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Well gideon had magic when he was an adult. So he might have it when he regrows. I think Part of magic is genetic or as elsa said your either born or curse. I do wish we could have gone deeper into savior mythology like what makes one a savior. Do you parents have to love each other, do your parents eat cereal for Breakfest. Another bad tease from s6

I don’t know what makes you a savior, SoManyQuestions!Anon– and did we ever find out why Aladdin and Emma had the Jazz Hands of Doom ™? Jafar told Aladdin that it was the fate of Saviors, which seemed to imply that at a certain date (age 28? after their first confirmed Save?) it was all downhill from there and their magic would literally kill them unless they used the shears.

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And they don’t use sufficient compost! Perhaps this metaphor needs pruning

But in 6x20 the Black Fairy seemed to intimate that it was Emma’s lack of confidence in herself that caused the Jazz Hands and her magic to be on the fritz, which has SOME backing in Emma’s previous “I can’t control my magic till Elsa teaches me self-love” arc in 4A. But Aladdin’s Jazz Hands seemed to be an innate Savior Problem that didn’t have anything to do with his emotions du jour, so I don’t know. 

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*screams, throws holy water at Emma*

Everyone made a big deal about Gideon being 28 years old, too, which was the same age Emma was when she became the savior … but Gideon never became a savior (poor guy didn’t even get to save himself and those kids in the Dark Realm are just Lord of the Flies-ing it up, I guess). 

We just don’t know, dude.

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Me after the finale

By the way, I had my first experience getting burned by a Gemini. One of my closest friends was a Gemini and he turned out to be an utterly repulsive person and was weaving stories by purposely omitting information & being vague to cover up what he actually did. As of yesterday he’s been basically blocked by everyone in my friend group. I don’t feel much about it one way or the other, oddly, but lately I have been seeing a lot of metaphorical pieces about pruning your life in order to foster growth… I suppose he was a branch that needed to be cut off.