⇣


i’ll always make it back to you (m) | ⦿, ☁︎, ♥︎, ✕.

↳ summary: you and jackson promised to be best friends through anything, be it high school, significant others, or growing up. of course, neither of you had ever anticipated that a little more than two years later, a widespread virus would infest the entire world, and would rip you away from the one person you held close. you were lost, dying, and ready to give up on ever finding him again, but jackson had other plans. zombie hunter!au.

frat boy!jackson | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!jackson | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

boyfriend!jackson | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: jackson as a boyfriend, because… everyone wants jackson as a boyfriend. boyfriend!au.

grocery store worker!jackson | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!


frat boy!jinyoung | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!jinyoung | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

grocery store worker!jinyoung | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!

goblin!jinyoung | ・,☾, ♥︎, ☁︎, ✓.

↳ summary: jinyoung is a goblin who lost his first love nearly a thousand years ago. you happen to come into his life as the goblin’s bride, and he can’t help wondering why you seem so familiar. supernatural!au.

one of those days | ✎, ☾, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: "It’s 2am and I’m drunk and I need some salt for my fries and I know your awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR". neighbor!au.


frat boy!bambam | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!bambam | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

ghost!bambam | ・, ☾, ♥︎, ☁︎, ✓.

↳ summary: bambam dies and starts haunting a house. you’re a real estate agent that really needs to sell that house. survival of the fittest. supernatural!au.

grocery store worker!bambam | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!

not all bad | ✎, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: “You just punched me in the face while gesturing wildly to a friend, your friend can’t stop laughing and im too shocked to respond to your apologies" 


spirit!yugyeom | ・, ☾, ♥︎, ☁︎, ✓.

↳ summary: yugyeom is a spirit trapped in a ouija board and you have too much time on your hands. supernatural!au.

boyfriend!yugyeom | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: dating yugyeom is about as nice as you think it is. which is really nice. boyfriend!au.

frat boy!yugyeom | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!yugyeom | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

grocery store worker!yugyeom | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!

to the rhythm | ✎, ☾, implied ✕.

↳ summary: “I just got partnered with you in dance class and I can’t dance for shit”. dancer!au.


ghost!jaebum | ・, ☾, ☁︎, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: you talk to ghosts, and a kid named bambam asks you to help communicate with his dead big brother jaebum. (really sad) cuteness ensues. supernatural!au.

frat boy!jaebum | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!jaebum | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

why she stayed | ⦿, ☁︎, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: fan hate pushes you to leave jaebum for good, but it’s only so long before you remember all the reasons why you stayed in the first place. 

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

grocery store worker!jaebum | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!


ghost!youngjae | ・, ☾, ☁︎, ♥︎.

↳ summary: you move into a new apartment and you meet your new dead roommate, choi youngjae. supernatural!au.

frat boy!youngjae | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

babysitter!youngjae | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

grocery store worker!youngjae | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!


imaginary friend!mark | ・, ☾, ♥︎, ☁︎, ✓.

↳ summary: mark died before he could watch his little sister grow up, and you’re the new babysitter. mark’s little sister has a lot of explaining to do. supernatural!au.

college boyfriend!mark | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: mark is the best boyfriend ever. college!au. 

frat boy!mark | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: got7 as frat boys!

the things we do for love | ⦿, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: your boyfriend mark is an art student, and he’s nothing if not one with his art. literally. art student!au.

babysitter!mark | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 as babysitters!

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

roommate!mark | ・, ♥︎, ☾. ✓.

↳ summary: mark as your rooommate. roommate!au.

grocery store worker!mark | combined ・, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: got7 working at a grocery store!

seventeen ⇣


a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.


boyfriend!jeonghan | ・, ♥︎.

↳ summary: you’re one of seventeen’s stylists and jeonghan makes it his mission to be your man. boyfriend!au.

howl’s moving castle!jeonghan | ▪︎, ☾.

↳ summary: jeonghan as howl from howl’s moving castle.


