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anonymous asked:

How would halloween be like with the hong twins? What would they dress up as?

depending on how they were feeling, the hong twins would probably dress up as character twins seen in anime such as hikaru and karou from ouran high school host club or rin and yukio from blue exorcist this would probably be the only time where the twins would dress similarly just for fun apart from this they would also be different characters instead of twins they would dress up as different characters like that one time badboy!joshua dressed up as sebastian michaelis from black butler he wore a full suit with the tailcoat and had the white gloves with a fake tattoo on his hand and wore red contacts and everything and he would reply to everyone the same way sebastian did with “yes, my lord/lady” with a smirk and a wink (you nearly fainted right on the spot when he did that to you) and nerd!jisoo dressed up as kyoya from ohshc and it was like he wasn’t dressed up as anyone he just changed his outfit into a light blue school uniform with a clipboard in his hand and he would occasionally try to act like kyoya and would answer everyone with either compliments or sarcasm just like he normally is basically (you were the only exception where he would give more genuine compliments rather than sarcastic comments and he would make you turn into a blushing mess)