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“The inconsistent type is one who wages war against evil and believes that war for the sake of goodness does not have the moral consequences or effect on the character that war otherwise brings with it. This is the Christian, or the perfect bigot.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §342 (edited excerpt).


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  • Miles: (Reading off Older Scott's wanted poster) "Summers is...Cauc...Asian"
  • Miles: (To Scott) Well, they got that wrong, 'cause you're obviously white.

all the people who act like they know everything about DC are always the people who like to think they’re the experts on a certain character and accept titles like ‘the queen of x’ and usually they’re a straight person in their 20′s who doesn’t actually know that much about DC and is usually neurotypical or ‘has depression’ and claims they know the ins and outs of this one character’s mental illnesses because they go on mayoclinic and read a wiki once 

I think a lot of really aggressive political leftists don’t understand how having children fundamentally changes a good person’s priorities. If you have kids or other dependents, you signed on to look after those people, and since they likely had no choice in the matter then you owe it to them to put taking care of them above your own personal pride. Sometimes that means seeking help from unethical charities or employers. Oftentimes that means putting up with people’s bigoted behavior and being politically nonviolent. You do whatever is most beneficial for the people who count on you who have nowhere else to go because that’s what being a good person is.

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2 PTA Dads <3

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Warning: Making out.
2. Homework. -

Thomas asked Logan a favor. Logic like to call this little favors, homework. It was just him nerding out.

So, Logan was sitting in the desk of his room, trying to finish the homework. He was checking that everything was in order when suddenly he felt a pair of lips in his neck.

“Honey bear, please stop. Let’s do something together.” Morality start giving little pecks on his neck, moving up to his ear and bitting the tip.

“Shush, I’ve got to finished this.” He tried to make Morality go, but couldn’t, he just couldn’t resist whenever his boyfriend kissed him.

Suddenly he felt something wet across his neck and Logan jump slightly. Morality just licked his neck, “You can do the homework later, Logic.”

And the fact that he did finished it later, was just coincidence.
Writing this pair it’s super funny and great, hope you all enjoy it.

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Where and when did it show that oct still loves her bro?

DO YOU HAVE A SIBLING? Have you never been in a serious fight with them? Have you ever spent a year not talking to them even though you live in the same house? Have you never been angry enough at them that you lash out and say horrible, true things because you know exactly what hurts them the most? WELCOME TO FREAKING LIFE. It’s ugly. And so is love. Sorry to burst your fairy godmother bubble, Cinderella.

There is already precedence for the Blake sibling relationship to come back from a seemingly permanent break in season 1. When Octavia told him that he killed their mother. And when Bellamy told her his life ended when she was born. And they separated and might never have seen each other again. Yet they did, and they came back together and said how much they loved each other. This is how they interact. Season 4 is worse. The fight is worse. The cause is worse. The situation is worse. The doom is worse. Their individual mental states are worse. And Octavia is on her own personal journey that is precisely about breaking away from Bellamy and it needs to happen.

And yet, every time Bellamy is in danger from outside sources (not her own lashing out) Octavia is there to defend him and get in the way. Maybe she’s framing it as her rage and impatience, but it keeps happening when she sees her brother in danger. 

You: Octavia is mean and a bitch and hurt Bob and I hate her and it’s proof that she hates her brother because she is the literal Devil TM even though this show works in shades of gray not black and white extremes of good and evil I don’t care because I don’t like her so she is The Devil.

Me: Octavia is mean and a bitch and hurt Bob and I never liked her but she still loves her brother despite her broken mental state and dangerous tendencies to lash out violently at people when she’s hurting, but that same love makes him the target for her easy rage because he’s always been there and that’s actually a pretty true psychological reaction even though it sucks, because she’s not evil she’s fucked up and damaged and I hope she manages to fix her broken head and own up to what she has done and grow and become better.


Bir çiçeğiniz olsun;
sabah uyanınca günaydın çiçeğim, gece yatarken iyi geceler çiçeğim diyin.
Yapraklarının arasından size gülümsediğini hayal edip, mutlu olacaksınız.

Bir çiçeğiniz olsun;
İnsanların sahteliklerini gördükçe, ona bağlanacaksınız.
Her şeyi anlatacaksınız, sizi dinliyor. geçiştirmeden..
Çok sevin çiçeğinizi. Açacağı günü bekleyin.

Terapi gibi, ‘’sabah uyan- onu güneşe koy- onunla konuş- al üşümesin’’
Ben çok severim, yerli yersiz yapraklarından öperim :)