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  • Supergirl director: okay so here Katie you say that Kara is one of the best reporters in all of National City, to show she's a supportive friend to Kara. Then Melissa you smile and say thanks, an-
  • Melissa: but what if instead of that I laughed really hard and blushed, as if Lena had just made Kara's day by saying that?
  • Supergirl director: Uh no that's like the opposite of what you shou-
  • Melissa: yeah imma do my idea

.,.t.he way she looks at her..😩 i have reached the point where i simply cannot understand PPL WHO STILL DENY THE CHEMİSTRY AND VERY SPECIAL BOND between them look at this tiny cutie you still dont trust !?? LOOK HOW MUCH LOVE AND KINDNESS HER EYES RADIATE. So fuckin geniune

Cheater Cheater

This is my piece for the “Do It Like Team Free Will” Challenge. @wheresthekillswitch @emilywritesaboutdean I hope you like it lovers!

Warnings: lots and lots of foul language (because I’m a potty-mouth…sorry not sorry) and smutty, sexy sex. Dean x Reader. 

“You’re really not gonna call first? What if he’s not home?”

“The point is that I want to surprise him, Dean!” I respond. Butterflies are turning my stomach into an aviary. I haven’t seen my boyfriend, Craig, in almost two months. I’ve been hunting with the Winchesters for years off and on, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a real relationship waiting for me in the wings. It’s been surprisingly difficult to be away. I’ve never really had the opportunity to miss someone, but I’ve been missing the hell out of Craig. Phone sex and Skype just don’t compare to the real deal.

As Dean turns the Impala down my boyfriend’s street, I let out a little squeal. I spot Craig’s blue pickup truck in the driveway next to a little red coupe that I’ve never seen before. I’m out the door before Dean even fully stops and he yells at me out the window, “Hey, don’t you wanna grab your bag?”

“Oh yeah!” I turn around and wait impatiently for him to get out and unlock the trunk for me. I’m practically bouncing back and forth between my feet, I’m so excited. Dean laughs at me and pulls me into a hug, giving me directions to the motel he and Sam will be at and telling me to call if I need them for anything.

I pick out Craig’s key from my fob and slide it into the lock, but when the door opens, it isn’t his deep voice I hear welcoming me home. It’s a female shriek. 

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As a Luthor, after Lex’s madness, Lena has been insulted multiple times. Received countless low blows. Been ridiculed probably by strangers and close friends.
Yes she found it in her to trust again, I guess with some difficulty, but Kara proved her to be so trustworthy. Believing in her against all odds. And she knows that Kara always tries to see the best in people, and that she’s sunny and happy when most people wouldn’t be.
But then Snapper insults her. Her best friend, her only friend. She hears the words and you can see the look of disgust on her face. But when she notices Kara looking at her her facial expression changes to the one of empathy. And ‘he doesn’t mean anything Kara, don’t let his words affect you, you’re way better than him anyway’.
If you look closely you can see katie’s shoulder moving, I would like to believe Lena would squeeze Kara’s knee or arm (even if I know it didn’t actually happened) .

Anyway LENA LOVES KARA AND IT’S CANON. even if it’s just platonic, I’ll take it.