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38 with the spider boy😉

38. “oh, bite me!” “where?”

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Peter parker was gorgeous. Peter was a good person. Peter was a good student. Peter was your good teamate cum friend. Peter was a monster.

You had been harbouring a crush on the dark haired, goofy, perfectly built boy in the day and suoprhero by the night. And it just never helped that he loved teasing you. A lot.

You were reading “the mortal instruments”. It was a friday night, the night you would relax and unwind. The common room was quite and cool. Cozy and snug as a bug, you were coming to a much awaited plot twist when your precious book was snatched from you mercilessly.

“what the-” you sat up on the sofa and found a grinning peter with your book. His naughty side seemed to come put just for you. “Peter fucking Parker, give me my book.” you threatened.

“oh, sure” he offered you the book but quickly took it back as soon as you reached to take it. Why did you like that asshole at the first place?

“give. Me. My. Book.” you stood up from the sofa and stood right infront of him.

“take it from me.” he said and started moving the book everywhere. He was too fast, you couldn’t get the book. You stopped, stomped and huffed.

“oh, bite me!” you said in frustration. There was a glint of michief in his eues before he kept the book aside, moved so close to you that your faces where only inches apart.

“where?” he tilted his head and kept his hands on either sides of the sofa. A tiny gasp left your lips.

“i-, um, what-” you stuttered. Your cheeks burned, you could feel the warmth his body radiated. You could smell his deodorant and the spearmint on his breath.

“you gotta tell me where… ” he looked in your eyes before trailing his eyes on your neck and collar bones.

“peter-” you breathed. You couldn’t move. Ypu were frozen at your place, his eues had you pinned.

There was a loud clearing of throat and you peter moved away. You finally took a breath. Upon turning you found steve standing by the door frame with his arms crossed. Peter smiled at him and started walking away.

“have a nice night , mr. Rogers.” he smiled at him. He turned to you and gave you a wink. “you too.” he mouthed before he left.

Request a prompt for the avengers or supernatural!

A Night Of Firsts (Theo Raeken)

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Requested by @steph-oliveira:  Hi honey! ❤ Can you please do the prompts 31, 36, 39 and 43 with Theo Raeken with a happy ending? 😊 Thank you very much 💕💕💕

Prompts:  31. “Why are you looking at me like that?”  36.”You’re my anchor.”  39. “Kiss me.”  43. “I love you.”

Rating: angsty fluff?

A/N: I’m sorry for taking a long time to write this, I hope it meets your expectations. 

Y/N sat in her usual spot during lunch, with her headphones in her ears and her book in her hand. The music drowning out the distant chatter of the A team worrying about the upcoming exam, the rebels carelessly brushing it off but deep down inside, they were quietly panicking. 

She crossed her legs beneath her and her eyes continued their scan through the words of the spellbinding book. A tapping on her shoulder made Y/N flinch slightly, pulling out one of her headphones out and shifted her attention to the initiator. “Can I talk to you for a second?" 

As Y/N’s eyes met Theo’s, agitation coursed through her veins. "No.” she stated firmly before placing the headphone back to its previous position. “Please, Y/N” his plea went by unheard as she continued flipping through the pages. 

His fingers gently wrapped around the chord and pulled on it arousing a deadly glare from the girl in front of him. “If you don’t back off this second, I’m going to kick you so hard in the balls that even your rapid werewolf healing won’t protect you” her hot breath fanned across his cheek. 

“At least tell me what I’ve done wrong, so I can fix it” she scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Are you kidding? Nothing could ever fix what you’ve done to Scott, Stiles, everyone! For that matter. Scott told me what you’ve done” his eyes widened as the words fell out of her mouth. 

“Baby, listen to me. That was before, it’s different now, I’m different. And it’s all because of you” he attempted to place a hand on her cheek but she only swatted it away before it could touch her face. 

“Back off” Scott growled behind the crouching Theo. 

Looking up at the alpha behind him, Theo’s tearful eyes glowed in anger. He stood up, and surprisingly, did as told. “Are you alright?” Scott scanned her features only to find pure anger and pain. “No, I’m not”

That night, Y/N strolled around the streets after sneaking out of her bedroom window. It’s been so long since she’s felt her boyfriend’s warmth, or whatever he was to her. Her heart shattered once she was informed of what he had done to her friends. She was astonished by how she was oblivious to everything that was going around her at the time. 

