for mercy has a human heart

Belle and Beast 1991 vs. Belle and Beast 2017

Belle and Beast 1991: By the time we are introduced to Beast, he is already more animal than human. He has given up on the chance of the curse being broke. Rather than just accepting it, he lets it swallow his heart and soul. Every day that passes he gets worse and worse. Belle serves as the catalyst of change. By showing him kindness, love and respect, Beast is slowly able to gain back his humanity. He starts to act more and more like a human, with his decision of letting Belle go to find Maurice being his more human and compassionate decision yet. Even the decision to not kill Gaston is one that comes from everything Belle has taught him; even when facing his biggest enemy he decides to show compassion and mercy. When he passes away, he has embraced death knowing that the time he spent with Belle was worth more than his entire life. This realization allows Belle to confess her true feelings for him, allowing him to be reborn again not just as the human prince but the man Belle help create through her love. They started off as not being equals but gradually grew into something beyond friendship.

Beauty and the Beast 2017: Both Belle and Beast are almost equals. While Beast still retains a monstrous nature, he is more of a tortured, depressed individual that has kept the memories of his past, his interests and his feelings. Both Belle and Beast are tortured souls that need to seek refuge in each other. They are both cursed in a way; Belle’s curse is that she grew up never knowing how her mother passed away, living with a potentially depressed father that overprotects her from having a similar fate, in a small town that pretty much mocks her for who she is, and would go as far as to destroy an invention of hers just because they thought it was too unorthodox. By meeting Beast and learning more about his world, she was able to find someone who also felt lonely in a cruel world and confide in him her true feelings without being judged about it while also sharing similar interests. By meeting Belle, Beast was able to learn that there is a lot to a man than just what he does or how he looks like; that we are complex beings with sometimes tragic memories. He is able to learn compassion, empathy and patience through Belle. Both by the end are transformed once they learned that they had more in common than their realize, and by not being afraid of opening their hearts to each other, they became better people by the end.

Same story, same characters, different development. This is what I gathered after talking to many people about both films, and it just makes me appreciate Disney’s take on the fairy tale even more; it is more than just a prince begging a woman to marry him, it is about the TWO OF THEM finding compassion and love in each other and towards each other, with love become a healing factor in both adaptations.

Just my two cents.

Gabriel Agreste is not a good person.

But god if he isn’t one of the most interestingly complex characters in this AU.

Let’s get one thing straight: Gabe is a horrible person. He’s cold, merciless, and when imbued with magic nothing short of murderous. He’s a monster. He deserves years of jail time far sooner than he deserves redemption. But. But. Everything he does, he does because he’s human. He’s grieving in all the wrong ways but he at the heart of it does it from good intentions. 

It’s just that the road to Hell is paved with those very same good intentions of his.

(I think the same things can be said of the canon version of him too, but here it’s a bit more opaque I think.)

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…For Mercy has a human heart,
pity a human face
And love, the human form divine,
and Peace the human dress

…And all must love the human form,  
in heathen, turk, or jew;
Where Mercy, Love and Pity dwell
There God is dwelling too
—  William Blake The Divine Image 
Story time(?)

When I started to know about Undertale AUs, I made quite a few (mostly for fanfics since I write sometimes) but never posted them here (except Lucky and Unlucky Sans, but they’re just a design I made for fun). Although, there’s one AU I never posted on any site because I thought nobody would like it. I made it even before I knew who Ink was, to one who inspired me to start posting art for this fandom, and on those days there wasn’t many AUs/I didn’t know many AUs, but now I see it again, I regret not posting it because there are a lot now and some things that looks like I took them from other AUs and I don’t want people to think I stole them from popular AUs. In that time it sounded interesting and cool to me and a few days ago I had a nostalgia attack from it xD so I drew the design again, keeping the things the look like from other AUs because that was how I made it and I don’t consider it as a copy… and now I want to share it with you!

Here we go *breaths*


The AU concept is that, after finishing the first pacifist run, Frisk (a male on this AU) started a genocide route over and over… until one day, Sans managed to make him remember the good times he had with the monsters. However, this was just a strategy to distract him and kill him before he could do anything. Frisk started to feel guilty and pressed the reset button, but Sans killed him after he did it, making the timeline to glitch. The reset button was corrupted and destroyed, making lots of changes on the timeline’s code.

Frisk was sent to the beginning, but not alone. This time, Sans was with him in the beginning, confusing them more. And that wasn’t to only thing that changed: Frisk grew up to 14 years old (He was 8 years old) and Sans was again an 16 years old (in human ages, of course) monster (he also was shorter than frisk).

Sans ignored the weird changes and, still blinded by rage, tried to end the battle, until they noticed that neither Flowey nor Toriel had appeared. Making a temporal truce, they made their way into de ruins trying to get some answers.

