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Vernon High Cut Interview

Q: At one interview you said that you have lots of interest towards octopus, but these days, do you have any animals that you are hooked to except for octopus?

VN: Recently the cat that we’ve grown for 10 years has died. Dodamie. I heard my little sister cried all day long. It was because the cat has specially listen well to her. Whatever comforting words I give, it’s still hard, I was just beside my sister and we became sad together.

Q: At the time of your appearance on <Show me the money 4>, in the “How I see myself” (part) you answered “Very relaxed.” When is the moment that you are best relaxed?

VN: Previously with my heart/feelings saying “I should do well on this stage”. I went up to the stage. I felt burdened and a feeling that is too much. Now with the feeling “Let’s enjoy the stage just like how we did during the practice”, I go up (the stage). Because of that, I can think of relaxation and it makes me try more various things. The fans’ reactions are good too. This is a realization that I got recently.

Q: Everything may seem relaxed but there’s moments of tension, right?

VN: I’m very nervous whenever we do variety (shows). It’s very difficult.

Q: Your visuals show that you’re a cold guy but I heard you’re more on the slacking side. I heard Dino chose you as the member who he/they have to take care of the most.

VN: That’s right. Not a long time ago, we went to Jakarta and there was a swimming pool in the accommodation. But I put my wallet in my swimsuit’s pocket and water went in it. The cafe coupons inside got wet too. (laughs) I’ve lost them lots of times that I haven’t even almost used them yet.

Q: You must have heard a lot about “actor award”. And your nickname is “Vercaprio” too. Is there a reason why you had to be a singer, not an actor?

VN: Actually I didn’t start with a let’s-practice-hard-and-debut-coolly-heart but it was a ‘somehow’. I attend simple classes but it was very hard. Just like how it says, it’s like dying so I look around but the other members have been for a longer time than me, I clenched my teeth until the end. 'Ah, these hyungs are doing it too so I can’t give up’. Actually at first I endured those feelings. Time passed by like that and little by little the goal of being a singer has been determined. And now I feel the worth (of the hard work) the most when I go up the stage. It’s not like I’m jumping while being hyped alone but like jumping around with the audience whenever they cheer for us!

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The last one blooming, Chapter 8

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two.


As time went on, Rose fit in well on Asgard. Loki taught her everything she needed to know to catch her up before joining school.

When Loki told her about going to school, she was surprisingly ok about it. Her interactions with other Alphas was getting better too. She was still a little skittish around groups of them or if one was loud, but that was to be expected.

The relationship between Loki and Rose grew every day. It wasn’t often that they were apart. Some nights Loki would fall asleep in Rose’s den with her, other times she would sneak into his room and cuddle up beside him.

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hey! i didnt reach a goal or anything ive just been using in this forsaken website for 9 years now AND here i found some of the best, funniest, most caring and kind people! some have been with me for a long while now, others barely a month, but i really appreciate all the time someone likes 1 single personal post AND that you all endure my spam of interests every, single, day.

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Alright so the general consensus is that people are prepared to wait which I’m pleased about. I honestly want to tell the whole story I was just getting concerned and worried that as it’s taking me so long, that people would simply get bored and lose interest.

So I’m plodding onwards with my original plan which means we’ll definitely be here until next year (unless something major happens and I’m somehow able to get back to writing a chapter a day.) I do feel this story will be my longest yet but I’m also hopeful that it will be my best piece of work. It’s certainly overtaken a lot of my other complete works on ao3 and we’re only about halfway done?

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me guys. I appreciate the love and support you have for this story especially as I originally thought it would be hated. I do seem to have had a burst of motivation and managed to complete the chapter I’d been working on since August and I’m probably amount a third of the way through the next. Once I’ve finished this next chapter then I’ll be in a position to post some more :)

Much love

Cher 💜

I’m still riding the high of the best surgical day of my life yesterday.

“I’ll do my side, then you do your side”

And then he actually let me do everything. Everything. But he didn’t abandon me either, he stuck with me and guided me to make all the cuts in the right places. And it went fucking great. We rearranged the bones of someone’s face and it was glorious.

That is how teaching is done.