Y/N only got to take a few steps more before her Theo appeared in front of her once more. “Y/N,” he whispered lowly, but enough for her to hear him. “What part of ‘stay away’ don’t you understand? I don’t wanna fucking see you. Is that too much to ask for?” His eyes gawked at her in surprise, he had never heard her curse before that moment. 

Why are you looking at me like that? Stop it” annoyance coated her words as she started to walk away again. 

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to his chest. Much to his surprise she didn’t fight him, but her arms hung by her sides. “Please listen, let me finish a sentence without you walking away in the middle of it. And when I’m done, and you still wanna leave, I won’t stop you” she took his words into consideration and finally complied to his pleading. 

Theo took a step back, but kept his hands on her arms; fearing she might leave again. “I swear to you Y/N, I’ve changed-” he growled and his eyes flashed yellow at her intrusive behavior. 

Y/N flinched in terror as it was the first time he’d lost control in front of her; it was a night of firsts. “Sorry” she mumbled as he regained his composure upon smelling fear on her. 

“I’m sorry too, I should’ve told you everything. But believe me when I say that I’ve changed Y/N, I don’t wanna hurt anyone anymore. Especially not you” her face remained expressionless. 

His first “I love you,” was whispered as his head hung low and salty droplets ran down his cheeks. “Theo.” She said sternly. “I’m not done,” he said before she could continue; she nodded for him to go on. 

You’re my anchor, Y/N. Whenever I feel like I’m losing control, all I have to do is think about you and your beautiful smile and I’d calm down instantly. I really love you” he sighed in content when his fingertips brushed her cheek without her recoiling. 

The closer he got, the faster her heartbeats were. Until he eventually had his forehead on hers. “Kiss me” she whispered, and he did. 

He kissed like it was the last he’d ever feel her lips against his. He pulled her hips close and she did the same by tangling her fingers with his soft locks. 

“Give me a chance to prove myself to you,” he spoke breathlessly from the kiss. “If you ever mistreat my friends again, I’m not the only thing you’d be losing” he nodded frantically as she spoke. 

“I love you too, idiot” she flicked his forehead before placing a soft kiss on his lips.

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Hi! Love your Tumblr! I was wondering if you could find in the books when Jaime gets jealous. I remember him saying in some words his feelings in regards to Frank, but I can't quite recall if there were others, who weren't Frank. Thanks so much!💚💚💚

 "Damn Frank!“ he said ferociously. “Damn all Randalls! Damn Jack Randall, and damn Mary Hawkins Randall, and damn Alex Randall—er, God rest his soul, I mean,” he amended hastily, crossing himself.        

“I thought you didn’t begrudge—” I started. He glared at me.         

“I lied."      

He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me slightly, holding me at arm’s length.              

"And damn you, too, Claire Randall Fraser, while I’m at it!” he said. “Damn right I begrudge! I grudge every memory of yours that doesna hold me, and every tear ye’ve shed for another, and every second you’ve spent in another man’s bed! Damn you!”

– Dragonfly in Amber

It wasn’t stubbornness, nor even loyalty, that had made Willie insist on staying at the Ridge. It was love of John Grey, and fear of his loss. And it was the same love that made the boy weep in the night, desperate with worry for his father.  

  An unaccustomed weed of jealousy sprang up in Jamie’s heart, stinging like nettles. He stamped firmly on it; he was fortunate indeed to know that his son enjoyed a loving relationship with his stepfather. There, that was the weed stamped out. The stamping, though, seemed to have left a small bruised spot on his heart; he could feel it when he breathed.

– Drums of Autumn

Perhaps she would find such grace herself; perhaps this unknown Roger Wakefield could be her sanctuary, as Claire had been his. He found his natural jealousy of the man dissolved in a passionate wish that Wakefield could indeed give her what he himself could not. Pray God he would come soon; pray God he would prove a decent man.

– Drums of Autumn

“I hadna thought ever to be so jealous of a dead man,” he whispered at last. “I shouldna have thought it possible.”  

  “Of a dead man?” My own voice rose slightly, with astonishment, as it finally dawned on me. “Of Frank!”  

  He lay still, half on top of me. His hand touched the bones of my face, hesitant. 

