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Kid TH!Goth

A kind of silent little Gothy, (6 years old)  he prefers reading some books by himself any kinds of genre; history, documentary to fiction story to entertain himself as a child as he taking it as a knowledge at every word of it. 

Usually the adult TH!Goth likes to have a tea he takes it a habit and likable to have some in a young age when an old man letting him try it. (milk or honey tea)

Losing a family and saw what happened is a nightmare for them him. He can be cold and have a dark humor but he cares when he finally realize or someone let him realize what he did. (because KIDS) 

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About Zim
  • He’s an eager beaver
  • His favorite foods are sandwiches and Irken fundip
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He vents to strangers like he’s known them for years
  • He has the power to hypnotize people with his acne
  • The first thing he did after being born was hug a robot arm
  • His first three words were, “I love you”
  • He promised the moon to Gir
  • He finds technology and quirky gadgets “neat”
  • He likes moose (meese… moosen?)
  • Prisoner 777 made him a small, purple, moose, death machine knowing he’d like it.
  • He can easily become emotionally attached to objects, especially if they show some form of sentience (Ex: Robot arm, Gir, Minimoose, Squidgyblit).
  • There are times when he just wants someone to talk to. While he treats Gir like a companion, he can’t exactly have any real conversations with him.
  • He does NOT like to be ignored. Do not ignore the ZIM!
  • He looks great in hats
  • He’s actually a really good speaker and is great at motivating (manipulating) people to do what he wants (now Voting of the Doomed makes sense… he is a good politician!)
  • While small, he still has a demanding enough presence to immediately assert himself as leader among a group if he has to work with others. In a way, he does have what it takes to be a leader, but his obvious flaws impede him from being successful at most things.
  • His tenacity is derived from his need to constantly prove how great he really is, both to everyone (especially the Tallest), and himself.
  • His speech pattern is rather sophisticated most of the time, and the dramatic use of his lexicon is fairly impressive *sips tea*. He acts formal in front of the Tallests, but he’s more relaxed when hanging out with Gir.
  • He’s really patient with Gir and would do what it takes to keep him from getting upset, even if it means eating soapy waffles. This, however, is dependent on his level of frustration.
  • He’s a really nervous, loud, impulsive, proud, clever, small, tenacious space bug that yearns for positive feedback and attention from a world that could care less about him unless he poses a threat
  • Speaking of which, it is also evident that he craves affection, preferably from the Tallest (which is why he thinks they actually care about him). He wants all of Irk to love and praise him, and he seeks this attention by being the best at destroying stuff.

Inktober day 5

I always post them a Little early its stiull day four but I post them now to not worry tomorrow just in case I cant post them in time, so heres another drawing for @shylittlemoosen and @okamix397 °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° hope you guys like this simple chibis, check out the other days and leave a note or reblog if you want it heeelps

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Mun: Missin’ your mum, huh? She’ll be back, don’t worry! I bet she’s out there getting you something reaaally cool. 

Mun: How about in the meantime we build this SUPER BIG pillow fort like a castle, and we make YOU the king! So when she comes back, you can show her the entire KINGDOM you own. 

(( Continuation of this. [[ @starlumen ]] ))