  • to be announced


boyfriend!vernon | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: you work at a café and vernon comes by from time to time to get lyric inspiration (hint: he actually comes to look at you). boyfriend!au.

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.


boyfriend!mingyu | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: you’re a trainee at pledis, mingyu really wants you to like him. how cute. boyfriend!au.

ice cream for sweetheart | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

summary: as far as you’re concerned, kim mingyu is good for nothing. but on a particularly hot summer day, it’s proven that that’s not totally true. bad boy!au.


  • to be announced


  • to be announced


dad!hoshi | ・+ ▪︎, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: soonyoung’s life takes a turn for the tough when he’s left to raise triplets all on his own, but a certain cute elementary teacher makes it all a little easier. dad!au.


college boyfriend!jihoon | ・, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: nationwide known piano prodigy and secretly known campus dj jihoon falls for you the first time on accident. he falls harder for you the next time on purpose. college!au.


college boyfriend!minghao + animal shelter volunteer!minghao | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: xu minghao can admit he loves two things in life: animals, and of course, you. college!au + animal shelter volunteer!au.


  • to be announced


college boyfriend!wonwoo | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: wonwoo is used to sticking to the shadows, but you just might be the only person who can pull him out of his shell… and he won’t stop blushing about it! college!au.

model!wonwoo | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: you’re a photographer and your favorite subject is jeon wonwoo. model!au.

bodyguard!wonwoo | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: he’s a lover, a fighter, and someone you didn’t expect to care about as much as you do. bodyguard!au.

bonnie and clyde |  ✎,  ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

summary: “I’m a thief/hacker/murderer and you’ve found out my identity and have been bugging me for days to take you on as your partner". hacker!au.


  • to be announced

monsta x ⇣


snowball fights and cold kisses | ⦿, ♥︎, ✓.

↳ summary: we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…” with a lil twist

a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

tough guy | ✎, ♥︎, ☁︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: to everyone in your city, lee jooheon is a force to be reckoned with. to his gang members, he’s their fearless and strong leader. but to you? he’s the boyfriend who forgot to bring home eggs like you asked four times. biker gang!au. 

babysitter!jooheon | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!


babysitter!changkyun | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!

truce | ✎, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: “I’m up to the challenge.” rival!au.


jack frost!minhyuk | ▪︎, ☾.

↳ summary: minhyuk as jack frost.

college boyfriend!minhyuk | ・, ♥︎, ☾, mentions of ✕, ✓.

↳ summary: minhyuk is your building’s RA, and a really cute one at that. college!au.

babysitter!minhyuk | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!


college boyfriend!shownu | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: hyunwoo is a dancer and you fall in love in pilates class. college!au.

hercules!shownu | ▪︎, ☾.

↳ summary: shownu as disney!hercules. 

babysitter!shownu | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!


a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

babysitter!wonho | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!

hate me now | ✎, ☁︎.

↳ summary: love is a fleeting feeling. it’d be nice if that thought was mutual.


college boyfriend!hyungwon | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: hyungwon is a chemistry major/model on campus who has a problem with you, a budding photographer/eyebrow destroyer. but an impromptu coffee date and an impulsive kiss later says otherwise. college!au.

babysitter!hyungwon | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!

funny habits | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎, ✓.

summary: “You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.”  ⇢ this wasn’t what you were expecting to find out over an exchange of homemade cookies.hybrid!au.


babysitter!kihyun | ・, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: monsta x as babysitters!

nct | listed is only the writing I have done. ⇣


boyfriend!taeyong | ・, ♥︎. 

↳ summary: taeyong is really shy and doesn’t know how to tell you he likes you, but when he does, it’s bliss. boyfriend!au.

baking a cake with bf!taeyong | ・, ♥︎.

↳ summary: you bake a cake with taeyong for the other boys and it goes about as well as it could go. boyfriend!au. 

love’s got a hold on me | ✕.