  “Who else? I have been worm-eaten wi’ it, all these days of riding. I see his face in my mind, waking and sleeping. Ye did say he looked like Jack Randall,

  … "How?” I whispered to him, squeezing hard. “How could you think of such a thing?”  

… “How could I not?” he demanded. “Ye heard her, Claire; ye ken well what she said to me!”  


  “She said she would gladly see me in hell, and sell her own soul to have her father back—her real father.” He swallowed; I heard the sound of it, above the murmur of distant voices.  

  “I keep thinking he would not have made such a mistake. He would have trusted her; he would have known that she… I keep thinking that Frank Randall was a better man than I am. She thinks so.” His hand faltered, then settled on my shoulder, squeezing tight. “I thought… perhaps ye felt the same, Sassenach.”

– Drums of Autumn

  “It was a long time ago,” I said softly.  

  “And a long time,” he said. “I am a jealous man, but not a vengeful one. I would take you from him, my Sassenach—but I wouldna take him from you.”

– Drums of Autumn

“You can‟t be jealous,” I said, a moment later.

“I can,” he said, not joking.

“You can‘t possibly think—”

“I don‘t.”

“Well, then—”

“Well, then.” His eyes were dark as seawater in the dimness, but the expression in them was entirely readable, and my heart beat faster. “I ken what ye feel for Tom Christie—and he told me plain what he feels for you. Surely ye ken that love‘s nothing to do wi‘ logic, Sassenach?”

–A Echo In The Bone

John would likely assume that Jamie had hit him purely from revulsion at something overtly sexual from John—or from jealousy over me. It was perhaps not quite fair to let him think that—but fairness didn’t come into it.

– Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

Me: That is a serious look, Ducky.

Ducky: That is a big bowl of Appy Jacks.

Me: It’s a pretty standard size bowl of Apple Jacks.

Ducky: That’s one serving?



Me: Not according to the box, no.

Ducky: Biiiiiiiig bowl of Appy Jacks.


Ducky: Big enough to share.

Me: The Lady isn’t here.

Ducky: So no need to worry about having to share with her too, then.

Me: Too?

Ducky: Duckies like Appy Jacks.

Me: Ah. So you were less concerned that I was eating too much and more focused on getting some cereal for yourself.

Ducky: A shocking deduction. However did you piece it all together?

Me: The clues were there for anyone willing to look.

Ducky: So to keep things simple, why don’t you put the bowl down, I’ll eat my half and then you can finish the rest at your leisure.

Me: I don’t think so, Ducky.

Ducky: Is my look getting more serious? I feel like it’s getting more serious.

Me: A little. How about I give you a piece?

Ducky: Is a piece “all?”

Me: No, but it’s more than what you have now.

Ducky: Any way I can get more than a piece? How about if I crunch it and chew it a lot before swallowing?

Me: I do like that. It’s cute. That could get you up to three pieces.

Ducky: Is my look happy now? I feel like it’s getting happier.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy

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If I were to use a site like Createspace to print a copy of my book for my own purposes (I’d like to have a physical copy for editing), would it be considered “previously published”, even if the copy is for me and only me?

Only if you actually publish it. Unless they’ve changed it, I think CreateSpace offers a proof function which allows you to order a proof without actually putting the book up for sale. So, as long as your book cannot be purchased, downloaded, or viewed online in full, it would not be considered as published.

One word of caution, however: I wouldn’t use a proof copy for editing for a few different reasons:

1) It’s not the most efficient way to edit. It’s better to do a “save as” version of your document to create a new draft, then go through and make the necessary changes. That way you can make changes in the actual manuscript as you find them rather than going through the book to find all your notes and having to transfer them into your manuscript later. You’re creating double the work for yourself at that point.

2) You can’t just upload your manuscript to CreateSpace and out pops a beautiful book. Your manuscript will have to be specially formatted in order to print properly. While you can do this formatting yourself, it is incredibly confusing and time consuming. Many indie authors hire someone to do it for them, or you can use a site like Pressbooks. Either way, it still takes time to do, so it’s a lot of unnecessary time and effort you’re wasting when you could be actually editing your manuscript.

3) CreateSpace allows only a limited number of proofs, so if you should decide you want to self-publish after all, you will have already used up one of your available proofs.

4) You have to pay for shipping. It may only be a few bucks, but you’re spending money you don’t need to spend.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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"I really wish you told me your mother was in town." Malec.

