for my 200 follower surprise

Firework - 200 Followers Celebration

This is for my 200 followers celebration.

Prompt: My idea of a perfect date. // “I wanted to surprise you.”

Characters: Fred Weasley x reader, George Weasley, Dean Thomas, Harry Potter (mentioned).

Word count: 657

Warnings: None.

A/N: Since FBAWTFT, I’ve been having this Harry Potter vibes and I really wanted to write something that involved the magic world so here it is. Enjoy!

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You were walking across the long hallways. The smell of stone and dust filled your senses, and you could hear the voices of every student, either sharing some gossip about Harry Potter or just complaining about the up-coming exams.

The whole school had an aura of stress, and you could’ve not escaped that if it were for one person, your favourite red haired: Fred Weasley.

His never ending sense of humour brightened up your days, and not even the stressful student’s life could change that. He was funny, loving and, most importantly, care-free.

“Hey there, pretty lady.” He cheered, taking you out of your thoughts.

“Hi, George.” You said with a smile.

“You better keep her, mate.” The red haired said to his twin, who just so happened to appear beside you. “She knows the difference.”

“Don’t worry, Georgie.” Fred smiled, pulling an arm around your shoulders. “I’m not planning on letting her go anytime soon.”

“Cheesy.” George joked, although he was extremely happy for his brother. “I’ll see you at the common room.” And with that, he walked away.

“So, where are you off to?” Fred asked with his usual smile.

“To the library.” You replied, “I need to study for Herbology.”

“Such a shame… I was hoping that you would come with me to the Boat house.”

“Fred, we both need to study.” You spoke, using a mom-like voice.

“Just an hour, I promise.”


“If I fail, I will blame you for the rest of my life.” You giggled as he guided you to the Boat house, near the Black Lake.

“It will be worth it.”

Dean Thomas and George were there. You were a bit disappointed; not because you didn’t like them, but because it felt like you could never get some alone time with Fred.

“Everything’s ready, good luck.” Dean spoke, winking at Fred.

“What are they…” Your question got interrupted.

There was something under the water. It seemed to be some kind of mermaid, but it couldn’t be because it was shining. Before you could ask, the thing jumped out of the water. It was, in fact, a mermaid – a firework shaped into a mermaid. It jumped in the air before cracking in all kinds of colours.

I wanted to surprise you.” Fred whispered in your ear, “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful.” You replied. Your eyes were focused on the few sparks left, which were falling back to the water, turning into little fish for a few seconds before disappearing.

Dean and George left without any more words.

“I know you’ve been too busy preparing for the exams, but uh… I wanted to do something for our anniversary.” Fred spoke with a smile.

You blushed uncontrollably after realizing that you had forgotten your anniversary. It had been exactly a year ago when, in that same spot, Fred finally asked you to be more than friends. It had been one of the best days of that whole year, and you couldn’t believe you had forgotten it.

“It’s fine… I don’t blame you.” He joked, “In fact, I wouldn’t have remembered if it weren’t for George.” You giggled.

“I promise I won’t forget the next one.” You spoke shyly.

“So there will be a next one?” Fred asked with loving eyes.

“Yes, many more.” Fred smiled widely at your statement. He wrapped his arms around your waist, carrying you and spinning a few times before putting you down.

He stared at you, admiring every inch of yourself. He grabbed your tie, which had the colours of your house and sighed. “Who would’ve thought I would find someone like you in school?”

“Your parents met at school.”

“You know what I mean.” He laughed.

“Of course I do.” And with that, your lips found his in a tender kiss that would later be mocked by George, who didn’t really leave but decided to hide in the boat house to get some blackmailing material.


My idea of a perfect date: This is cheesy asf but uh I’ve always wanted to sit at the hood of a car, or the rooftop and stargaze the whole night. Talking about all kinds of senseless stuff, maybe listening to some music and, of course, eating all kinds of junk food.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Hello everyone!! I recently reached 200+ followers which is really surprising because my blog (and I) are completely trash. Anyways, I’m so grateful for all my followers and would totally love to give all of them a big hug (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ*:・゚✧ but since that’s impossible, I’ll just recommend a bunch of high quality blogs that everyone should follow!! ☟ (◕‿◕✿) ☟

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Her Deepest Gratitude. 🌸

– { ♥ }– My best friend introduced me to tumblr on October 9th, at first she told me it was a way for me to escape my real life issue and allow my imagination to run free, My friend urged me to show my writing skills especially to a fandom I’ve grew up with– and so I did.

October 10th, I joined the Koei community, Of course my experience started off slow, and I got pretty worried about not being followed and became a big ball of insecurity. But then fallenmarquis followed me and provided me with a starter, after that starter, my reputation sky-rocketed! I was getting tons of followers by the hour at least! It was really exciting! Then some of my mutals began to make promotes for me– and that helped a lot, so I want to thank you for the contribution, from the bottom of my heart.

I fell in love with how civil and friendly everyone has been.– so welcoming and lovely, it truly makes me happy. This fandom, this community has become a second family to me. Today I announce my 200 followers and my very first followers forever!

Thank you all so so very much for your supports and your warmth. Because of everyone, I try my best to portray my beloved Diaochan to the best of my ability, simply not because of my adoration for her and the game, but because everyone of you are so amazing with your encouragements. Some of you may say it was I who got to where I am, but honestly? It’s not. So allow me to share this special moment with you all:

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{If by chance I have missed anyone, I am terribly sorry for not adding your name to list, but that DOES not mean I do not appreciate you. ♥} 

I love you all. 

As for my new followers, Welcome to my blog! I cannot wait to start a thread with you. I am truly excited and looking forward to it! ~ Hehe, I honestly do not bite! 

Aoi Shouta Blog Translation, 2015/03/02 - 200 thousand followers achieved! Thank youu!

Today when I looked at Twitter I was surprised!
My follower count went over 200 thousand!!!
It makes me really happy so thank you very much.
If everyone is with me, I’m not afraid. I can face and move forward. Everyday I work hoping that, I could become an existence like that to everyone as well.

Thank you very much!

Since I’m very happy, I say this with gratitude!