for molly!

Against the black 
I have more fervour 
than you in all the splendour of that place, 
against the blackness 
and the stark grey 
I have more light; 

and the flowers, 
if I should tell you, 
you would turn from your own fit paths 
toward hell, 
turn again and glance back 
and I would sink into a place 
even more terrible than this.


In Denial - No More

~~~~~~~~~~~[A Conclusion]~~~~~~~~~~~

[Molly is standing in the rain, arms stretched out towards the sky and enjoying every second of it. Twirling around, she stumbles into Sherlock who has been watching her]

Molly(slightly embarrassed) : Oh, hello! I, um. I didn’t see you there.

Sherlock(equally awkward) : Sorry, I probably should have said something, or- well, you looked like you were having a nice time, and I didn’t want to interrupt.

Molly(pushing her soaking wet bangs out of her eyes) : Trees and rain, I guess- you know how it is. Come on, it’s dry over here.

[They walk over to a nearby tree, sitting beneath the canopy]

Molly : So what did you want to talk about?

Sherlock(turning faintly red) : Wasn’t it you who said that true love is all about finding someone you can stand to be around for ten minutes at a time?

Molly(tentatively) : …yeah?

Sherlock(with a lopsided smile) : You got ten minutes?

The In Denial Series


mollie: mornin sunshine

zia: [yawns] morni- oh.. i mean?.. shut up??

mollie: [uneasy laugh] uh.. i think i’m gonna head out?

zia: its only.. [checks phone] 9am?.. you can stay for breakfast if you want, i make bomb ass panca-

mollie: thanks but i’ll pass.. i need to get home

zia: yeah.. well.. you’re wearing my hoodie..

mollie: and you’re wearing my shirt? [smiles]

zia: [blushes] w-whatever, so..

mollie: lets uh.. study.. again next week? 

zia: [sweats]

Sherlock: You deserve every star in the sky, Molly Hooper.

Sherlock: ….

Sherlock: Granted, I’m not exactly sure what you can do with a star, but… they’re… they’re really nice and… I- just wanted to give you something nice and-

Molly: Sh. Just kiss me.
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I am waiting for a set of warming gloves to show up so I can settle in and do serious writing, so I figured in the meantime I would set up the collection while I was waiting to go do errands. 

There is a parent collection and three subcollections at the moment. Only two are open right now: Summer 2016 and Winter 2017. On the profile of each subcollection is the prompts that were used for each round so you can double check your fanworks to make sure they were for that round (I had a few I forgot to note were for the week) and then it’s just simple to add. JUST PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR FANWORKS TO THE SUBCOLLECTIONS AND NOT THE PARENT COLLECTION. I’ve added all of my fic so it’s got stuff in it and shows how it should look, but it’s not just for fic! Fanart, fanvideos, meta…anything you guys did, if you can upload it to AO3, please add it to the collection.

Also, as the prompts are on the individual subcollection profile pages, if you want to add new content to an individual subcollection for one of the prompts, feel free! Even though each week is over, the whole point is to show our love for Molly and the best way to do it is to make new works. So if you write something new with an old prompt at any point, add it to the appropriate subcollection.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking back to when Sherlock phones Molly and she says she was having a bad day in the last S4 episode, what do you think happened? IMO, I thought it was the anniversary of Molly's dad's death since she seemed depressed but also irritable (her mood may have affected her work performance and she got chastised for it).

I’ve seen so many reasons postulated and all of the good, but the honest truth is that we will never get an answer because Mofftiss didn’t need to have a reason, they just had to have an upset Molly. So any theory is as good any other - but that one’s a very good one.

anonymous asked:

Okay so... I wanna start doing hp roleplay on tumblr but I don't really look like any of the characters and don't have much money to go buy wigs and the works.... Do you have any tips for someone just starting out?

((OOC: I mean, who says you don’t look like any of the characters? I don’t really have any wigs, just my Tonks one [though one may be arriving in the mail any day now], so I’ve just sort of made do. I’d say if you can’t afford wigs and stuff, just do without. Firmly establish yourself as your own version of the character, and put yourself out there! That’s pretty much what I did.))