67. “I really wish you told me your mother was in town.”

Alec sat on the lounge watching, trying to keep up with the events unfolding in front of him. Pillows were flying back to the correct seats, blankets were thrown in the general direction of lounges, books flying around then settling themselves back on the right shelves and all the while his boyfriend was running around muttering to himself about dinners and if they had enough towels. Every once in a while he would stop, a look of panic would cross his face and he would portal to someone, only to return 10mins later with arms full of bags. 

The kitchen has been stocked, the bedrooms dusted out, beds remade and bathrooms scrubbed to within an inch of their lives. This had been going on for the last few hours, every since Alec had told Magnus that his mother was visiting and would be staying with them for a week. 

“You didnt think to tell me this earlier?” Magnus had asked in a panic, as he began running around the apartment with a duster and mad look in his eyes.   

‘I didnt think that it would be an issue.” Alec had said, sitting down on the lounge staying out of the warlock’s way. 

“Not a big deal!? Dont you remember her reaction when you said that you moved in? I can have her coming her and thinking I dont look after you. That I haven’t made this our home! WASHING!” He had yelled mid rant and rushed to the bedroom, only to reappear a moment later holding the over flowing washing basket, muttering about lights and darks. 

“I really wish you told me your mother was in town.” He yelled from somewhere in the apartment “We have no food! We have no nice towels!” He contunied, staring to rattling around in the kitchen, Alec could hear plates and cups being put into the dishwasher and looked up just in time to dodge a flying cup that had been sitting on the coffee table.  

“Do you need some help?” he yelled out, this time dodging a flying Chairman Meow, who was having his fur brushed by a comb Magnus had spelled to work on it’s own, as he got up from the lounge.  

“No, Alexander, you have done enough. Just stay there out my way.” He snapped moving into the bedroom again, but not before using his magic to oush Alec back down onto the lounge.  

And that is where Alec found himself, hours later staying out of the way, he had offered to help again but a book had come flying at him with Magnus telling him to shut up and read. Hearing the message loud and clear Alec had starting the book not making another sound. Just as the last book had settled into the shelf the doorbell rung making Magnus freeze as he was cleaning his work station.

“No. No no no no…” he muttered running to the bedroom, pulling his shirt off as he went. Alec stood laughing.

“She isnt going to be looking at your clothes Mags” Alec laughed, walking to open the door. Magnus response would have once made Alec blush, the number of swear words that his boyfriend knew was amazing and never failed to surprise him. 

With his hand on the door handle, Alec takes a breath before swinging it open. 

I want to stop time on every clock I find so I can reach back to where you and I were together, I’d grab your hand and hold it tightly; even destiny would not be able to tear you away from me.
—  Eliot Knight
I dreamt you were in love with me last night.
When I woke up, I didn’t want to move for fear of losing the comfort of your arms that were never there.
The dumbest thing I’ve ever done was to be afraid of you, but even now I know I had to be.
Because you always had the power to break me, I just didn’t realize it would happen this way, the silent way where I can’t even grieve for the one that got away because I chased him there.
When I woke up, I stayed in the dream. I finished it, and then I cried for what we could have been and never will.

You never held me like that

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What did you think of the Justice League trailer?

After this year’s comicon, it really feels like it saved me. I ended the day very exhausted; there’s a lot of toxic air in comics and comic book media this year, which shouldn’t be remotely surprising because there’s a lot of toxic air flying around this country right now. For me, the DCEU and Black Panther panels were a much needed breeze from an open window.

I would have liked more Lois and Mera, but without knowing anything about the content of the film, I can’t say that not including more of their footage was a mistake, because I want to be surprised and intrigued most of all. I think we can imagine many reasons why Lois’ footage might contain major plot spoilers.

Aside from missing those ladies, I’m really blown away. I asked for a flash of cape, and I got that, but I really didn’t expect the whole trailer is sort of be about Superman?? What a thematic delight and payoff for all of us. What a heartwrenching tribute.

My gf pointed out that if Clark resurrects before he joins the JL in action, we could be seeing a situation in which the JL inspires Clark while Bruce is using Clark’s memory to inspire the JL, and that would be pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.

