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The lovely SacconeJoly family just uploaded their latest daily vlog in which we found out that poor Anna had suffered a miscarriage. My heart breaks for them as they seem like wonderful parents to their two children and they were so excited to welcome another little one into their brood. They of course are devastated. I’m devastated for them. As someone who is almost 5 months pregnant, I love their vlogs so much and getting to peek into their beautiful little children’s days for 15 mins has actually gotten me through some quite tough times recently. Nothing beats sadness like watching the toddlers find joy in the simplest things in life. I’m very sad for them. But they’re believers in everything happens for a reason so they’re continuing to daily vlog as normal and share with us what life is for them, as they do everyday. 

The Saconnejolys however, seem to get a lot of hate from their seemingly very young audience. What shocks me most is some of the comments I’ve read on this most recent vlog. Comments blaming them for their miscarriage in some way. Others saying that they don’t care and are exploiting the situation for views and so many commenting on the colour of bloody Zoella’s car as if it matters at all (even Zoe would be angry that people thought thats what was important). 

What disturbs me is the thoughtlessness of the things people comment. Anna and Jonathan may appear to you through a laptop/tv screen. But they are not actors and it is not a tv series. When you comment useless, hurtful things they are about REAL people with REAL problems. Young youtube viewers seem so detached from that idea. These people show you 15 mins of their day. That’s what they choose to show you and they owe you nothing more or less than that. Sure some people say that they live a public life so their lives are open to scrutiny when they let the world in but come on! The negativity they face and the serious trolling nature of these comments is so disturbing.

They’ve shared some of the most beautiful and joyous moments of their lives and some of the saddest. A lot of people, myself included, have derived joy from that. “If you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” may be a cliche but in this case it is entirely true. This isn’t a tv show. These are real people’s lives. If you would think twice before saying it to someone’s face in person, why type it online. 

My hearts broken for this family and I just wish the internet community was a kinder place sometimes. 

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Something that makes me optimistic about Stydia: when they pitch TV shows, they generally pitch a 5-6 season arc. Occasionally we get "endgame" ships early in the series, but it's pretty rare. Ships like Stydia are genuinely way more common. I know Jeff says the writers go back and forth, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Stydia has always been the plan. TV shows are made by the long ship (why I'm still optimistic about Bellarke, too). That's all. =)

I totally agree! It’s like Maya said on Girl Meets World “I’m in it for the long game.” Well, that’s me at Stydia. And that’s the writers as well. They’re working towards a goal. Let’s face it– Stiles and Lydia were never going to become canon before the end of the show. That’s not how television works. If the showrunners know the audience wants something, they pull out the stops at the end of the show so people keep hoping for it and enjoying the sexual tension and the build up. (I think the TW writers think they’re still doing a good job with the build up. Somebody should probably tell them…)  

I do believe that, from the beginning of the show, Stiles and Lydia were not supposed to end up together. I don’t think their development was a plan right from the start, especially because of how they initially wrote Lydia’s character before Holland came in. I genuinely think that Stydia as an endgame ship and Lydia being the girl Stiles had a crush on at the beginning of the series is pure coincidence. I think we owe Stydia (and by Stydia I mean the romantic development in 3a and 3b, which led to a bigger fandom and therefore more Stydia, in whatever form it comes for the sake of drama) to three main things: Dylan getting hotter and more popular, Colton leaving, and the chemistry in season two. Idk how it got there, but I think that while Dylan was acting as Stiles it came through and felt natural to Holland, and the fans started to latch onto it. But, in reality, I don’t think Stydia was supposed to be endgame until later in the show’s development. 

However, at this point the writers are almost forced into Stydia. I actually think they’re kind of in a corner with them, because they know that they have the power to make something epic. Especially now that Scallison is gone, there isn’t a huge endgame ship for the show to work towards. Nothing that started from the beginning and will create a sense of closure for the fans (which is a really good way to utilize ships at the end of a show’s run.) The writers started the development, they’ve built it up– if they get them together, they can say it was the plan the whole time. They can say that they were patient, that they allowed growth for both characters. Stydia could be the writers’ divine move. And with a show that is steadily declining, pulling off a hat trick like this would be a really great mark to leave on the audience (which is heavily Stydia biased). 

They’d be silly not to do it. And if it’s fan service? All the better. Serve the fans. They deserve at least that much. 


1) I am Swen.

Hi I’m Julia (but you can call me Parker because theres so many Julia’s in this fandom - its getting confuse), 19 years old, I’m from Brazil, a tiny little south town (so if you have any question about Rio and São Paulo I would say you have to ask for the other Brazilian fans because all i know from Rio is from TV..I know shame..) I like to read a lot, I’m not really an animal lover but my sister has a bunny and hes family now. But thats it.