↳ summary: taeyong just doesn’t how to quit while he’s ahead.

blackpink ⇣


blue lagoon | ✎, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: your parents always told you to steer clear of the too blue waters, for they might hold more than meets the eye. mermaid!au.


a very biased christmas | ⦿, ☾, ♥︎.

↳ summary: it’s the biggest christmas party of the season, you’re dared to be blindfolded and kissed under the mistletoe with the mission of finding the culprit, only, you have way too many suspects.

say my name | ✎, ♥︎, ☾, ✓.

↳ summary: there’s something really funny about beating out eight guys and stealing the heart of your friend in a game of blindfolded kissing. jennie would know. after all, she just did it. written for if you picked jennie in “a very biased christmas”.

cherry | ✎, ♥︎, ☾.

↳ summary: you’re being kidnapped. well, it’s not really kidnapping if the girl doing the kidnapping is a 5′4 ball of badass who’s also your girlfriend and really bad at putting together romantic surprises but… semantics.


  • to be announced


  • to be announced


boyfriend!dean | ・, ♥︎, mentions of ✕.

↳ summary: hyuk falls for you on the set of his music video, and he’s a pretty good boyfriend. if only he could stop intruding on your showers. boyfriend!au.


August 31

Happy Birthday, Abarai Renji!! 

Have some Papa and Baby pineapples ;w; And yes that is a happy uncle-byakuya-fly in the corner

I had a bad experience yesterday and I’m just going to let it go and move on and be happy, but I first need to thank all my wonderful, kind, caring followers who encouraged me and made me feel better!

Firstly to @ironicsnap and @nenya85 (both great fanfic authors themselves actually!) who could not have been quicker to step in with reassurances and talk me down from being upset.

To @k-for-days, @daylelight, @ultralolcatlove, @naehja, @sweatersandpants, @invinciblend, @hirami, @grimmovid, @vylons and doubly to @egyptiansapphiredragons for messaging or replying (or both!) with support.

To the three - THREE - anons who sent asks saying they themselves weren’t prideshippers but still defended my right to prideship proudly as I saw fit. I am so flattered to hear I’ve got a content non-prideshipping contingent amongst my followers! It means something special to hear that people who don’t like what I like still like what I do! I’m not going to publish your asks, my darling friendly anons, because I don’t want to drag the original ridiculousness out all over everyone’s dash for ages.

And a most particular shout-out to the anon who actively hates prideshipping (has the tag blocked, calls it a NOTP) and is for some reason still on this ridiculous train I’m driving! Your anger on my behalf really raised my spirits and I hope you understand why I’m not publishing your ask. Thank you though!

Thank you all SO much! I feel very loved and appreciated and much much better about my writing! xx


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if you're still doing the hurt/comfort drabble meme, how about bagginshield + 16 or 18?

16: “Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.”

18: “Do you think I’m worried about that? Just get some rest.”

Modern Middle Earth AU.

“You know, when Nori said I had a virus,” Bilbo rasped, “I was fairly sure he was talking about my computer.”

Thorin drew the heavy covers over his husband and kissed his forehead. Bilbo shivered, although whether it was from his fever or Thorin’s beard, he couldn’t tell. “You’re usually right not to listen to him,” he said. “Nori is ignorant of medicine, except when it comes to tourniquets.”

“A consequence of his past, no doubt,” Bilbo mumbled into the pillow, and sneezed. “Green Lady’s left lovely jubbly, I’m disgusting.”

“Do you think I’m worried about that?” Thorin asked him, and waited for Bilbo to answer. As there was no response, save for Bilbo’s feet wiggling under Thorin’s arse as he sat on them (the only way to get him to stay in bed, he’d found), he elected to continue. “Just get some rest.”

“I - “

Thorin didn’t often have to bring out his King Voice. He didn’t particularly like using it, as a matter of fact. But Bilbo often called for the King Voice, especially when he was being a terrible sick person. It was quite rich that Bilbo had the nerve to say he’d thought Thorin would be a whiner, the first time Thorin caught a chest cold in Erebor. “You,” he rumbled, “are going to lie still and be quiet, or risk losing your voice within hours.”

