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Hello, hi there, just giving you some extra warm blankets and company for this evening. I do hope you’ll be feeling better by the end of this week, given the situation with that teacher and whatever else you may be dealing with. Just know you are not forgotten, and your art inspires others, such as myself, to create pieces that may become a part of a certain style.

And, as I’ve said before to others who have been stressing, and I need to tell this to myself as well, there is no rush to finish any works you may have in progress. People understand that you have a life outside of your media, tumblr, Instagram, whatever it may be. If they don’t understand, then they haven’t experienced enough in their life to understand that things go wrong sometimes, and one needs time to recover from that stress. Pace yourself, give yourself time to relax and do things you like. After everything’s calmed a bit, come back to your projects, and be sure to enjoy yourself.

Once again, I do hope you’ll be feeling better and back to a happy-self by the end of this week. And if not, then that's okay, and give yourself some more time to rest. ~❤M

Choco’s response: *tear* thank you so much Moosen!! It’s really not that, much, I just needed a tiny break! But thank you!! I’ll be sure to come back to drawing soon with a positive attitude, and some new characters?? Anyway, thanks so much!

This was a real review on Amazon for a real figurine of Caesar Zeppeli I don’t know how much more I can handle of this. THESE LIPS AIN’T JUST FOR EATING PIZZA. and they reviewed Kars and Esidisi too I’m crying!

anonymous asked:

Number 1 and number 8 for the ask thing? Pretty please? *bribes with mint tea*

01: Tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now?
Oh, well, ehhh it really started with a ship between friends on a discord server. I had been playing piano over the voice chat, I think. And she commented on how well I played and people started the ship from there. Upon further investigation (lol) they ended up being a really funny, cute and sweet person. A meme such as myself (on occasions), a fine species indeed. Besides the Moosen species which is endangered. Eventually some friends got a little impatient and basically asked me if I would ever go on a date with her, and naturally, I said yes. [ DATING START music intensifies ] Long story short, after a few months of getting to know, she is a sweetheart and a cuddlebug, as well as an outrageous flirt sometimes. Does that answer the question at all? XD

08: Sex on the first date?
Ehhhh, no. I don’t think so. I’m a rather shy person in the real world, nothing like my extremely outgoing online life where I flirt and stuff with people I know. I am an occasional meme though, IRL, fite me m8.

*takes mint tea and puts in tea cabinets* I answered what you asked, so I’ll be taking that, thank you very much. >W>

shy-little-moosen  asked:

03 and 37? >w>

3. what was your last thought before going to bed last night?

Pfffffff I had a couple! The first was “gee I hope this pimple on my lip doesn’t get any worse tomorrow” (news flash, it didn’t) and the second one was; “damn! That fanfic was HELLA shitty!”

37. Did you dream last night?

I don’t think I did. I didn’t get to REM sleep, that’s for sure. If I did I can’t remember. I did a lot of tossing and turning.

shy-little-moosen  asked:

I'm tired but I had the best/worst thought. Do you like chocolate? Cause you could be a Choco-bean >w> haha, like cocoa-bean




but yes I love chocolate hence my name i’m a cannibal JK JK

awesome-moni-sama  asked:

SPOILERS: It's an indie horror game where you play as Henry, one of the animators of an old cartoon and your friend calls you to go back to the animating studio after 30 years, but when you get there, it's all a mess and abandoned, and your friend isn't there. Your mission is to start the ink machine and when you do so, you find out that Bendy (the protagonist of the cartoon) is alive and you have to run away from him. That's all I remember, there's only one chapter for now so I can't say much

Oh okay! I still want to watch a play through, I just…. yeah. I freak out easily :’D

Thank you to Cat and Moosen who also commented! Thanks y’all.

I feel like drawing Bendy. I just wanted some context behind the story before I got more into it lol ^^;