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  • dan and phil: look at us actually going outside!!!! and interacting with human beings!!! we're being social!!!1!1 wow!!!!1!
  • also dan and phil: we're gonna go to this convention and then we're gonna get food and sit in the corner by ourselves

so i was watching Russell Howard’s Good News when i saw this part -> (x) and just couldn’t stop myself.

basically its a heartbroken Stiles meeting drunk Derek at a party on his way to the bathroom and Derek all woozy sees his shirt and goes “that’s a cool shirt“ so stiles loving the compliment realizes that Derek doesn’t kno it glows in the dark so he smirks and says “dude. it glows in the dark“ so like a second later he is being pulled into the dark bathroom and hearing a soft gasp when the ghosts on his shirt glow.


ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ “ They found love in the most improbable of ways, in the midst of hell, and now that they had it Alec figured it didn’t matter how they had gotten there, only that they did. His hold tightened on Jace, lips coming down to press a kiss to his parabatai’s temple that had all the feeling of a silent promise. It didn’t matter where they would end up from here, nothing did as long as they did it together. ” 

— A Eros!Verse AU written by dnteverdoubtme & ourheartsbeatas1



This video is like 4 years old, but its definitely one of my favorite KH amvs