What they didn’t expect was to some creatures made of black goop(?) started to appear and attacked them without  mercy. Sans was the first to realize that they were the monsters that lived there, only that they were now corrupted beasts formed from their dust from the past genocide run.  The timeline couldn’t reset itself and corrupted everything, even itself.

Frisk didn’t want to believe it, but it was confirmed when he found Toriel. The once nice goat lady transformed into horrendous creature and he had to fight her alone. Sans had teleported somewhere to look for his brother. The fight alone wasn’t easy, having to run away so he couldn’t get murdered. The fallen human felt like it was his entire fault.

Meanwhile, Sans felt like living one of his nightmares. He found his brother and he also was corrupted, not even knowing who his brother was and trying to kill him. He couldn’t do anything; he couldn’t stand looking him like that. Sans didn’t attack, jut dodged and tried to make Papyrus remember him. This actually worked, for his brother stopped for a moment, fighting himself with foreign emotions and vague memories of him living with his brother. Sans managed to approach him and gave him a hug, making the promise of find the solution to this chaos… but this only lasted a moment. Papyrus attacked again, breaking Sans’s left eye and trespassing a bit of the infected code to him. He was about to kill him when someone Sans thought was dead appeared and saved him: Gaster.

Since the code didn’t reach the void, the skeleton monster didn’t get infected and managed to enter the timeline. He took his son to his laboratory where Frisk was and took a bit of his cracked skull to investigate the virus. Frisk and Sans didn’t know what to do and felt miserable, thinking that this was their fate. Meanwhile Gaster studied the virus.

It took a few days, but Gaster found a little bit of hope: a program capable to change the code and stop the virus for reproducing. With that, he created a patch for Sans, so he wouldn’t become a beast. However, this wasn’t enough. They had to save everyone.

Using some of his previous investigations, Gaster created some weapons for Sans and Frisk, they were capable of capturing the creatures and teleport them to special cells where Gaster could investigate them. They took a long time, but managed to capture everybody. Now they just had to wait and find a cure.

The three of them lived a “peaceful” life, enjoining each other company and some good things that this corruption brought (such as the expansion of the barrier to the bottom of the mountain. They could now exit mount Ebott and explore the forest) until Frisk found something weird.

Flowey was missing.

The demonic flower wasn’t anywhere and that made them worry. They searched in every possible place, going pale when they found a tear on their dimension with some corrupted vine on it. Sans investigated and found the Flowey managed to open a portal to the anti-void, jumping to other dimensions and creating more weird beasts. They now had to go after him, traveling through different AUs and trying to not be seen by anybody.


badly drawn desing aaaaaa


A now 16 years old Skeleton who wants nothing but sleep without worrying about crazy creatures trying to kill him. He’s a lazy and somehow strong monster and Frisk’s best friend. His left eye is corrupted, making his magic to work badly. His Gasterblasters now have their own mind and often disappear in a fight. He misses his brother and hope they can save him and everybody. His patch works as a mini PC and communicator. It gives him information about the AU they’re in and makes him able to see the creatures, since they aren’t visible outside his AU. His ATTACK and DEFENSE remains the same, but his HP grew to 5. The cure doesn’t work on him for some reason.


 A 14 years old human. Frisk regrets his actions and feels guilty with all of this, but also is determined to save their former friends. He swore to not reset again once they turn everyone back, and now gives mercy to his enemies, even Sans who is now his best friend. Gaster made an artefact to him capable of use the powers of the six humans’ SOULS and materializes their power in a weapon (like the toy knife, the burnt pan and etc… only he doesn’t have to bring the objects in his bag). He also has the golden heart necklace as his armour and it gives him the ability to see the anomalies. Frisk is now more bad-tempered and often finds Sans’s puns… bad-timed *gets shot*


The former royal scientist who somehow managed to come back to his timeline (even though he’s still “dead”). Gaster is in charge of the search for a cure to the monsters and helps the “Anomaly Catching Team Aka ACT” to gather information of the AU they visit. He doesn’t let them see their friends very often since there’s a possibility of them getting corrupted by the virus. He misses Papyrus. He managed to make a cure to the corruption, but it doesn’t seem to work in the monsters from his timeline, only with monsters from other AUs. He gave it to Sans and Frisk so they could save other AUs.


He is the main enemy and the most corrupted being. Flowey is still conscious and wants to use his “powers” to destroy the multiverse. He can corrupt codes but it takes time to actually work… giving ACT chance to capture the creatures and restore them. It’s not a very good villain, hehe!

Goopy Beasts: 

Former monsters now corrupted. They were created form the dust of ACT’s timeline and try to kill every non-corrupted thing. The cure (named RESTORE) doesn’t work with them since they’re dead.


monsters corrupted with the virus. They have the same appearance as before being corrupted; only changing their colours to a grey palette. Once a monster gets infected, they become aggressive and attack everyone. The cure works perfectly on them, but they have to use it quickly before they change into a goopy beast.