Also: Aquamomoa is still great, but last preview felt like it was his, and this preview felt more like it belonged to Barry. He got the biggest laughs out of me and I find him deeply relatable. He’s such a quintessential twenty-something, with a sort of automatic imposter syndrome that is charming and a little heart wrenching at once. I really dig it. Also I love cynical WW the most, and we got to see Victor’s tech in action, that looked INCREDIBLY cool!

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Will you help support my financial career? Next semesters books are super $299 each and I'm going to have a hard time. I was planning on borrowing from library but only 4 hour max.

Look, the reason I supported @melaninmedicine is not because I wipe my ass with money, but because she is working in the medical field. I was released from the hospital recently and died nearly twice during my stay. Partly because they were understaffed and partly because they just lacked empathy/care for their patients. If it wasn’t for me knowing the head of the department, I’d have died there like a piece of shit and somebody would’ve had to explain to my parents that “there was nothing we could’ve done”. The situation in hospitals is simply shitty and being a doctor is a fucking hard job. I wanted to contribute to changing that.

I’ve followed @melaninmedicine  for a while and from what I’ve seen she still has that initial caring for her patients most docs lose after a while. I don’t wanna let that go to waste. What better way to support change than by supporting the ones that embody the change you wanna see? Maybe she will turn into a bitter and miserable person that will come to hate her job and her patients, but maybe the kindness she received from stranger will help her stay on the right track. My guts tell me it will. I mean look at her responses to my asks. She seemed genuinely happy and grateful. She reached out to me to thank me multiple times. This girl is not some sort of entitled bitch. Honestly, most girls on here are actually pretty sweet and kind individuals.

Does this mean any of you do not deserve support during your struggles? Not at all. It’s the opposite, I do hope all of you will get the support you need and I am the first one to reach out. But that’s why I do not understand why y’all are giving her shit for it. Stop being miserable, because that shit loves company. Start being positive and kind, because that shit made me consider supporting her in the first place.

The sad thing about our society, it requires you to be perfect based their standards to be accepted. But we are all damaged in a way, we all have scratches and imperfections. We have things to hide, things to be ashamed of, things that we wished it never happened in our lives. No one can tell me or anyone that, you do not deserve to be loved just because you were touched before, you do not belong in this world because you were already consumed. No one, not a single person, a standard, a book, nor preference can define you by the mistakes you made and the scars you got from the bad decision you’ve taken. You live your life well, live in good will. As lonf as you are not hurting anyone (except their egos), you are free to be you.

This society will always be judgemental. It will command you on what to wear, it will tell you how to act and who to love, it will curtail your words into what is ‘acceptable’ for them, it will cage you to their idea of what a way of being should be and it will limit you in a lot of things. Do not let it shut you up just because you are different. You don’t always have to live by their unwritten rules and regulations. And live happy.

I wanted my love to be enough to heal the both of us but I learned that it could only heal me and it took months of unending pain. Love didn’t cure the world of every sin, instead it made them harsher, but love held a great deal of hope for that dream. You didn’t cure the worst parts of me but suddenly they were open and burning with every barbed word.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Author’s note:
Spencer Reid x Reader fanfic. I’ve written fanfic before but this is my first for the criminal minds fandom! Please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas, I’m always taking prompts!

And here is the AO3 for this story as well:


This was not what you expected.

Nor what you wanted.

“Another hour or more,” that was the expected time frame as reported over the intercom by the powers that be.

Why did it have to be your lousy luck that you would be on this particular metro train when it broke down?

Swallowing the claustrophobic feeling rapidly swelling in your chest, you instead tried to focus on the book you were listening to, Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. You closed your eyes and let the reader take you back in time to distant Russia. That strategy worked for all of seven minutes; you needed some other form of distraction.

People watching was always fun, or so you decided it would be.

Your eyes scanned the faces around you: several impatient suits tapping their feet and checking their designer watches, a furrowed-browed teen clutching a backpack and staring fearfully at those around him, a woman near the door having an animated conversation with herself in the window’s reflection, and directly across from you a man with mismatched socks running a hand over pages of a book and turning them just as quickly. Was he actually reading? That’s impossible! But no, he was reading alright, faster than anyone had a right to.

Perhaps your eyes had lingered on him too long, because his own flew up from the pages and met yours. Instinctively, you looked away, studying the contents of your purse as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. You did not want to start a conversation with random train people, no matter how attractive you may have found them.

