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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[23] Toothpaste – The Next World, 6x10

Now this, this is the show I want to watch: casual co-parenting in the apocalypse. The Next World is probably my favorite episode ever. It’s bookended by two perfect Richonne scenes, starting with this one, which serves to effectively reset the narrative after Carl’s near fatal gunshot wound. If you were anticipating dramatic aftermath, tough luck! We got ourselves some heavy domesticity instead! What a timely reminder to us all of how slight the shift will be when Richonne becomes official. In about… ooh, 40 minutes. Set your watches.

Michonne’s never been more relaxed onscreen than in this moment, robe-clad and grinning away as she rolls her head from Rick to Carl. (And just look at the way she watches Rick with Judith in the eighth gif.) Likewise, Rick is in embarrassing dad mode without a care in the world. We see two people who are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She even says to him, in some high-key flirting, “You be good out there.” The sweet little hand touch as they walk away reminds me of tennis doubles players between points; they don’t need to stop and check in with each other – they’re on the same page without words. And for one playful extra detail, as if to support my unnecessary tennis analogy, the ball gets passed back to Michonne just at the very last second. It’s in her court now.

  • Danai: The bonding of [almost losing Carl in No Way Out] and the fact they have a newly formed life now — it’s two months later, they get Carl back, and they’re able to rebuild Alexandria. Rick transformed as well. He’s able to take on all that Deanna used to say and that Michonne would encourage him to believe — to come to Alexandria and consider himself one of these people. He’s now much more hopeful and I think that’s something that appeals to Michonne as well. They’re in a place where they can actually allow their hearts to express themselves. Things are stable and better, they have a new lease on life.
  • Andy: It makes complete sense. It was that sort of domesticated, familial relaxation between old friends.
Making out - Riverdale Preference

First Riverdale preference! Just included my main guys in here and FP because lord do I love that man! Let me know if you wish for me to start including the girls in these things. Slight nsfw gifs. Requests are open but may be done slowly due to exams :)



Jughead may have been a little more conserved around people but when you were alone, his thoughts and actions were much, much more than that. Nothing pleased him (or turned him on more) that the feeling of you wrapped around him tightly, his hands running across your skin and his mouth on yours, making you feel good in every way.


Archie might have been a bit of a fuckboy, but he was good to you in everyway. He adored how you felt under him as his lips traveled down your neck and chest. He would certainly be dominant over you but you didn’t mind one bit as you would just pull at his hair - always wanting more. He would love pushing up against you, getting as close as he could so you knew how happy you made him.


Making out with Reggie was always sensual and rather loving. Reggie may seem like a rather dominant one but he would rather just savor the moment of having you with him and no one else around. His kisses were usually sweet but hot and made you feel everything as his lips travel the course of your body, making you feel a kind of hot only he makes you feel.


Make out sessions with FP was never normally a private thing. He would happily have his way with your lips right outside the Whyte Wyrm, showing all the serpents who you belonged to. The kisses were almost always rough and always included hair pulling, generally grabbing and his firm grip on your waist, often holding your leg up against him so he can feel you all at once.

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important things:

  • That horse triptych behind him is RIDICULOUS
  • The concept of a spit bucket is something I never needed to know about
  • “I have strong opinions about what other people should be doing” is my new favorite line
  • “what are you going to be up to andrew?” “WELL!!!!” 
  • he’s really well-spoken here I love it. 

american horror story x riverdale series | jarchie edition |

pt.15, where Jug back to normal after the incident and no longer pushes away Archie.

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I keep seeing wizard AUs where it’s just neil with magic and that’s rad but i needed an andreil au where they’re both magic so here we go

neil is the sorcerer king in the north and the rumors say he killed his father to be crowned. andrew, co-ruler of the kingdom to the south, doesn’t know if he believes that, but if it’s true, it at least makes the northern king nearly worth his interest. neil would have to be incredibly strong to overthrow king nathan, which potentially puts him on par with andrew himself.

andrew and aaron co-rule their kingdom in part because they don’t actually know which one’s older. their mother would’ve told them at some point had she not died in what’s carefully framed as a tragic accident, using a spell she wasn’t powerful enough for. the other reason is that they actually complement each other really well even if they despise cooperating: andrew’s a wildly powerful sorcerer, whereas aaron is better at diplomacy and traditional weaponry

having heard the rumors they figure they should meet neil, but that means going to his kingdom because he doesn’t feel secure enough in his rule yet to want to leave. originally both twins are going to go but there’s a crisis to their east and aaron’s needed to go negotiate so it’s andrew who gets sent up to meet neil (which everyone thinks is going to end in disaster).

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