-Sans loves to sit on the exit of the underground and looks to the stars.

-Frisk makes fun of him being taller than Sans.

-Sans’s left eye glows red and blue. His eyesocket often shows some binary codes with “X” or 2 on them.

-They try to not be noticed from their AU versions but fail miserably… then run away.

-Frisk opens his eyes and talks normally on his AU. Outside it, he uses sign language.

-They have the exact outfit but with some changes.


Hehe… I feel better now I shared this! I didn’t do it for the reasons I told you before (Ya see? Sans’s outfit looks like Quatumtale!Sans even though I didn’t know the AU when I made it) aaaand because I’m not good making comics… like, serious comics. I’m better with fanfics! Anyways, hope you guys liked it. I’ll probably draw them more lkjdksjlk


that’s all


*runs away*

(Right in the feels!!!! I thought you loved us Anon?! I just hope I did you justice because this was more hurtful but I promise that it will end with so much fluff, you will taste marshmallows for a week! Thanks for this Anon!!! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

He was faced with a ghost but to him, he knew that ghost could not hold his attention as strongly as this one. It had been almost 6 months since they had vanished almost without a trace when he was called away to a mission and because of this, he thought that they had left him because of his appearance but when they discovered that they were taken while doing the laundry, he was even more heartbroken, rage and sorrow blending and forming into an unstoppable storm inside of him soul.

Mercy tried to convince him that he needed to rest, that the team would find him yet, being of the Shimada bloodline, he refused to do anything but look for them and meditate, hoping to find them. It was until he received word that they had located you that he became the most energetic but the next words were what broke him. “Genji…They have been without any physical human contact for the entire time…they would not even let Mercy touch them.”

He walked in and when he saw their eyes, he felt his own heart shatter but it was what was said that made him feel the first bit of joy he has longed for in almost 6 months. “G-Genji?” was all that was spoken as they tried to rush but fell as he caught them, holding them close as they cried, saying that they knew that Talon was lying about him being hurt but wanted to see him themselves. This was what he needed and he realized it now, the 6 months they were missing they had one set goal; returning to the home in his arms.

This man knows what distance can do to a heart. He also knows that his music has not been the same since the muse for his music was taken by a Talon agent. He hadn’t slept much in the 3 months that they had been missing but he was not expecting to come in contact with the eyes he fell for the first time they looked in his. They were still the same beautiful color yet they had lost the beautiful luster in those 3 months without him.

“(Y/N)…babe…Is that you?” He asked as he rushes over and starts to remove the chains that kept them away from him. As he goes to touch them, he is shocked that they flinch away from him and when he looked at them, he saw the fear and sorrow in their eyes as he kneeled down, holding his hand to them. “It’s ok, nightgale. I am here…It’s me, Lucio, I am here to take you back home now.” He whispers as they hesitate on taking his hand and it was in that moment, he knew that they were without any sort of human touch for the past 3 months.

“Shh…its ok, I am here…I am not letting you go again.” He whispers as he holds them and doesn’t let them go, even when Mercy asked to look over their wounds. He wasn’t going to let you go again…not now, not anytime soon. He is going to show you that he is here and isn’t leaving them alone again. He would give up everything to keep them safe but having them in his arms and finally sleeping peacefully for the first time in 3 months, that was the music he was searching for.

A month…a full 4 weeks…almost 31 days…730 hours since Lena had a chance to hold her dearest in her arms and now, there they were. They were dirty, looked to have been through torture but all she wanted to do was hold them, to tell them that nothing was going to happen now because she was going to be there now. “Oh Love!” She shouts as she goes to grab them in a hug but was heartbroken when they flinched away from her, whimpering and shaking like a wounded animal.

“(Y/N)…Darling…it’s me, Lena.” They would still be afraid but looking at her now with tears falling from their eyes, instantly breaking her heart yet unleashing something she has never felt before; something like rage and guilt. She fell to her knees and just started to cry because she knew that this was not what she wanted to feel…she never wanted to hate anyone yet seeing what they did to her beloved anchor of her heart, she could not help it.

“L-L-Lena?” was softly heard from the corner but she barely heard it as she was crying and wishing she did not feel this anger in herself because from the anger came the pain. Before she could register what was happening, she was in the arms of someone who was trying to calm her down from her own fears. “It’s ok Lena…I am sorry…I…I was scared.” They shyly admitted as her first instinct was to grab them and hold them tightly, not letting go for anything. She loved them too much and it was because of them; she was back to her normal self. She will lift them up but she needed them to anchor her back to her emotions.

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Girlfriend Seolhyun

How would dating seolhyun be like ?

Seolhyun is a very beautiful lady, there is no denying. But she is also, a dork. So dating her involves lots of laughter and playfulness. Most of your couple selca’s are normal, pretty ones but there are a few where you both look less than human. Those are the ones she sets as her screensaver, to make her laugh and warm her heart when her schedule is too busy to spend time with you.

