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Patton’s Cardigan

A/N In my defense, I couldn’t think of a better title. (Set before both Father’s Day and Mulberry Pie Life. Like all of them, this can be read as a stand-alone fic.)

Pairing: none

Genre: hurt/comfort (ish), fluff, humour, AU, Human AU, High School AU, Family AU (all the AUs) & Dad!Patton AU

Word Count: 1100 

Warnings: heaps of swearing courtesy of Virge, mentions of fighting, one (1) injury


Patton’s sons get suspended and Patton gives the school hell.

Patton had been warned it wouldn’t be easy. The kids had a rough childhood, so a few mishaps were to be expected. It was just, he never expected… this.

Standing in front of him was a sheepish Roman, a fuming Virgil and a black-eyed Logan. The first two were commonplace – Logan’s injury, however, was not. Nor was the call from the principal earlier that afternoon warning him about this.

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The sides as things my British Lit professor has said

Morality: What a great class! Holy sh*t I love you. You’re so smart!

Logic: The same problems you have as a nerdy student you have as a nerdy professor. All your professors used to be nerds, by the way. They’re just professional nerds now.

Princey: This character is the most eccentric and witty and he loves the sh*t out of his baby. Do you not see why I love him?

Anxiety: So… where do we go from here? Seriously, that’s all I had planned for today. What happens now?

If someone has a trait which puts them at high risk of harming others, but they consistently make the effort to not harm others despite having that trait, that is commendable behavior and should be treated as such.  The fact that people without those traits can avoid inflicting that sort of harm with comparative ease does not in any way diminish this.  In fact, the opposite is true: the greater the inherent risk of harm, the more laudable it is to control it.  That sort of personal responsibility and self-control should always be actively encouraged.

morally-ambiguous-llama  asked:

is it bad/problematic to portray torture unrealistically? like torture rarely ever works in life but we depict it working in fiction. is there a specific reason to portraying it as realistically as possible?

The specific reason to portray torture as realistically as possible is that torturers and torture apologists use fictional unrealistic depictions of torture to justify real world torture.

I have a post on that here.

If you chose to portray torture unrealistically you are supporting real world torture. That is not an exaggeration. Torturers in the real world point to fiction as the source that ‘proves’ torture is effective.

When we write torture ‘working’ or write that it is effective we give the people who condone, enable, encourage and practice torture our support and we give them ‘justification’ to continue.

I could go on but it is really that simple. It is not the nebulous damage of offense or insult it is literal support of one of the worst crimes in the world.

You may also wish to consult Rule 6.


Very few religious people follow every single precept in their respective scripture.  To the (admittedly limited) extent that religion makes any sense to me, I can understand this.  It is usually a much better option than the alternative.

If your religion’s holy text was written hundreds or thousands of years ago, there will inevitably be some of parts of it which have become outdated, by virtue of either being irrelevant to modern life or antithetical to it.  If you intend to use those texts as a guide for how to best live your life, it stands to reason that you would do a little judicious cherry-picking, incorporating into your life those rules which fit your understanding of what it means to be a good person, and ignoring or rejecting those which are incompatible with it.

Nearly every religious person does this, to one degree or another.  Some people might call it counterintuitive or even hypocritical, but if your goal is to establish positive behavioral guidelines for yourself, it certainly makes far more sense than blindly accepting every last word of your scripture as immutable law.

But bearing that in mind, what does that say about religious people who focus so intently on the parts of their scripture about hating, ostracizing, or otherwise mistreating those who are different from that text’s narrow, ancient view of how people should live?  If the practice of religion ultimately comes down to adhering to the aspects of scripture that fit one’s best understanding of how one ought to live, then those who focus on the most hateful and regressive parts aren’t being devout, they merely use their religion as an excuse to be awful people.

u think with the amount of job applications i’ve applied for i’d stop being surprised at things but nah im constantly like side-eyeing places because all places want u essentially to sell ur soul to them it’s like work is number one and mental health/family/personal life is always second. like u know theyre looking for ppl who are desperate to be having this job and im just like… i want a job and money but i will do the work that im paid and it’s kinda ridiculous that ppl are expected to go above and beyond without being paid for the work they provide