Bilbo squeaked, curling up under the comforter like a startled dormouse. “No need to boss me about!” His voice came out muffled, but indignant. “I suppose you’ll have your poor husband lying still and alone while you have fun king time with Dwalin, too? Drinking and carousing?” He coughed so hard that it shook both his body and the bed, then subsided in an obvious yet invisible sulk.

Thorin snorted. Bilbo knew damn well that such things were not, as Fili and Kili liked to say, in his wheelhouse. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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What about Kid Cobra and Mechanica being buds?

First of all, bless you Anon for letting me write about my two faves.
Second of all, bless you for letting me write about my two faves interacting.
And Thirdly, I’ve imagined these two being lil shits pranksters *rubs hands together* time to finally talk about it!

i apologise in advance for this turning into Big Brother Kid Cobra™

Kid Cobra and Mechanica Friendship Headcanons:

- The worst thing to ever happen to Twintelle’s life
- Seriously, Kid Cobra has been a terrible influence on Mechanica
- Mechanica always had a bit of a troublesome streak, it came naturally with her being a teen, but let me tell you, despite being an adult Kid Cobra still acts like some rowdy teen at times and that really rubbed off on the little mech girl
- They love to team up and pull all sorts of pranks. And with Mechanica’s skills at building all sorts of robots and Kid Cobra being as sneaky and slippery as the snake he is, they make a great combo
- Much to the other’s dismay
-Thankfully, for the others, Twintelle gave them both a stern telling off for when their pranks go a little too far
- They’ve managed to tone them down a bit (lest they fear the wrath of Mom Twintelle again)
- Originally Mechanica enjoyed hanging around Kid Cobra, since for the longest time she assumed he was her age. It was nice to have someone closer to her age (apart from maybe Ribbon Girl)
“Around your age? I’m 19.”
- Dreams were shattered, but Mechanica quickly got over it. She’s kind of accepted that her fellow ARMS Fighters are all gonna be older than her
- Didn’t stop these two from being close friends, though
- In fact, under all those jokes, they’re pretty close, you just won’t see it too often
- Kid Cobra has always found it hard to open up to others, Twintelle was really the only one before Mechanica
- After Helix and Twintelle, Mechanica was the third person Kid Cobra confided in about his true identity (ala being a snake)
- She took it well! Honestly though it was super cool! Asked him a lot of questions about what’s it like to be a snake, which he was more than happy to answer, now that he felt more comfortable with her
- Kid Cobra’s legs aren’t organic, they’re robotic, ARMS Gene or no he sadly didn’t end up with legs. So he built them himself, but now that he opened up to Mechanica, she takes care of re-modelling and fixing them instead (and frankly, does a much better job!)
- Over time they developed a sibling like bond, probably helped by the fact they both have a habit of calling Twintelle ‘Mom’. It felt natural for them to see eachother as brother and sister
- Whether they’re pulling pranks, messing around, or just generally hanging out, Kid Cobra always makes sure Mechanica is safe and feeling fine. Some of the other fighters tease him for being almost as motherly as Twintelle at times, when really he’s just excited about having someone he’s considers family, especially one younger than him
- Kid Cobra never had someone to look after him, so he wants to be there for someone else
- He feels a responsibility to be a good big brother, even if he’s sometimes the reason they get told off for pranking others too much
- He takes her Snakeboarding whenever he can. Took her a long time to learn the basics, mostly with her falling off the board a lot, but they both enjoyed it! Of course he had a First Aid Kit ready for even the tiniest of scratches (per Twintelle’s request, I mean if Mechanica came home harmed then there’d be hell to pay)

You know, it wasn’t until I started writing these that I liked the idea of them having a sibling relationship, like Mechanica and Min Min, y’know? So I kinda added that in… a lot… whoops?