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Her good nature has a limit, you should know. When it comes to games, she shows no mercy. There are games that you play together, like Sims and you create little families or grotesque versions of your friends. And there are puzzle games where you send each other lives. But anything more competitive and your ass is grass.

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She sends you endless video messages and FaceTimes you often as well. You’re always up to date with her projects and given sneak peaks of her outfits. She’ll also introduce you to who she’s working with and the staff that work hard to style her.

“This is Evelyn, my hair stylist,” she’ll tell you, turning the camera on the shy woman. “Isn’t she adorable?! She’s doing such a good job with my hair, right? What do you think of the colour?”

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Her favourite place to kiss you is your neck. Of course, she kisses your lips a lot too, and your forehead, your nose, your cheeks. She loves to show her affection with kisses. But your neck is a more sensitive spot, a place that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you blush.

“Seolhyun! You can’t do this in public!”

“Why not? Your reactions are so cute.”

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Enjoys sharing food with you, especially if she’s cooked it. There’s nothing better than knowing your loved one enjoys your food. And there’s nothing tastier than something cooked by the one you love, either.

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She plays piano to impress you, sometimes composing songs, sometimes playing your favourite songs. The melody, coupled with her sweet voice, make you fall even more in love.

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She tries to hide the relationship, to keep you safe from anti’s. But the paparazzi are too sneaky. The “scandal” is exposed and now that everyone knows, she sees no point in hiding you.

She takes you with her to award shows and premieres of her movies/dramas. As she accepts an award for her amazing performance, she can hear you cheering the loudest in the crowd and that makes her melt.

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To conclude, yes, Seolhyun is very beautiful and talented and an idol. But beneath all that, she’s just a hardworking woman who wants to be loved. And she deserves love. She’ll put her whole heart into the relationship and deserves someone who will do likewise. Don’t dumb her down to just a pretty face, respect and appreciate her and this love will last forever ~

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Voltron Soccer/Football AU


•Number 7
•Great trick master
•"They call me the nutcracker because of how I execute nutmegs"
•Came up with the color scheme
•Most active player on social media


•Number 45
•practices all day, every day
•Best at corner shots
•Has a merchandising deal with NIKE headbands
•Record of 10 yellow cards and 4 red cards in a single season
•Trash talk™ even to the other teams face


•Number 5
•Spends time in the locker room listening to music and making the Micheal Phelps Face™
•Queen of fakeouts
•Plans all of the team’s public appearances


•Number 2
•Total sweetheart and apologizes when he accidentally trips or bumps into someone
•Beat Lance in a juggling contest by 4
•Cooks all of the team meals on Friday (team bonding night)
•Last hope player


•Number 00
•People claim he and Keith have a telepathic bond for shots on goal
•Fakeout shots
•Always has a strategy for every situation
•Films Lance for his YouTube videos
•Has done multiple makeup and sports clothing commercials
•Secretly dating someone but REFUSES to say who
•works out after games


•Team coach
•Wears a jersey with the number 1
•Practice 5 times a week or else
•Screams at the team the entire game
•Helps Pidge plan public meetings
•First time soccer mom


•Number 69
•Has Pidge and Keith warm him up
•Dive master™
•Once saved a ball that was way too high to see, coming in really fast
•Best friends with Lance
•Cool kid off-feild but will yell and scream as much as Allura on-feild

Shay (human version):

•Number 15
•No. Mercy.
•Steals balls almost as well as she steals hearts
•Secretly dates Hunk (literally everyone knows about it)
•Header champ
•Somehow— for some reason convinced the team to do a nude photo shoot
•Dirty Jokes™
•False sweetheart

anonymous asked:

Salam, I don't know how to start. In the past about two months ago I commuted zina and now I feel super guilty about it. It's gotten to the point where I have severe anxiety and was taken to the ER with a panic attack. My parents still don't know what's going on but the guilt is getting to me. I'm afraid Allah will not forgive me, I've been getting back to my Deen, but something feels off. I'm afraid of whether or not the guilt will affect my marriage in the future.

Wa alykum as-salaam,

First you need to remember this, always:

It was said to [The Prophet’s grandson] Al-Hassan: ”Is not the servant [of God] ashamed of sinning and then repenting, and then sinning again and then again repenting?”

He [Al-Hassan] said: “Satan wants exactly that. Never stop making repentance.” [Ibn Rajab, Jami’ Al-Ulum]

When you get uneasy, remind yourself of this Hadith Qudsi, okay?

“God said: ‘Even if your sins reached up to the clouds in the sky, I would forgive you.’" [Sunan al-Tirmdhi]

Make the intention to improve, but remember God’s Mercy is Divine, not human, and thus does not have limits.

