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I’ve noticed a somewhat troubling trend in which autistic/autistic coded characters are referred to as “my smol ace baby” or “my little aro boy” by non autistic people, and where autistic coded characters are immediately labeled as aro/ace by neurotypical fans. 

I want allistics to think long and hard about how they talk about autistic/autistic coded characters, and how infantilization plays into the way they think about those characters’ sexualities. There’s nothing wrong with having an ace headcanon for an autistic character, but I still want you guys to think about how you talk about autistic folks and notice if there’s a pattern to what characters you headcanon as aro/ace. 

We live in a culture where people are incredibly uncomfortable with developmentally disabled people having sexual and romantic feelings for people, and I need people to realize that the way they talk about autistic sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. 

I need you to ask yourselves these questions: Would I headcanon this character as aro/ace if it weren’t for their autistic coded traits? Am I uncomfortable with the idea of an autistic person expressing sexual/romantic feelings? How does the language I’m using to describe these characters contribute to the infantilization of disabled people (and ace people, while we’re at it)? Do I headcanon all autistic/autistic coded characters as aro/ace or just these specific ones?

*This post does not apply to autistic aro/ace folks. 

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I want a Teen Wolf Shadowhunters (Or Mortal Instruments) AU.

I want Stiles to be Magnus and Derek to be Alec. Just imagine it…
Derek standing at the alter when Stiles barges in, saying he’ll leave but only if Derek wants him to. Derek coming back down the aisle, grabbing Stiles by the front of his jacket and kissing him in front of everyone.

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Imagine Isaac - as Jace - constantly walking in and interrupting every intimate moment they have.

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Imagine Stiles getting so frustrated about that that he barges into Alec’s place, asks if Isaac is around and when Derek says no, kisses Derek like there’s no tomorrow.

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Just imagine it… all of it.

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A/N so i made the reader wear a dress, I’m sorry to kind of gender the reader, i know I don’t usually do that, but I’m partially going off of my own experiences here lol 

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“What’s this?” Sophie asked, peeking over your. You quickly tried to hide the note under her homework.

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Sometimes I am suddenly just struck by the realization that something that seemed so far away, so hard to achieve when I was younger is now completely feasible. Stuff like planning my own vacations, determining the direction of my life, and buying a pack of Capri Sun whenever I feel like it.

Drunk me really likes to clean/has a natural tendency to clean and I think my calling is drunk asexual trophy wife, who wants to marry me

Cookie Decorating - Kentin x Angel

This is a request from @scp-xxx for a drabble between her candy, Angel, and Kentin. I hope that you like it and if there is anything that you want me to change, please let me know.

Decorating definitely wasn’t Kentin’s specialty, and the fine skills needed for decorating baked goods really wasn’t his specialty. But Angel seemed to have a natural talent for it. Each and every cookie that she had decorated had it’s own unique design that had nothing out of place. Hearts, flowers, stripes, polka-dots, she could do it all. Looking at his next to hers had him wanting to give up.

Then he saw the look on her face. The concentration she was putting into it mixed with the wide smile that shone in his direction whenever she looked up at him. How could he want to stop what he was doing when there was someone as lovely as her next to him? He couldn’t. When he saw her like this he wanted to stay by her side forever and watch her during her happiest moments and hold her during the saddest. To him, her name explained exactly who she was: an angel.

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Sirius and Harry were in charge of candles.

Honestly? Shoutout to those of you who are completely fucking lost in life. Those who don’t know what they want to do with life. Those who are stuck in a certain part of life and can’t get out. Those who are reaching for dreams they feel are impossible to reach. Those who feel like they’re accomplishments are being overlooked. Those who feel like their enough just isn’t enough. It is. You can make it. You will make it. There is an opening at the end of the tunnel.


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Me: I bet Percy can sing!


Me: Okay, but I have this headcanon where Leo sings pretty.


Me: Well, Will is Apollo’s son, what about he singing?


Me: Okay, I give up. I’m sure Piper doesn’t sing.


“Vulcan had no moon, Captain.”


because I love those gifs that suddenly animate and i just really wanted to make one.


doods done between finals: zelda edition