for merica!

Unruhestifter (Chris Evans imagine)

Not my GIF I got it from @fallontonight

Just a quick little imagine to keep my main squeeze happy because I know she thinks Evans is absolutely adorable. @bitch-m-fabulous

“Do the thing.” You poke Chris’s chest.

“No.” He playfully slaps your hands away.

“Just do the thing.”

“You moved last time.” He protests.

“I need to know what the thing is.” Rob cut in.

“You know what it is.” Seb smirks.

“Do it. Do it.” You begin a chant that the others join in.

“Fine!” Chris shouts making the room fall silent. You turn to him standing as tall as you can without locking your knees. Then you look him in the eye as you lean your head down. Chris takes a few steps back and then without touching you jumps clear over your head.

“Ooooooo,” The room cheers.

“I didn’t flinch!” You congratulate yourself. Chris surprised you didn’t flinch as well turns back and lifts you in a hug. You two run around the room like this accepting high fives.

“Now what we really want to see it Y/N jump Chris.” Rob suggests. Your head whips around to look at Chris.

“Chris?” You say as sweetly as possible. He cringes already knowing what you are going to say.


“Let me try.”

“No.” The room explodes in laughter again as Chris begins telling you why that is a bad idea and you resume your child like pestering.