for moooooooooon

Hanzo and his McWerewolf boyfriend for Anon! I’m so sorry this one took so long to make :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

YESSS, this is one of the pairings I was hoping to get! IT’S HIGH MOO- *shot*

I don’t even Overwatch but every time a werewolf!McCree crosses my dash I get a big, goofy smile on my face. This game’s character design is fantastic, even if all the robot parts make them a nightmare to draw. Samurai! Cowboys! Cyborgs! Wolves! I might be convinced to play it yet.

Send me an ask with your OTP/OT3/BROTP and tell me who would be the werewolf in a Werewolf AU!

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Smaylor Moooooooooon! It's tol giraffe mister Cory's birthday!!!!! I bet smol kitty baby Robin has all kinds of naughty things planned for him and will be an oh so extra subby mewling kitty for his mister on this special day

MY KITTYGIRAFFE! U are the most garbage and ily, ugh yes ofc ♥♥

im tired and emotionally exhausted but i just saw a picture of a pretty cow and i almost cried thinking about bitty having a pet cow and i KNOW he lived in suburbia and not on a farm but let me HAVE this her name was moon and he would call her “moooooooooon” and suzanne would laugh and they were best friends eric bittle and his cow named moon