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Sabe aquele ditado que diz : “Ostra feliz não produz pérola” ? Então pega teu problema, esse que te incomoda tanto e faz dele uma boa e bela pérola.
—  Mickaela Trajano.

Chapter Two

Pt. 1

Mickaela’s POV

We’d been walking through the woods for maybe an hour when we finally started to see some buildings through the trees. The trek hadn’t been particularly exciting. No one had tried to make conversation other than when introducing ourselves to each other. Even then there was tension. 

We passed several log cabins before stopping at a clearing. In it, there were two tents and a large house. Scattered about the area were boxes of food and building materials. The place looked well kept, despite the fact that the world was crumbling around it. 

“What is this place,” Ubi muttered.

“It used to be a campsite,” Blake answered. 

There was silence as we continued moving forward. The quiet prompted me to wonder why the woods had been so… empty.

“Hey, why were the woods so clear? I mean, there weren’t any of those… things,” I directed my comment at Blake.

“What things?” She glanced over her shoulder and frowned at me. Then she let out a snicker before replying, “Oh. You mean the walkers?”


“Yeah. Walkers. Some people call them runners, too. Or ‘the infected’. Geez, I can’t believe you don’t have a name for them yet. It’s been, like, seven months,” Blake shook her head.

“Six, actually,” I breathed. If she heard me she took no note of it. 

“Anyway, our group has been in these woods for a long time. We’ve had our fair share of run-ins with walkers in here. Today just happens to be particularly calm.”

As we approached the building, a tall, well-dressed man walked down the steps of the porch towards us. Ezra, who had been silently leading our little procession, came to a halt. The rest of us stopped behind him.

The man stood, analyzing Ubi and I warily before letting out a sigh, “What’s this, Ezra?”

Mun Question Thing-er

O N E 🍎

  • name: Mickaela
  • nickname: Kela
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • height: 1,75 m/ 5′ 8.9″
  • orientation: Bisexual
  • ethnicity: Pale as fuck
  • favorite fruit: Apples
  • favorite season: Summer/Autumn 
  • favorite book: Pet Sematary by Stephen King 
  • favorite flower: Roses
  • favorite scent: Food
  • favorite animal: Raccoons
  • coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Coffee with a shit ton of milk
  • average hours of sleep: 9-12
  • cats or dogs? Both
  • favorite fictional character: Dean Winchester
  • dream trip: To New York, Tokyo and London
  • when was your blog created? Late 2015
  • what do you post about? I roleplay Isabella Swan from Twilight with my personal twist.
  • do you get asks on a regular basis? Nope
  • aesthetic: H A I R
  • favorite band/artist? Tokio Hotel and David Bowie
  • fictional characters I’d date: Sam Winchester
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin

T W O 🍏

  • countries I’ve lived in: Sweden
  • favorite fandom: the supernatural fandom without doubt
  • languages you speak: English and Swedish
  • favorite film of 2016: Zootopia
  • last article you read: No idea lol
  • shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: 
    Try – Pink
    Stop, babe – Tokio Hotel
    Home – RHODES
  • last thing you bought online: Piercing jewelry
  • how would your friends describe you? as a weirdo, most probably
  • how would your enemies describe you? As a fake ass bitch, probably
  • who would you take a bullet for? No one

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Ela era complicada demais para ter alguém ao seu lado. E ele desafiador demais para dar as costas a uma menina tão complicada, mas que te faz tão bem.
—  Mickaela Ferreira