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2016 memes

2016 memes

•bad new year jokes
•if a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or this
•all these suggestion blogs
•orange soda please
i’ll have the strawberry soda
me too, the strawberry soda
•You fucked up a perfectly good x is what you did. Look at them. They got anxiety.
•kylo ren is shredded
•Jared Leto: *does something*
Director: oh my God…it’s like…is he Jared…or Joker right now?????
•tag yourself
•super mario 64 half a press
•this is x. be like x

•the finebros suing something
•secret government agent: *punches me in the face* SAY IT
me: never
secret government agent: x
me: *spits blood in their face* fUCK YOU
•bernie or hillary things that have a ridicilous issue and even funnier answers
•jean something, jomething
•damn daniel
•ted cruz is the zodiac killer

•the dad from kuzco being like 👌
•kazoo kid
•everyone who watched zootopia is a furry
•history of japan
•x or y? *insert similiar pictures here, like donald trump and raw chicken*
•get you a man that can do both
•going to papaw’s house for burgers
•no oscar meme is dead meme
•we dem boyz
•i’m you but stronger

•marge simpson
•different variations of the hs panel where jade picks up the note
•tumblr’s lizard voting
•everyone’s a dirty homestuck
•lot of those powerpuff selves
•baby stevens
•ruining someone’s dream journal
•there’s no way out of it you’ll just have to decapitate me
•autocorrect in verbal conversation
person1: i love you
person1: *hate
person2: this is a verbal conversation
•don’t talk to me or my son ever again
•dark x show me y

•dan backslide (and dover boys)
•dat boi
•stone age spongebob

•are you x or y person? (tag yourself meme in text format)
•get a man who can do both is getting more popular again
•it’s june where the fuck are halloween memes???

•america memes
•the vacuum cleaner playing a harmonica
•associating characters/songs/etc. with spongebob screenshots
•(any videogame) go, go outside and x
•a picture of something with text, and more pictures after that, in every one of the pictures the picture starts getting waaay worse, but the text gets really detailed
•judge: how do you plead?
x: *looks at y*
y: *mouths ‘not guilty’*
x: hot milky
y: jc just lock them up
•hitting the blue button

•arthur screenshot where his hand is a fist
•9-1-1 for kids
•sausage party
•how (character) are you feeling today? *numbers from 1 to ten with silly pictures of the character*
•alola form

•the thing with voltron fandom where there’s train tracks and “death in season 2” and two characters and u have to choose which one to kill
•someone: a basic word
me, an intellectual: that word said with synonyms to make it sound weird
•gonna prank dad when he gets home ((he never gets home))
•[song] but it keeps getting faster

•the presidental debate, i can’t believe that there still are people who want to vote trump after that, yikes
•you vs the guy she told you not to worry about
•photofunia retrowave
•picture of someone with those math things
•my longest yeah boy ever
•taking a picture of something that requiers two hands in a bathroom
•posting ur favourite vines

•christmas stuff
•dick: out
•sir, you’ve been in coma
•kermit with a hood on his head
•blurred image that says perfection, after that an image where glasses are being cleaned, and then something u like

• *picture of really basic or bad food with text that’s spelled wrong and the phrase “bon appetit” is spelled even more wrong"
•*dropping something, and it spells send nudes*
•x but every time y happens it gets faster
*bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster
•several spongebob memes
•i described the meme about bad pictures with detailed text in july, it’s wildly popular now
•dramatic youtubers

apparently i missed a few things so, additions:
•steven’s knife
•joe biden
•aux chord
•a lot of spongebob memes, like the blurry mister crabs
•nebby get in the bag
•harambe happened earlier than it says on the list
•several stranger things memes
•we die like men

tbh one of my fav things about steve rogers is the faces he makes during fights like

could u imagine fighting this tough 200 pound brick house of dude and all u see is that 

or that

or ??? this??? he literally looks like a turtle???? an actual ninja turtle of freedom???

and his “OH SHIT” face is so iconic™????

ok here he honestly looks like he smelled a bad fart & can’t escape it im so????



