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When Jon told Sansa in front of everybody that the North is hers, everyone is jumping too “Well, that shut her up real quick” as if she’s greedy and wanted the North. When obviously, it shut her up because Jon just validated her, she said last episode “Would that be so terrible?” when he asked if he was to follow her advice to be smarter, you can literally see the awe and appreciation mixed in with shock in her face. She’s so used to be looked over because she’s a girl, and Westerosi society is male dominated, but here she was validated for the first time in FOREVER as being a Stark, NOT a Bolton, NOT a Lannister, NOT a pawn, but and honest to gods Stark who deserved every bit on respect the name has drawn for centuries in a line of Kings and Wardens. Jon was named King of the North, but he still recognizes that Sansa is a Stark and that her rightful place will always be Winterfell, and her power will always be the North.

TL;DR I’m not crying, YOU ARE 


Farewell Teen Wolf Challenge:
Day 9 & 10: Best Character Development ↠ Scott McCall

“They call it a true Alpha. It’s one who rises purely on the strength of the character, by virtue, by sheer force of will.”
“You knew this would happen.”
“I believed. From the moment I knew you were bitten, I believed.”


female awesome meme; 5/5 female antagonists: katherine pierce (the vampire diaries)
“i will rip this town apart until it rains blood.”

Spread the Love - Your Favourites

Thank you to everyone who sent in their favourites, I know how difficult it is to choose just one story. (I ended up picking just over 60 fics myself, excluding the fics that I love that have been chosen below)

Some people may have submitted more than one of your stories so keep an eye out for those.

Some that have submitted have left a little comment, which I think is lovely. It would also be appreciated if one of you could tag those who I couldn’t so they get the recognition they deserve.

There have been some amazing stories that have been brought my way, so without further ado, below are only a few of the amazing fics that are out there.

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hair and skin brighter than my future tbqh


3² Jin

plushember  asked:

omg where did u get those flipnote-esque brushes ?????? how u do that...

ms paint has a toner function if you go to attributes (CTRL + E) and change the image setting from “colors” to “black & white” !! all the colors in the palette become different levels of toning

for the most recent pic, i did that, shaded in all the values in that i wanted, and then changed the attributes back to color to edit the black tones into pink and green ones (using the right click eraser trick)

keep in mind that if you’re changing an existing image to black and white, any non-white shade on an image will become solid black when you change the attributes to b&w. changing pure black lineart to b&w is fine, but you could accidentally ruin an image that has any other color or shade. this is also why you have put down all the tones you need first, if you plan on adding any color into a toned image. changing back and forth won’t be possible without messing the image up

hope this helps!

My kink is Yuri knowing people love and care about him, that he has every right to be upset or angry over things, that he can show happiness without it being a sign of weakness, that he’s so strong and talented and that people are beyond proud of him