First off we just want to wish Andrew Scott a very happy birthday and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we hope he’s having a wonderful day!!

Since it’s Andrews birthday I thought.. what better time is there to celebrate the fanbase? Without him there are a lot of people I wouldn’t know and a lot of people I probably would never have started speaking to, and I know I say this a lot but the Andrew Scott fans are still the best fans I know, everyone is so loving, and kind, and supportive, and it fills me with so much joy to be a part of that. So this year I wanted to celebrate you guys, because without Andrew Scott I wouldn’t know you, and I’m so thankful to him that I do know you guys! So I made a (little) gift for you guys..

I made up a whole bunch of colourful icons over a few months and put them all into a nice page on the blog so it’s easy for you to look at certain colours/characters etc! I know it’s nothing HUGE but I thought it might be something you guys would be interested in! At the moment there’s a little over 100 icons on the page but if there are any colours/patterns you want in the background or if there are any pictures of Andrew you want as icons I’d be happy to make them if you let me know! I’ll probably keep on gradually adding more to the page over time anyway so I’d love to hear your guys’ ideas!

You can find the icons here! And I’ve also added a handy button to the top of the blog page if you want to go there to find them! All of the icons should be 100x100 pixels, let me know if there are any issues with any of them in any way and i’ll try to fix it! It’s not necessary but it’d be awesome if you could like or reblog this post if you use any of the icons (:

I just want to say a final thank you to you guys for supporting us for so long, and a general thank you to the fanbase for being so wonderful, I hope you all like the icons!

Amber <3


Four years ago this girl sent me a DM on twitter asking if I liked Taylor. We talked back and forth until we exchanged numbers, with our last DM being from Niki saying “We’re gonna be best friends I can feel it.” I thought she was crazy.

Now we’re hanging out, laughing constantly, crying together, and still loving Taylor years later. It’s crazy to think that if it wasn’t for Taylor, I wouldn’t have my best fucking friend in the entire world. There’s something so special about our friendship that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.

I’m so lucky to have someone that just gets me. We just click. We literally DO THAT every day. Singlehandedly invented friendship etc. and I wouldn’t even know this girl if I didn’t listen to Our Song on my cousins bedroom floor all those years ago.

Taylor, we love you so much. We cant even begin to explain how much you mean to us separately, but also together. You are literally our entire hearts and you make us the happiest FUCKINF people in the world.

Sorry for this lengthy post, but I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed our lives for the better. We’re so lucky to make you howl and feel like you can’t stop and we’re even more lucky that you think we’re “just the greatest”. Niki is currently sitting on my feet as she scrolls through funny videos on insta and as I write this sappy post.


Love always,
Kaileen and Niki ( @noiseareblinding )



Ran the Gate to Gate 25k today. That sunrise is filter free. It was a gorgeous morning.

I ran this race same time last year. I finished it in 2:59:17. Today, I finished it 17 minutes faster. I felt strong the whole time. I focused on enjoying the day and being out there. I got tired around mile 12. Pretty normal for me right now. I enjoyed the whole race, but the best part was when the girls and keith were cheering for me on the final stretch.

Renn did a great job being away from me, but as soon as she saw me, she lost her mind. I had to feed her before anything else. She didn’t mind how much I stunk.

I placed 27th overall and 8th female. I was aiming for top ten females and a faster time than last year so ✅.

     thank you to everyone who’s written with me over the years.  you’re truly all wonderful people and i wish you all the best.  i’ve enjoyed our threads and all the times we’ve talked ooc.  to those of you that have followed me since 2011 or those that have just started today, you mean a lot to methe fact that anyone, let alone over two thousand people, would appreciate my writing has made feel so blessed.  unfortunately, i need to move on to bigger and better things.  i’m leaving the rpc and dean for good.  

      this isn’t going to be a character study blog.  it’s just going to be an archive.   this is the very last of valorslainthank you for giving my time here meaning.  if you want to keep in contact, you can find me on discod at bbgreat#9189    

     and so it is time for my swan song.   love always,  lia 

miss taylor swift! hi my name is ashley and i’m 19. it’s been almost 2 years since i took this photo after finding the albums that changed my life in a small boston record store. speak now solidified me as a fan of yours for eternity and 1989 showed me that freedom and happiness is achievable. you inspire me constantly and lift me out of my lowest times. without you i wouldn’t have met some of my best friends through twitter, and i can’t thank you enough. i can’t wait to hear reputation in 20 days, but until then, i’ll just keep listening to the albums pictured (and all your discography tbh). i love you forever 💖 @taylorswift