Wait, what did you just think? No, no train folk. That was a rule. But….no! No buts! It doesn’t matter if the person in question has soft-looking curly hair, or an extra defined jawline, or such large hands, or….DAMMIT! He caught you staring, and blinked back at you. As he opened his mouth to speak, you quickly turned away, causing your phone to fall off your lap and clatter into the floor, ear buds detaching in the process.

The small space was filled with the voice of your book’s reader,

“During the whole of the performance Levin felt like a deaf man watching people dancing…”

“…and was in a state of bewilderment when the fantasia was over, and felt a great weariness from the fruitless strain on his attention.” The man across from you finished in with sync with the audio book.

“Anna Karenina, I liked that one, it’s been a while since I read it.” He continued as he gave a small smile and stooped down to pick up your fallen phone, “I really should re-read that one. Oh, Doctor Spencer Reid, by the way. But please, just Spencer. You don’t have to call me doctor or anything like that though,” he added quickly.

You cocked an eyebrow, “You don’t seriously have that memorized, do you?”

“Yes, yes I do. I automatically memorize everything I read.”

“And you can speed read too?”

“In essence, yes.” His eyes wided with excitement as he continued on, voice rising in pitch a little. “Right now I’m reading a paper by Hetherington and Willard about low temperature physics, the interesting thing about it is,” his voice faltered and he cleared his throat, “well, you probably don’t want to hear about it. Uh, sorry.” He handed you back your  phone and averted his eyes to the floor, before leaning back and turning to his paper.

You weren’t an expert on behavior, but you knew someone who had been mocked or hushed for their interests before. You studied him for a moment, remembered your rule about train people, then said the hell with it.

“The interesting thing about it is because F. D. C. Willard is a cat. Hetherington wrote the whole paper in the first person plural tense before a friend pointed out that he was the sole author. So, instead of rewriting the whole paper he listed his cat, Chester, as co-author.”

Spencer’s head shot up and he stared at you, brown eyes wide, and jaw dropped slightly open. After a couple seconds of rapid blinking, the corners of his mouth turned up.

“You know about F.D.C. Willard? I…I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way or anything, I’m just surprised because he isn’t really common knowledge outside of scientific circles.”

“Oh? And how do you know that I’m not in scientific circles?” you countered.

“Well, your hair is pulled back in a clip behind your head, a rather conservative style. Your clothes are flattering but modest, you carry a large tote bag that seems to be stuffed with supplies of some sort. So, I could say you work as a scientist, but the one unzipped pocket of your bag with the pack of crayons and bag of red pens says grade school teacher.”

Who the hell was this guy? People didn’t just know things like this, how could he have known?  Subconsciously you leaned away, tucking your feet under your chair and pushing your bag further from his view. All actions that did not escape his attention.

“Wait, wait. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Here.” He sat up and reached into his jacket and - WAS THAT A GUN? - pulled out…something. A badge.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’m an FBI agent. A behavioral analyst. I didn’t mean to freak you out like that. I take it I was right?”

You took the badge from his hand and studied it, it seemed legitimate enough to you.

“You were most definitely right.” You mumbled, finishing your inspection of his badge and handing it back.

With a sudden lurch, the metro train began moving again.

“I told you they would free us!” The lady near the door shouted to her reflection in the window.

You glanced over at Spencer who locked eyes with you and mouthed “wow”.

You sat silently for the rest of the ride, the young doctor across from you stared at the floor rather than pick of his paper again. Your gaze fell over him several times, each time you caught yourself staring you internally chastised yourself. Yet every time you looked away, you felt his eyes on you.

The train pulled up to your stop, and you stood, tucking your phone into your purse before stooping for your tote, but had it handed to you instead.

“Here you go, and I am really sorry for scaring you before.” Spencer said, eyes once again avoiding contact.

“It’s no problem, it means your good at what you do.” You gave him a small smile before turning to leave the train.

He cleared his throat and decided to take a chance.

“Um, could I make it up to you sometime? Maybe dinner?”

You looked back at him, you didn’t have time to stop and write down your number…but, he did remember everything he read.

“There’s a café slash bookstore on the corner of Wesson and Third, I can be there tomorrow night at eight?”

For the second time today, it seemed you had surprised him.

“Yes! Okay, yes I can do that. Tomorrow at eight, I’ll see you there.”

You waved goodbye at him as you got off the train, wondering where this would end up.