- Mod Kid Cobra

Babies and Breakfast

Originally posted by bushy-barnes

To my awesome anon. I did more of a drabble/imagine. I hope that’s okay. P.S….ending is kinda eh.

Warnings: Fluff. Chris Evans with babies

You tried to fight it you did, but it was no use. The sounds of the baby crying woke you. You were tucked under Chris’s arm, pressed against him. You slowly began to move away from Chris, when his grip tightened around you.

“Where ya going?” Chris asked, his voice groggy from sleep.

“Baby. Crying. Gotta get up.” You answered.

“Lemme. You go back to sleep.” Chris kissed the top of your head before got out of bed, to calm the baby.

Chris opened the door and saw your ten-month-old standing in his crib, crying. He reached his hands out for Chris as soon as he entered the room.

“Hey, there big guy. Why ya cryin’?” Chris asked picking up the baby. “You woke momma up.”

Your son calmed down as soon as Chris picked him up.

“You hungry is that was it is? You want some breakfast? How about we eat breakfast and make some for Mommy? What do ya say?” Chris asked. Your son responded by clapping his hands.

“Alright big guy, time to take Mommy’s breakfast up to her.”

Chris lifted up your son and balanced the tray of food, and coffee in his other hand down the hall to your bedroom. Chris opened the door and your son began babbling as soon as he saw you.

You stretched and opened your eyes to see your son and Chris in the room with food for you. You sat up and stretched your arms out for your son.

“Hey, baby! How are you?” You kissed him on the nose. Did you have a good morning with Daddy?” You tickled his tummy and he giggled.

Chris set the tray down in the middle of the bed and climbed onto his side.

“Did you make me breakfast? You asked Chris.

Chris nodded yes as he leaned forward.

“Thank you.” You kissed him again.

The three of you spent the rest of the morning in bed, eating breakfast and sharing giggles.

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i'm looking looking forward to wherever you're doing for these two baby scorpios of mine's bdays!!!! it's surely gonna be cute and lovely like everything you do!!

aaaaa I’m so excited!!!!! 

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You're disgusting. Rooting for a black man to die so that your non existent ship can rise. It's been 6 years, with 6 seasons and they're still not going canon. Seriously when will this end, it's becoming pathetic.

Nonny, you should try reading the comic- Ezekiel does die in the comic, let me link you. Morgan too.

We know Scott Gimple and TPTB follow the comic closely- they admit it all the time. So thinking Ezekiel and Morgan will both die, as they have already done in the comic is a reasonable conclusion.

You clearly do not know me at all, Nonny, or else you would read my posts and understand I happen to like both characters.  Liking a character has nothing to do with expecting them to die.  

In fact, I posted in October 2015 at @twdzone , before 6.01 even aired, that I expected my favorite character, Glenn, to die at Negan’s hand in 6.16 and the season would end with Lucille coming down and the screen going to black. 

Read through my archive and see the facts around which characters I like and my continued support of Richonne, Morgan and may other characters. I stand behind my posts and if you took the time, you’d realize just how wrong you are, Felicia. 

You don’t care about truth or facts Nonny, you just revel in being ugly and hateful behind the cowardice of your device screen. That’s so boring and been done much better by others. Up your game, you need the practice!

Your comment is much more anti-Caryl, than pro anything else. I like Caryl, what they had in past seasons and what they might have going forward if the ship goes canon. 

One ship getting something takes away nothing from any other ship. Not in polls, on magazine covers or anything else.  There is no “winning” or “losing” in shipping and enjoying the fandom IMO.

Why can you only be happy if fans of another ship are disappointed? That’s fucked up in every way.  You have a twisted perspective, reaching out to someone behind the cowardice of an anon and taunting a total stranger. You must be such a joy to be around every day. I pity your friends, family and co-workers.  

Perhaps some calming chamomile tea might brighten your day a bit?  I suggest 3 gallons to start, or perhaps some lovely photos of puppies, kittens or other sweet things to balance your sour bitterness. I hope you have a lovely afternoon.