Fluffy/Blushy Sentence Starters

aka “I can feel my cheeks blushing from just thinking about what I want to say to you”

  • “I like the way your hand fits in mine.”
  • “You have something in your hair, umm… Do you want me to get it out?”
  • “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
  • “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”
  • “I’m bad at texting first, so I always end up hoping you will.”
  • “This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?”
  • “Wait, don’t pull away… Not yet.”
  • “You look really cute in that sweater.”
  • “Half the time I get too embarrassed to say anything.”
  • “No, it’s fine.  I can wait until you’re done talking to them.”
  • “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
  • “You’re a big piece of inspiration for this, honestly.”
  • “God, you always make me blush so damn much.”
  • “I’ve been trying to get ready for like an hour and a half, because I know you’re going to look so good and I need to try and match up.”
  • “Would it be too cliche if we matched clothes a little?”
  • “First second I saw you and I couldn’t get over how beautiful you were.”
  • “I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.”
  • “Could you hold my hand?”
  • “You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”
  • “I really love holding you, darling.”
  • “That pet name was so gushy, but it was also so cute.”
  • “Aw, you’re blushing like a rose.”
  • “Your lips are really warm.”
  • “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”
  • “No, mom, don’t tell him/her I said that about him/her!”
  • “My friends get so annoyed by how much I talk about how sometimes.”
  • “Wanna, like– I mean, if you’re not busy… We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”
  • “Wow, I didn’t think you could make me smile this big.”
  • “You don’t need to leave so soon.”
  • “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.”
  • “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”
  • “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”
  • “You make me so happy.”
  • “Don’t give me that puppy dog face.  How am I supposed to say no to that?”
  • “You made these cupcakes for me?”
  • “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon.”
  • “Let’s share my coat, since you’re so cold.”
  • “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
  • “You make me feel so damn gushy.”
  • “How do you always manage to look so captivating?”
  • “Would you mind if I kissed you?”
  • “Are you sugar personified or something?”
  • “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”
  • “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
  • “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.”
  • “Is it cold outside or are you just blushing?”
  • “Yeah… Huh? Oh, sorry I was just thinking about my girl/boyfriend.”
  • “I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what do do.”
  • “I remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.”
  • Writer’s choice

Send a name and a sentence xx

Someone pausing still frames of SU, intentionally gathering the least attractive ones and using it as Concrete Evidence that the show is “terrible” tells me one thing and one thing only:

-how much someone knows jackshit about animation because you can literally pause any piece of Western animation, no matter how highly regarded, and find “bad” or “funny looking” frames. it’s also easy to intentionally leave out all the good qualities of said show to fit your half-baked argument just because you don’t personally like it and need to make it look as bad as possible

following this logic, by default, I guess all these shows and movies are terrible too

I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~

So yeah maybe I ran out of questions but you ran out of answers.
where the fuck were you when i was half drowned in a bottle of whiskey just asking for a text back?
where the fuck were you when life crawled under my skin and tore itself out from the inside?
where the fuck were you when I was going through it last November and you said looking at pain this close made you uncomfortable?
where do you get off with telling me I shouldn’t talk to him and that he’s bad and he only cares about one thing when the only goddamn time you were interested in me is when my clothes were off and yours were too
look at this game we played because it never was that to me but you only just now put your cards down so you could hold her fucking hand and
i can’t be mad about it I can’t feel it in my chest like a jolt of electricity i can’t beg for you to come back when you were never even here so
maybe i ran out of questions
but only when you stopped fucking answering them.
—  so block me again we’re not even friends– lily rain

You should’ve picked mercy…

Redraw from the song No Mercy. I love this song go listen to it pls

It’s clear from all of the anti-recovery on this site that a lot of kids have this weird false idea about what recovery actually is. 

For those of us who are chronically ill, mentally ill, disabled, struggling with addiction, etc, recovery isn’t, “HOO I DID A THING AND NOW I’M ALL BETTER 100% JUST NORMAL LOOK AT ME!” like someone getting over a cold or getting their tonsils removed. 

Recovery is the rest of your life. 

Literally recovery is every day forever. 

It’s hard work. It’s a process. It’s management. It’s good days. It’s bad days. It’s faces dirty with tears. It’s relapses. It’s disappointment. It’s falling down.

But it’s also getting back up. Again and again. 

Today I might fall five steps behind. But tomorrow if I take one half-step forward, that’s recovery. 

Stop mocking recovery. Please. Don’t call us neurotypical or abled like an insult, like we don’t belong or don’t get to speak because we’re proactive and put our all into our health. That’s shitty. 

Don’t take that away from us. Let us try to be well to our best ability. Let us reduce suffering. Let us be strong and let us be weak. 

Just let us be.

The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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Not only have I gained weight, I’ve gained 40+ pounds. I’m touching 260. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been. I haven’t been able to take a picture without having real negative shit to think or say about myself. Which is why I haven’t posted anything in a longgggg time. I haven’t been happy with my body in months since I started noticing the change in my body. Most of the girls on here have followed me because of my confidence that I show off in my posts. And I feel so bad because I’m telling them to love the body God gave them and I can’t even look at a full length mirror.. But you know what? I’m still fly as fuck. Even if I’m 10lbs lighter or 50lbs heavier I’m still sexy. Still kind and attractive and smart and important and genuine and a big motherfucking deal. So here I am, half clothed and loving myself.