You’re not a hypocrite because you sin, here is a quote on Ikhlas (sincerity) from the late, great, Sheikh El Shaarawy:

“You can be seen among people as very pious, and when you hear the Athan, you run to prayer, and you pray in the first line, and do all these things, but your heart has no Ikhlas in this situation. Maybe you did that for the people to call you pious, or to encourage people to trust you in worldly matters. Hence, the body takes to one direction, and the heart takes another. And this defines hypocrisy.”

Your heart is directed towards the right thing, but you’re having trouble, and you’re not the first, nor are you the last, but look at The Qur’an, for God says:

“Yet withal, behold, I forgive all sins unto any who repents and attains to faith and does righteous deeds, and thereafter keeps to the right path.“ [20:82]

But God doesn’t just stop there, while warning those who commit Zina that there is punishment, God talks about those who repent:

“Excepted, however, shall be they who repent and attain to faith and do righteous deeds: for it is they whose [erstwhile] bad deeds God will transform into good ones - seeing that God is indeed much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace,“ [25:70]

God will take all of your bad deeds and turn them into good deeds.

In Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir (exegesis) on this Ayah, he cites a Hadith from Abu Dharr:

“I know the last person who will be brought forth from Hell, and the last person who will enter Paradise. A man will be brought and it will be said, ‘Take away his major sins and ask him about his minor sins.’ So it will be said to him: ‘On such and such a day, you did such and such, and on such and such a day, you did such and such.’ He will say, ‘Yes,’ and he will not be able to deny anything. Then it will be said to him: ‘For every evil deed you now have one good merit.’ He will say: ‘O Lord, I did things that I do not see here.’” He (Abu Dharr) said: “And the Messenger of God smiled so broadly that his molars could be seen.”

Ibn Kathir continues, this is really important: “…those evil deeds that have passed are turned into good deeds by way of the true and sincere repentance itself. This is because every time that person remembers what he had done, he regrets it, feels remorse, and seeks God’s forgiveness. In this way, the sin becomes an act of obedience.”

Please get some help (go to a counselor) but also do not allow yourself to be defined by a mistake you made.

A sin does not define you, what you do next, does.

I’ll be praying for you, insha Allah.

Prompt: Blackwatch Genji discovering his legion of loving fans. 

Genji had just returned from a rather exhausting mission. He was absolutely exhausted, but he could not sleep because his mind was still racing and phantom pains were acting up. So, he took some sleep inducing medicine that Mercy gave him. However, they were not instant. He’d have to wait for the effects to kick in. He wasn’t too excited about lying awake in bed, left alone to his thoughts while he waited. So, he figured it’d be a good idea to just browse online as he wound down.

He laid back in his bed and turned on his tablet, thinking he could listen to come calming music or watch cute animal videos. However, he noticed he got an e-mail, from Angela no less. He assumed it was an important message regarding his treatment or something along those lines, so he went to open the message immediately.

There was nothing in the subject line, and the only things in the message were a link and a short message saying “If you’re ever feeling down, just take a look at this. You will not be disappointed! <3 -Mercy.”

Genji made a gentle scoff in response to reading this. The link must have lead to a cute cat video or something. Well, he was up for some cute things, so he gladly pressed the link. However, he was awfully confused upon seeing what came up.

It was a news article. It featured Genji and a recent mission he did. He’d saved a few civilians from a minor Omnic assault, really no big deal to him. He read the article and was disappointed to see controversy regarding his very existence. Calling him a double agent… working for man and omnic due to his beastly appearance. The article questioned how trustworthy he was and whether or not these “hybrid abominations” would start trending.

This didn’t make his mood any better. In fact, it made him feel worse. What the hell was Mercy thinking? Was this some sick joke? He made it to the end of the article and was about to close the window to send Mercy a very angry response. However, a bunch of heart emojis near the bottom of the screen caught his eye, so he scrolled down further. Looked like the article had a comment section.

Wow! Whoever this guy is, he’s a real hero!! 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Is it just me, or is this guy super cute? I wouldn’t mind him swooping in to save MY ass.

These news folk sure are desperate to stir up drama. He saved human beings from a terrorist attack. Pretty sure he’s legit.

I’m curious as to why he has so many cybernetics? Considering the level of modern medicine, he must have gotten pretty banged up. This guy probably sacrificed huge portions of his body saving people! Why must you shit on him like this!?

Okay but seriously, he is so badass. Hope to see more from him.

Solid 10/10. Very attractive. Would love to meet him.

Comments like this flooded the page, and Genji lost himself in the endless scrolling. He was in complete awe, seeing so many people come to defend him, to compliment him, to even appreciate the body that he has come to hate so much. 

He set his tablet down on the bed and got up to go to his bathroom. he turned on the light and took a long look at himself in the mirror. He still didn’t quite like what he saw. Still, as he looked at himself, all those kind words flooded his mind, and a small smile managed to find a spot on his face. He ran back to his bed and flopped onto the mattress, immediately picking his tablet back up to scroll some more. Some people wrote lengthy paragraphs on how much they loved him, ad before he knew it, he was crying.

