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the dj snake anon conspiracy theory (long post)

bc i like sleuthing n accusing 

SOOO i think for the most part we all have seen the bizarre anons being received by carrie on her blog regarding the new dj snake video. i know some people are inclined to believe this is will (dj snake) sending the anons but i have proof that it is not him, but this girl. HEAR ME OUT

ok just to clear things up, it is NOT the artist himself and it’s already been confirmed by the anon which narrows it down to the THREE choreographers for the video 

  1. the main suspect montana tucker who BTW not only choreographed but casted
  2. the girl who choreographed the ballet section for kami, katie, and elli
  3. the second woman who choreographed the bollywood section

this means montana knows about the couches + elliana seeing that she selected them & the quinn girl who choreographed their short trio. 

thus, the bollywood choreographer is cancelled out of this equation completely and is not the one responsible seeing that she choreographed for the bollywood dancers ONLY, and neither is she following the girls on instagram and she is not following them. there’s no connection between them at all. 

and now this is where it gets interesting people!!!! check this out

2 things to take away from this 

  • this confirms that the person sending carrie is not faking being apart of this project since the anon message was received the day BEFORE the video dropped, and it was true - dj snake appeared in the video. 
  • remember that Will only appears in the video one time with Shadean - in a park

so this cancels out the possibility that it’s the ballet choreographer for the most part - with them filming both shots in the same location Will obviously had to be on set that same time they filmed the dance scene with montana so she would know that he is in the video. pair this with the fact that this is that in the BTS pictures the couch sisters + elliana have posted with the crew within frame and will is NOWHERE to be seen. also, the choreographer for the girls said this 

not to say this applies to them knowing what the video was going to be or that this means they did not know dj snake himself was going to be in the video, but im assuming the choreographer and the girls were sort of left in the dark about this, so it would not surprise me they wouldn’t have known beforehand he was going to make an appearance. so for the jury of andrewinghart, i deem the ballet choreographer NOT GUILTY.

and now, not to bring up old dirt yah know and i dont really like to connect people with the actions of ppl they associate with but i like to think for the most part, you have a lot of the same attitudes as the people you choose to work with and have in your circle. what’s this got to do with anything? well, after some further scrolling, i found out this girl got even worse in my book when i saw that she has actually done a lot of work with no other than the psychotic  lele pons (1, 2, 3, 4, and there’s more). 

if yall don’t know about her, honestly good for you JFC, but to give some bit of context lele was exposed about a year ago for sabotaging her friend amanda cerny by going through her phone and deleting her vines & photos that were racking up numbers. not to say your friends actions represent you in anyway … but at the same time i think it is telling in a way, ya feel me? if you’re willing to befriend someone like that, i mean do you not think it reflects on you in a way? what kind of person are you? 

maybe…… that is catching her first big break, moving from stupid ass instagram dance videos to working professionally with a budget (hence the wildly unprofessional & insecure tone in the first message carrie received to the attempted professional tone in the follow up) and is hypersensitive to anything other than praise about the video? i believe so. 

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so today I went to breakfast with my dad at this diner we've been going to for like 12 yrs now, and the manager (a fam friend) saw me and says "I see you brought your son with you today!" and while I know it was said in jest I couldn't help but feel really fucking happy. leaving the house I felt I definitely could pass as male and someone kinda noticed? idk, jus wanted to share! (p.s.fam don't know I'm trans yet, & my dad thought I'd take offense, but internally I'm fist pumping the air)


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Just wanted to say: thank you for being the best person ever!??!!! How are you so perfect?? Cranking out all these translations and reblogging/posting the best things ever!!! Thank you for being amazing~ Love seeing you on my dash<3

OMG! This is the best thing to wake up to in the morning! Specially since I have math class today orz.  Anon, you have officially made my whole day!

I want more people to enjoy different fandoms’ content and I’m really happy to know that my translations helped with that.

Thank you for enjoying my content!  (*^▽^)/

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(The asking my date out today anon) coffee shop wlw! Asking her out for coffee! I'm so excited I think I'm going to have a heart attack and throw up... FINGERS CROSSED

ahhhhh you can do it!!!!!! all of us coffee shop wlw are rooting for you!!! good luck!!! let us know how it goes!! <3 <3

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

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Okay I'm not even kidding my boyfriend says I have an unhealthy obsession with Lotor but I think he's just jealous honestly

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Hi I'd like to point out Memories on Ice from the Yutra! Soundtrack sounds like a wedding march

“memories on ice

//gentle sobbing// the song is beautiful and nostalgic ohmygosh TTOTT <333 //on a side note, you guys should check out @weddingvowszine​ <3 lots and lots of viktuuri weddings it’s going to be wonderful <333

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How can I become a bird?

Option 1: Several million years of highly selective breeding

Pros: Low demand, high return.

Cons: …Eventually. 

Conclusion: Very worth it, for your (great)800  grandchild. The real deal. Possibility of ending up with mammalian scansoriopterygids along the way. 10/10 would recommend. 

Option 2: Several thousand dollars worth of gear and training

Pros: Immediate returns. 

Cons: Possibility of death. Even worse, people take you for some kind of winged mammal instead. Horrible

Conclusion: Totally worth being poor as heck and dead. Won’t survive long enough to further your species, so who cares what your offspring might think. 10/10 would definitely.

Option 3: 

Pros: Well

Cons: Yikes

Conclusion: Maybe………………………………. don’t.

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Your mchanzo is so soft and pure and im??? just in love????? adorable ;______; dont stop

aaaa thank you so much!!! i love these men very very much and i strive to make them as Soft as Physically Possible ™ :’)))