Spencer stared at the door after you had left, frowning slightly and twitching his nose. He realized he hadn’t even gotten your name.

“That’s not going to be awkward to ask for at all.” He grumbled to himself.


I am a flower
Growing and learning
And blooming each day
My petals unfold
Each petal to show
A lesson I learned
A chapter I’ve told
You are not my sun
You were the stars and
The moon in my sky
You lightened my dark
But you did not help me thrive
Because a flower
Cannot survive night
There’s no way to grow
It surely will die
For the night does not
Carry enough light
To keep a flower alive
And so I bid you goodbye

-Sorry if this sucks

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Hello! i'm sorry you're feeling lonely! May I ask what your top three favorite books are!

Here are my top three favorite series. Because just reading one book isn’t enough. 

  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket - I have all the books and I have read the series four times. This last time I read it was when I was really starting to write as a hobby and Lemony Snicket just kills me as an author. When I was younger I thought his asides were dumb, but I love them now.
  2. Legend Series by Marie Lu - This was my absolute bread and butter when I was in 9th and 10th grades. I got it as a Christmas present and it is the best present I have ever gotten from this relative. I just could not put it down! I was hooked by like the second chapter.
  3. Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver - I don’t really like love stories about choosing between boys and coming from different worlds and blah blah blah, but this one was just different for me. The book is structured in an interesting way that kept me really interested. I liked the series so much, I even read all the supplement books about the side characters.  

“So you’ve done enough of us? We were good for experiments, but nothing else? Is that why your employers didn’t want me?”

“Vidcund…” Pascal said with a warning in his voice, but this only agitated his brother more.

“No! I’ve waited all my life for my child. Everything PT told us! The noble mission, the eternal gratefullness of his people, all that crap! The goddamn baby books I’ve read, and all that time spent looking up at the sky, waiting for your spaceship to grace me! What is so outstanding about Pascal that he gets two chances, and I get none? What makes him so suitable?”

I honestly didn’t know what to say. I don’t fare well in confrontations, especially ones I’m unprepared for. I was too stunned to inform him of our upcoming plan of opening pollination centers in Balzabian embassies.

Discussion elsewhere about what books/pop culture have pinged as having some spiritual/religious truth to them and I am reminded, again, of how very fucking rare it is to be able to read a work of fantasy fiction and NOT get some fucking ping or another and you know what. I would like a break. I would like reliable ways to GET a break.

I love my gods and the other spirits more than I can put to words, I would not leave this life if I were given the opportunity but fuck. Actual “escapism” is so hard to find. I really love the fantasy genre but too much of it reminds me too much of things outside the damn books and for this and other, bigger, reasons I understand why in some cultures people try to run the fuck away from being drawn into the working-with-the-spirits life.

I have finished off the 1 and only can of Mike’s Hard Whatever-it-was I had on hand and regret I only bought the 1.

If only my eyes were Polaroids: then I could’ve captured the soul awekening glances you gave me which only lasted so long, or our most ephemeral encounters. I’d have been able to hold the sporadic freckles surrounding your lips and the immemorial laugh lines they wore in my young hands.

If my eyes were Polaroids I wouldn’t need worry about the fragility of my memory, for she can only hold on to so long - and I cannot bare forgetting you, I simply cannot live if time washes away the love your ardent fingerprints left, for if that happens, I’ll happily wash way with them as well.

—  MD

Miyawaki Sakura Google + July 23, 2017

Good evening!

Today was the yukata festival!
Everyone who came, thank you very much😊

In these kinds of festivals, I only show up in stage events, so every time I get a lot free time…

Everyone, are your feet tired😮??
If you were tired from waiting, please rest today〜😭

In my free time, I talked with everyone, did shootings, and it was enjoyable😊
I talked pretty lot with the 4th gen-chans as well!
Cute 4th gen-chans😊

Shinamon lent me a book she likes〜〜!
I somewhat like trading books like this!

Well then!
Today, when I talked with members a lot, and they asked me to take pictures with them, so I have a lot of picutres〜〜😊

These few days, I’ll post a lot of pictures with members〜〜!

The first one is with Toyonaga Aki-chan!
Akichan is really doing her best, and really cute。
I understand why she is popular〜〜。

Huh? Behind us, is there Tomiyoshi and Rikopi?笑(laugh)

Good night。
Sakura sake!