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! Cuz we slay. ❤️

This is exactly how I feel. We need to make sure that respect is still the basic thing we have.

People twisted my words in my post where I defended Felix. It has almost 2,000 notes and half of them are telling me i’m bad because i’m “indirectly” spreading hate. ( Here is the link where I defend Felix, just look at the responses x )

I’m already labeled as “antisemitic, fascist or even racist” just for having the guts to defend Felix, not Pewdiepie. 


People are treating Felix like an animal, every single thing he does is being watched by millions of eyes, waiting for the opportunity to get him down.

I’m so happy Mark made this video. It means a lot.
He is not afraid to call out the bullshit people are doing. So many youtubers are afraid to get involved. So many youtubers don’t give a fuck for others.
I’m so happy that Felix has some good friends. Friends who are not afraid to defend each other.

Please, speak out if you have the need. Speak out if you see bullshit. 
Don’t let respect disappear from this awful planet.
It doesn’t even matter if you love or hate someone. RESPECT is the basic thing you need to have.

I’m even sure @therealjacksepticeye is thinking exactly the same thing as Mark.

Thank you so much for speaking out.
Felix doesn’t deserve this humiliation.

Harry isn’t only smiley

(a far-from-comprehensive post for @gettingaphdinlarry​)

All of One Direction are generally professional and controlled on-camera, so it’s fairly unusual for a camera to capture Harry in anger. I think he presents genuine parts of himself to the public — zenHarry, goofy joker, stageHarry, charismatic fashionista, etc — but he’s a private person and he keeps himself to himself. We’re more likely to see him laugh off any irritation, as here:

In my opinion,  the enjoyable “Harry is a sweet zen angel” trope is sometimes used to demean and dismiss complexity in Harry. His emotions include the uncomfortable ones, of course. I think he likely has a substantial and sometimes vicious temper. He doesn’t like to be criticized. He tends to get cold and/or passive-aggressive…  

When I look at the following gifs, I see varied displays of discomfort, irritation, and anger (but seeing as I wasn’t there and I’m not Harry, there’s every possibility that I’m wrong).

What did you say, Louis, that got Harry in a snit?

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Broken Promises (Alec x Reader)

“We promise Jace we wouldn’t do this” You said to Alec as he started to kiss down your neck.

“Promises are meant to be broken” Alec mumble against your skin, leaving you full of goosebumps.

“Look at you becoming a bad boy”

Alec stopped kissing you and look at you in the eyes and said

“Are you going to keep talking or are we going to hav-” but before he had a chance to finish a knock cut him off at the door.

“Y/N are you in there?” You heard your brother Jace say.

“Shit” You both cursed at the same time, quickly putting on yours guys clothes

“Give me a minute, I’m getting changed” You yelled.

“Alec hide” you whisper to him while you finished putting on your shirt.

“Where?” He half shouted, crossing his arms. “Where can I possibly go?” You looked around the room when your eyes landed on your wardrobe.

“In there” you told Alec as you pointed to it.

“Really Y/N” He said while rolling his eyes.

“Yes now, go before Jace breaks down my door and sees you” You stated as you started to walk towards the door. Just as you reached the door you could hear Alec shutting the wardrobe doors behind him.

“Yes brother” You spoke as you opened the door revealing a pissed off looking Jace.

“We need to talk about Alec” He said as he pushed his way in your room.

“What about Alec?” You asked, hoping that he didn’t find out of the truth.

“It’s about his attitude when it’s comes to Clary” Jace huffed “Your his best friend and a girl so do you have any idea why he’s so rude to her and not you?”

You could practically see Alec rolling his eyes to the wardrobe doors.

“Jace, Alec is rude and close off to basically everyone. You should know that by now. I’m different and you know that, I’m your sister if he didn’t like me he would have a problem with you and Isabelle” You said. Jace just stare at you then you both heard a little creek. Shit, you thought he could find Alex

“What’s that?” Jace asked as he looked around your room looking for the spot where the noise came from.

“Probably just my wardrobe doors” Jace raised his eyebrows at you questioning. “I made have went on another shopping spree with Izzy” You said as try to pull the guilty look.

“You two and clothes” Jace said he rolled his eyes fully believing your lie. He started to make his way out but before he left he turned to you and said “Could you talk to Alec about Clary please? I mean you are his best friend”

“Your his parabatai” You said crossing your arms. Jace went to say something back but you stop him “I’ll do it but only for you”

“Thank you sis” Jace said before shutting the door leaving.

