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Undertale Fic Theft PSA

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a certain matter here that requires attention.

This is Tony Frisk, an author on Amazon.

While the initial page reveals fairly little there’s one major issue regarding our dear author here.

Every work posted on their page is stolen from various Undertale fanfic authors.

Undertale: Who are You is actually Memories of a Soul

Undertale: Overworld is actually sans, by tsukithewolf

Undertale: Another War is actually Blue Magic

Undertale: Home is actually Why Children Climb Mountains

Special mention goes to the Undertale: Underschool series  for being particularly slimy as every part belongs to the same story, Underschool: Fallen Child and all those volumes are merely a couple chapters slammed together.


Hammer Amazon’s report functions, especially infringement and double-especially if you’re the author.

I unfortunately am not aware of better avenues to take these down, but it should work as a kickoff point, not to mention the more people know it about it, the better.

fun parisian moments from a real life parisian (for ml fic writers) part 2
  • everything is closed on sundays so you can’t go out shopping or go to a restaurant
  • baguette with butter as breakfast
  • fountain pens are necessary for school
  • that moment when you underline something in fountain pen with a ruler and once you lake away the ruler, it smudges
  • the really smelly pen that erases fountain pen and then rewrites it
  • the water in the seine is never clear, it’s always dirty
  • no swimming in the seine that’s illegal
  • “bateaux mouches” are boats that go around the Seine and it’s mostly for tourists but it’s also a fun date activity (you go under the lover’s bridge and it’s cute
  • after your meal the waiter always asks if you want coffee. most people usually say yes.
  • a classic French snack is brioche with “milka” chocolate inside.
  • examples of candy are haribo, kinder, and milka. they do have american candy though, but not Hersheys because it’s not “real chocolate”.
  • 9th grade is actually the last grade in middle school (college). there are only 3 grades in high school (lycée)
  • the official names for classes go down from 12th (kindergarden) to 1st (11th grade). 12th grade is called Terminale.
  • Even though they are officially called 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, they are most commonly known as CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2 respectively
  • There are no “finals” in lycée. There is a Bac Francais at the end of 11th grade and a Final Bac at the end of 12th.
  • Teens don’t say bonjour to each other if they know each other well, it’s salut or even just “ma moeuf!” (my girl!) or “mec!”(dude!) or any variation of that
  • hugging is not really a thing! you greet everyone with a quick kiss on each cheek
  • paris at night is really pretty
  • it is not uncommon for kids to go out during school nights
  • anything from a french boulangerie that is not made of bread (baguette and vienoiseries) has to be refrigerated!!
  • even though it’s not directly translated like this “je t'aime” means I love you. You don’t say “je t'adore” when you’re trying to confess
  • a sunny day in paris is actually quite rare. it’s a pretty grey city.