Hot tears streamed down his face, one hand came up to cover the smile on his face. He just couldn’t believe it. All these people love him… for him! They didn’t see the ugly, mangled body he saw. They saw him as a hero, a lifesaver. Not some monstrous abomination. 

He hugged his tablet close, then continued scrolling.

Mercy came to check on him the next morning and smiled when she saw him fast asleep. He was sprawled out on his bed, completely out cold. His tablet was still on, sitting right next to his face. Clearly, he just kept reading until he passed out.

Mercy quietly moved the tablet out of the way and shut it off, then left Genji to enjoy his first peaceful slumber in awhile. She had so much more to show him, but she’d let that wait. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm him after all. 

This is Mohammad Alaa Jaleel. He works as a paramedic in Aleppo, Syria.

When he’s not at work, tending to the human victims of the war, he spends his free time taking care of stray cats. They have been left behind by people who have been forced to leave their homes to escape the horrors of war.

He protects these cats, and uses his savings to keep them well-fed.

One girl was heartbroken when she had to leave her beloved cat behind, and asked Alaa to take care of her until they can come back home. He sends her pictures of her cat regularly, reassuring her that her cat is being taken care of.

“Someone who has mercy in their heart for people, has mercy for every living thing.”

With all the shit that is going on in the world right now, this story warmed my heart and gave me joy, and I wanted to share that with you guys :)

I was talking to a mentor and they told me that the things we worry about are “very human things”. Jesus has already conquered….everything. Victory of the Sacred Heart. So they told me me letting worry run my life was me giving the devil permission to “steal my moments”. Self-sabotage.

I thought, I don’t think I have the strength to NOT give in.

And then it clicked: mercy. That’s the point. You literally *cant* spontaneously generate strength or trust on your own. It’s a gift of God’s mercy.

“When I am weak, then I am strong”.

Morally Gray Joan

I’m not sure why it’s surprising or bad that Joan has become more morally gray since season 1. I also think she has become more ruthless than Sherlock in a way, because her reasons for enacting justice are much more clear cut and indifferent than his. Joan protects her own, no matter what. Joan is unforgiving, and has no notion of mercy if she thinks it’s not earned. I love that about her, no matter that it’s a flaw or makes her character less likable or redeemable to some.

Sherlock wanted revenge for Irene’s death. Joan wanted revenge for Shinwell’s. The only difference is that Joan is less reckless and more calculated than Sherlock. She has a greater control over her emotions, and when it’s not a clear sign of neglect by the writers, it’s something I absolutely love.

Season 1 Joan was recovering from the trauma of losing her last patient. The guilt from that death haunted her and influenced her actions for a long time. She questioned Sherlock’s morally gray actions not only because she wanted him to get better, she also didn’t want him suffering the same guilt and trauma she had.

I didn’t view actions such as Joan questioning if they were going to turn in the veteran in 1x19 as her wanting to be more law abiding. I don’t like seeing Joan as sacrificing a homeless person’s well being just for the sake of upholding the law - I think she was more testing the waters with Sherlock, seeing how far he was willing to push the boundaries of the law. The most “blank slate” Joan is s1 Joan to me. She is learning to be an investigator, but she has been a surgeon and healer much longer. Her instinct is to help people that truly need it. I think she questions Sherlock in 1x19 because she doesn’t /know/ how he usually deals with these things, and she’s in the stage of watching and learning. To me there are more nuanced ways of judging her actions than law-abiding vs. morally gray.

In season 2 we see a Joan developing into a true detective. Her black and white views as a doctor are being challenged by her morally gray side, which has always been there, as we see in the events of 2x19. She has always viewed people as either innocent or guilty. Her guilt over Castoro’s innocent death shadowed her for so long, I think that colored her reaction to the idea she may have let an innocent patient die even before Castoro in 2x19.

I don’t see Joan as becoming more like Sherlock. She has always been a special version of Watson. I don’t believe the narrative, as I interpret it, is showing Joan becoming less like a Watson and more like a Holmes. She is becoming a more true version of herself. I don’t fear for her soul, or her sense of self, because I view her as acting more morally gray because it’s how she believes justice should be upheld. She can be a healer and morally gray at the same time.

Also, I resent the idea that her willingness to sacrifice a criminal’s life makes her less “good”. Some human lives do not deserve mercy. I suppose I see my own worldview being personified in Joan. I think it’s because I’ve never see the divide between Holmes and Watson as opposing world views that are switching. Watson is Watson no matter what drivel Sherlock says about her being more like him. In Elementary, Holmes has always been more emotional and openly compassionate, he’s just less of a people person than Joan is. Joan is much better at appearing “normal”, but that doesn’t mean she’s always been the heart and he’s always been the mind. Joan is her own version of ruthlessness and intelligence, she always has been. Sherlock has influenced her, but she is not “becoming” him. She has learned herself more fully.