I‘m not fluent in english so you’ll find mistakes in this text post. I watch series and movies a lot, I like to read fantasy books, I will totally blame the amazing fanfictions in this fandom for not reading more books. I’m studying to become a healthcare assistant, nursing auxiliary (was actually hard to find the words to express because english is so different from portuguese but these words fit) I’ll graduate this year.

uhm .. I like to write and draw but I’m not good at it (actually if you give a picture of korra i will draw her well but if you ask me to do something on my own i will cry and throw the pencil in your head)

I make some photoshop edits and fanmixes for the fandom and you can find in my mess of a blog but i dont have talent so dont hold your breath..

2) I love Swan Queen.

Because True Love is magic.

I started watching OUAT because a lot of Olicity shippers do…and i saw a gifset with pirates. PIRATES!! I LIKE PIRATES.. and thought why not? ouat was on my netflix (season 1 and 2) so i watched and forgot the pirate… Because who is the awkward blonde with a past and the beautiful evil mayor??…When I watched The Stable Boy i cried a lot and sold my soul to Regina Mills… I’m not gonna lie i got a little lost watching and just started shipping in Neverland and ep. Going Home. and in 3 days season 3b started and I became a Swen.

It’s impossible to imagine what i would be doing without SQ. I discovered a lot about myself because of Swan Queen. Its such a beautiful story, with two powerful women who love the same son and are in opposite side of the same war. A war that one started and the other was born to end it. 

And despite everything they can work together when the most important thing for them its at stake. I cannot understad when people tell that they dont work together or dont see the chemistry or the potential for this beautiful story. I seriously just dont understand…

3) I love Swen.

As a Swen I’m very quiet because i hate that im not fluent in english enough to actually have real conversations (or to win an argument) with this amazing fandom but im trying my best. So I want to thanks angstbotfic ashermajestywishes helebette and bnaz for being vocal against the problems in ouat because i wouldnt know what “rape culture” is or understand the lack of representation on media if wasnt for them. As person who lives in a small town this is not addressed the way it should be. I might have learned  this in few years but I know this now and i feel that it changed me.

I want to thanks dakota829snow coalitiongirl rosesdancinginmymind and sgtmac7 for the beautiful stories that all of you write. All of you have been responsible for a lot of tears and laughs…

Seriously guys i feel like i could write all night here about how all of you are amazing, how you make me laugh, how the last years was terrible for swen but i wanted to stay in the fandom because theres people like ethan-8 and dakota829snow that make or days better and that if SQ never become canon at least we will have each other. no matter what the show decides we built something here and thats important.

I’m here for over a year and was the best one. Because all of you.

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Hi :) I want to ask you , what exactly those people who do visual art narratives in movies do ? or tv series like spn? I'm a bit confused about what is the job about, because I know visual art is usually painting and stuff like that so what it means in movies? Because first I thought of graphic designers but that's probably still not it. So please,can you explain it to me ?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but I can talk a little about the sort of jobs that contribute to the narrative visually.

First of all, it’s important to remember that in visual media (TV, movies, comics, etc.) just as much storytelling is done through shot composition, lighting, blocking, set design, color palette, and so on, as the words the writers put on the page. Just like different line readings given by an actor can color the meaning of line, framing the shot in different ways can contribute different meanings to the scene. For example of visual storytelling, think of all the times in s9 when Dean and Cas had a intimate moment and there was a reaction shot from Sam; this is a decision made by the editor or director or both to add meaning (whether you want to interpret that as Sam is a third wheel in their interactions or that Sam recognizes they’re in love with each other or whatever).

All of the keys to visual storytelling I mentioned above are the result of a collaborative process, with a lot of people working at all sorts of points of the production.

Costume designers and set decorators and grips and directors of photography work with the writer and the director (and showrunner for TV) in advance to set the tone, leave visual clues, establish color keys, etc. thecaptainsoiree’s meta goes in depth into all of the visual symbolism in the Carver era, including recurring visual motifs, colors used repeatedly in clothes/sets/lighting, etc. 

Directors and cinematographers plan the composition and duration of shots, so how the actors (or other important bits of visual information) are arranged in the frame and how long the camera looks at the actors, etc. Whether a character is in the middle of the frame or off to the side or the shot is only half a second or several minutes lets viewers know the importance of the moment/the character/etc.

Then, the editor (often working with the director) puts together the shots, picking the line readings, camera angles, reaction shots, etc. that contribute most to the visual narrative. If you’ve ever seen movie trailers edited in the style of other movies (this one springs to mind or this one), it’s clear that editing plays a big role! Choosing certain shots over others can make a big difference. Phil Scriggia talks about in the 8x13 commentary how catching Jensen pulling back his badge, and then editing it in, really adds something to scene (often interpreted as Dean’s headspace moving from fake!FBI!hunter to just Dean). 

So, while there are often people on set who paint and draw and design, creating a visual narrative requires lots of people who do all sorts of things, from setting up lights to designing how the camera will move through the space to editors. I hope this answers your question!