Hi Taylor, my name is Kate! I have some big news for you buddy! :) I am going to be studying abroad in London this year and I dyed my hair partly blonde!💓 I just wanted to say thank you so much for being apart of my life and for always reminding me that I can find happiness after any heartbreak. I love you so much and I am so excited for Reputation. Say hello to your cats for me and have the best rest of your day/night! Hope to give you a hug soon😘💕
Love always,

anonymous asked:

I've been having this thing or a fling with this guy for almost 3 years. We'd kiss a lot Bc id see him a lot because our families are super close. But he's had other girlfriends while we had our fling. He went to college this summer so I haven't seen him in awhile. But 2 days ago we had a super nice talk about life and how he misses me. We've always been on and off. I feel like he's just using me and it's depressing Bc I've liked him and had him in mind all these 3 years. What should I do?

Forget the fuck out of him.

I was in a similar situation very very recently, and honey, ridding yourself of that cancer in your life is the best thing you’ll ever do.

He’s made it clear he doesn’t value enough to fight for you or keep you, so why the fuck should you waste valuable feelings on someone who won’t return them? You deserve better than that girl.

First of all: talk to him. Tell him fucking everything you told me, and make it clear that you aren’t gonna tolerate it anymore. Leave nothing unsaid, get your closure, and most importantly don’t believe his bullshit lies that he’ll tell you in order to defend himself or make you stay. Get your closure, and literally delete him from your life as much as possible.

Take all the love you have for him, and give it to yourself instead. Focus on your school, surround yourself with friends and family who love you, exercise and eat healthy for thay revenge body(👅), take lots of selfies, have a spa day, do a face mask, paint your nails, take yourself out on dates, masturbate, do👏you👏.

Also, if you feel comfortable with it, get a Tinder. Sometimes attention from another guy(s) can do wonders for your confidence, and meaningless hookups are a great way to get over someone. Make sure you use protection, pee and shower after sex, have an escape route, and establish with the guy EXACTLY what the nature of y'alls relationship is if all you want is a hookup. When you’re ready to try a new relationship, fucking go for it.

This is gonna take some time, patience, and courage, but bitch if I can do it so can you. Know your worth, and don’t settle for this dumbass, you deserve better❤

Find 12 songs that would describe you in the soundtrack of your life then tag 10 people you want to get to know better who should try this out.

i was tagged by my freak out partner in crime @ninelittledevils and the amazing @ellabeth01

A song where the lyrics summar

1. your childhood

Lion King - Hakuna Matata

2. your love life  

The Script - The End Where I Begin

3. your high school years

MGMT - Time To Pretend

4. your sexuality

Van Halen - Beautiful Girls 

5. your personality

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

6. your opinion on a hot topic

Eminem - The Storm (BET Cypher) (100000% agree)

7. your best friends

Asaf Avidan - One Day

8. your thoughts on growing up

Five For Fighting - 100 Years

9. you on a night out

Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now

10. your flaws

Linkin Park - Crawling

11. your perfections

OneRepublic - Better

12. your year

Imagine Dragons - It’s Time

damn that was almost impossible. Tagging @riverdalelovee, @just-my-onion, @stilinsk1 and anybody else who wants to try


I spent two days with my best friend/“husband” . His family is renovating their apartment so I went to Ljubljana to help put stuff together. We spent like 6 hours putting the bed and a huuuuuuuge wardrobe together. There was a lot of cursing..

When A went to work and I was alone in the apartment I took the time to go for a run through the city. I lived there for 4 years and I miss it so much 💔 Luckily I have A and his family adores me so I can go whenever I want and sleep over.

The run was amazing. It was a slow 10km, no music. Just me and the quiet streets, wrapped in fog. One of those times when you wish you could run forever ❤. Can’t wait to go again next week.


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.