When she talks about cancer to Sherlock, comparing Shinwell to a necessary evil, that’s her doctor side coming out. She has always been morally gray, it’s only her life as an investigator has given this side of her more free reign than it had when she was a surgeon.

I think because I do not see Lucy’s Joan Watson and Jonny’s Sherlock Holmes as interpretations of canon so much as I see them as a reimagining, wherein Joan’s background as a Chinese American former surgeon makes many comparisons to ACD Watson null and void. Some comparison can be made, of course, but Joan is more independent than any interpretation of Watson before her.

I’m not done thinking about this, but I had to get my initial thoughts down.

You know, I didn’t think it was possible to hate Kylo Ren more than when I walked out of the theater back in December 2015.

Some of his fans, however, have convinced me that I was wrong. 

Because every damn day on this hellsite and others, I find new depths of hatred for Darth Emo - or at least the version that exists in fandom - where he’s either the best villain EVAH (no seriously, I had some dude bros tell me that - I know! Considering most of them detest him) or he’s so misunderstood! He’s been influenced by Snoke since the womb, he’s a double agent, he was never loved by Han and Leia (abused even!), no one understood him even his Force using uncle, he loves his dad so much he introduced him to a light saber, he loves his mom so much he stood by while her planet was about to be destroyed, the village was armed and had it coming, if Lor San Tekka or Poe or Rey had just told him what he wanted or Finn had just handed over the saber…

I’m kind of done with it. In fact, I’m very done with it.

Kylo Ren is a whiny white boy of privilege who decided the world didn’t cater to him quite enough and that his parents never loved him because of reasons and his uncle? Well his uncle didn’t teach him enough or something, so they should all die and I’ll go join the Space Fascists, see if I don’t!

I hope Leia disowns him, in some scene right out of The Ten Commandments, where she has the name “Ben Solo” stricken from every record and then cuts him out of the will - cue Kylo throwing himself on the mercy of the court - “I am but a poor fatherless child, judge!”

He didn’t inherit one thousandth of his parents’ or uncle’s love, drive, courage, heart or integrity. 

And I’m sick of being told that I have to want his redemption or I don’t understand Star Wars or I don’t love Han and Leia and Luke or any of the other myriad “reasons” I’ve seen slung around here.

I don’t care if you love him to death and ship him with Rey or Hux or whomever, as if he actually has feelings for another human other than the distorted image of his grandfather. Feel free to ship him with whomever.

But please stop rationalizing war crimes and screaming at the rest of us that we have to love your “prince” or…fill in the blank. Or at least confine it to your own tags. Don’t tag it Han Solo or Han x Leia or Luke Skywalker. 

Knock yourselves out. Just leave the rest of us out of it.

Character Analysis: Carla Tsukinami

Requested by: Anonymous

Is it better for a King to be feared or loved? Carla might have heard that question and had a definitive answer. Though he never had the chance to figure out as his rulership started as the last of his people were dying. 

Aside from analyzing Carla’s character as a whole, the requester has also asked for the subject of his potential asexuality to have some focus drawn into it. I have not read all of Carla’s route yet so I will also be using some information from the wiki to assist. This analysis might not be as long as my other ones simply due to the amount of information I have access to.

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As much as I like Undertale, and as much as I understand MatPat’s reasoning, I would have picked a different game to give the Pope, given a chance.

While Undertale has a ton of good themes to it, and has done plenty of good, I can think of a game that, to me at least, better speaks to mercy and compassion in gaming.

Originally posted by mrnathandrake

I’m speaking, of course, about the PSN title “Journey”


Hear me out.

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I have been a gamer since I was a little kid, and I’ve played a wide variety of games. I don’t think I can think of a game that’s closer to a religious experience to me than Journey was. 

Originally posted by kaptainkittymeow

The themes used in the game are basic, but deep, drawing explicitly and easily from the age old Hero’s Journey formula, to the point the soundtrack even borrows the words used in Campbell’s discourse on the subject. While the concept of the game is basic, and the art gorgeous, it’s more the fact that it’s wordless, and left up to the player’s interpretation that makes it a fine candidate to me. I’ve seen solid writeups comparing it to Christian scriptures, as well as others, and still more with completely secular views, and all are beautiful interpretations.

Originally posted by pk-dub

It’s technically beautiful, too. The scenery is brilliantly designed, easy to explore and creatively structured to encourage exploration… and the sound design draws you in all the better. The game has an air of presence on top of everything else.