“I’m never getting in there again” Alex told you as he got out of your wardrobe.

“Aww is the shadowhunter to tall too fit?” You teased him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Alec leaned down and buried his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stop” he mumble all you could was laugh, it was funny seeing serious Alec go into this shy boy. You gasp as you felt Alec starting to suck on your neck.

“Alec” You whisper, he looked up at you and smirk.

“Where were we?” Alec as he pulled you both towards the bed.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Damian's greatest fears evolve as he gets older?

Damian’s greatest fear is obviously his future. In his mind he is destined to either turn out to be just like his father or turn out to be just like his grandfather, in his mind there’s no in-betweens.

At the moment I feel that this fear is still in its development stage but if nothing is done about it I can see it having the potential to evolve into something bigger. I don’t think anyone at time being has noticed the magnitude of this weight on his shoulders, it might become more apparent when Damian takes it to the next level by being more insecure about his actions and their impact, I can see him always questioning himself by thinking “is this something my grandfather would do?” or “is this an acceptable thing for the Batman’s son to do?” and so on. For this whole ordeal to stop he needs to realize that only he can decide the kind of person he can be, now I can’t think of a specific scenario right now that can achieve that but I think that getting to know his father (MANY) flaws and learning that his father is just a normal human being that doesn’t always make the right decisions (and the other Batkids can help by vouch for that) and reforming his past relationship with his mother so he can see that the world isn’t always black & white and that his mother has done as much good as she did bad (despite all the many bad writers who don’t know that) and after all that he can finally mentally relax and not be too hard on himself and afterwards he can begin to grow and maturate into his future self without worrying about his bloodlines.

Garcia Flynn. Question his methods, but don’t doubt his motives for a second. For @qqueenofhades - this is all your fault!  Tagging @garciiaflynn as well. 

Paranoia ⇝ M

⤷ “Does it look like I want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life?”

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Summary: Because waking up beside the one you have always despised isn’t something that you thought would ever actually happen.

A/N: I wrote half of this after my surgery while being drugged up. I was hesitant on posting it but..well you tell me what you think. xD 

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, humor and  minor angst…I think. Nothing bad really, just implied smut and alotta cursing. ((: {Yoongi x Reader}

Words: 8.9k

You felt the warm sun rays beam through the sheer curtains, lightly hitting your face while you let out a soft grumble. Your body has never been as sore as it was now, and your head was pulsing and you knew exactly from what—a hangover. Your eyes slightly opened, and you looked around the room and realized you had no clue as to where the hell you were.

Your eyes fluttered shut, falling back onto the plushy mattress while grabbing the fluffy blanket and pulling it over your face to cover it from the sunlight. You had no idea what happened last night, but as long as you were still alive, it was all okay. You smiled, thankful that you were actually in a nice hotel room, and as you were slowly falling into the deep depths of slumber, you felt arms wrap around your waist. You smiled, turning in your spot and feeling the arms pull you into a warm, broad chest. You felt like you could sleep peacefully now, and as you dug your face into the chest—you couldn’t be any happier knowing you had extra warmth to provide you in bed.

Wait a minute..


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[Trans] 170214 Wechat post by Ruan Zhiyong (OP was selling flowers near where Yixing was filming Operation Love on Valentine’s day when Yixing bought all his flowers):

I’ll never dare to sell flowers again for Valentine’s day in the future. It was really too hard to sell. After two and a half hours I sold three.

But damn it to hell, I thought of that phrase “you still need to have a dream, just in case it can become real”.

Holding my bucket, the bucket that contains the flowers, I’m walking along the desolate ErSha Island. I’m a little eye catching and a little dumb looking, but I have something beautiful beside me, such beautiful flowers so I’m feeling not too bad.

I’m walking and walking, in front of my eyes appear a wave of people. I continue to walk forward, I was called to a stop by a guy with makeup on. He then gestured another guy beside him and left these words.

“Get all these flowers. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s buy them to give to the production team.”

I found out after that this guy was called Zhang Yixing and he happened to be filming a drama at ErSha island. Around the set in all four directions was all full of fan girls.

I don’t really know the person, but just for the straightforwardness and that he bought flowers for the staff of the production team and the supporting fan girls, I thought yep, this brother isn’t bad.

I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to see how many Zhang Yixing fan girls there are in my (wechat’s) circle of friends.

Life is like (a box of) chocolates, you never know if the next person you’ll meet will buy all the flowers you have on hand in one go.