Originally posted by tsuki-the-gamer

Lastly, if you want to show someone the genuine mercy and goodness in gamers…plop them into Journey and don’t tell them that the other people are humans. I cannot think of a bad run of Journey that was genuinely the other person’s fault. As a rule, people have been kind to a fault to me if they have stuck around. Those who wander away, one doesn’t generally pay any mind to, but when you get a person who stays…. I don’t understand how someone wouldn’t get a twinge of love in their heart when someone waits for you after getting too far ahead, or if you get to the end of the game, and your partner draws you a heart in the snow… My heart always felt full to bursting when people did that…

Originally posted by belgania

All in all, while I hold no ire for Undertale, and love it as a game, a concept, and for what it stands for, I still feel that something like Journey, with artistic, technical, emotional and even religious beauty, would have been a far more impacting and appropriate choice to give Pope Francis…and I’d pay good money to see his reaction to the game. I would hope it would have at least a fraction of the impact on him as it did me. Shame we’ll never know.

Just… What about actual cowboy Jesse McCree?
What about 17-year old Jesse who lost everyone in his family except a 6yo mare he spent his teen years training, and when deadlock recruited him his only condition was that his baby girl would have a warm place to sleep and good food.
How about Jesse, maybe with a pretty buckskin American Quarter, or a beautiful chestnut appaloosa with a gorgeous leopard complex, or just a black Arabian with white boots.
Jesse, beyond excited when Blackwatch lets him ride his girl on some mission, and Reyes even gives him a special Blackwatch Stealth Gear.
Jesse staying on the outskirts of a base Blackwatch is raiding and he’s in charge of lacing up anyone that tries to escape.
After the Swiss Base explosion, Jesse does go rogue and does vigilante work, because he can’t just sit by when he hears someone’s doing shit, but he spends the major part of the years before the Recall in a farm where his girl can rest. (He’s also in fucking heaven when she gets preg and has a beautiful foal because now he has two beautiful girls.)
Imagine after the Recall, he wakes up bright and early every day so he can take his girls on a daily walk that, when he has no missions, usually lasts until midday because he just loves seeing them on the field.
Imagine Jesse racing Lucio on his skates, giving Mercy an average heart attack a day because “Jesse don’t jump from there you’ll hurt yourself oH MY GOD”
Imagine his mare being skittish of omnics because they don’t move like she’s uses to, don’t smell like humans and aren’t warm, so Genji is extremely pleased and surprised when she acts normally around him - at least after Jesse told him to stop being all sneaky and walk up to her like a normal person. (Eventually she gets used the team’s omnics, and it’s not unusual to see Bastion’s bird and Bastion himself near her or Zenyatta meditating while she noses at his robes looking for treats)
Just picture Jesse teaching D.Va to ride and she is helplessly in love with that big softy. Hanzo somewhat awkward when asking Jesse if he could try to ride her, because he always wanted to shoot atop of a horse, like in the movies that encouraged his young self to perfect archery. Jack helping in D.Va’s teaching because he doesn’t want her to get hurt and he missed that damn horse which remembered him so much of his time in the stable of his family’s farm in Indiana.
Just… Imagine Reaper finally coming back to overwatch and she comes trotting to him, nosing at his coat, search the sugar cubes he used to spoil her with and he almost tears up right then because she recognizes him even after everything.
Just give me Jesse with a goodman horse.






oh yeah and he’s super beautiful too okay thanks by

[Ar-Rahman/The Most Merciful]

This is one of the reoccurring names of Allah in the Quran as mercy is a dominant attribute of Allah. Rahman is a special intensive form derived from Rahma (mercy). In human beings, Rahma means ‘tenderness of the heart’. Yet, when attributed to Allah it means 'granting blessings and warding off evil, through grace and beneficence’. For this reason, Rahman, like the name Allah, is not applied to any but God. While keeping in mind of this amazing name of Allah, we should take it as a reminder to ourselves to be kind to other human beings. It is in our own interest to do only that which the Most Merciful One has guided us. The following prophetic supplication brings out the centrality of this divine name:
“Oh Lord! Reliever of worry, Remover of anxiety, responder to the call of those under duress, the Merciful and the Mercy-Giver in this world and the Hereafter. It is You Who will have mercy on me in a way that frees me from seeking mercy from anyone besides you” (al-Hākim)

Allah’s mercy in this world is general; given to the believer and the unbeliever. He provides for them and gives them health and what they ask for. “We bestow Our mercy on whoever We will, and shall never deny the righteous their reward” ﴾‬12.56‎﴿‬ “Allah created one hundred mercies, given He put one of them among His creatures by which they love one another, and Allah had the other ninety nine” [Al Bukhari]
We must always ask for Allah’s mercy and grace, and call Him by ‎this name: our deeds by themselves do not qualify us to go to paradise.
Also we ought to begin any important action with “In the name of Allah, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate.” ﴾‬1.1‎﴿‬ ‘Our Lord! We have believed, so forgive us, and have mercy on us, for You are the Best of the merciful.’ ‎﴾‬23.109‎﴿‬
Have compassion for all of Allah’s creatures.