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so here goes nothing, but I’m thinking this : Maxwell Beaumont had a brief fling with Drake’s sister Savannah, until she realizes she’s pregnant with his child. Conflicted, she goes to Bertrand Beaumont. Bertrand is LIVID. A Beaumont child born to a commoner, and out of wedlock, no less. He promises her that she will receive a stipend to start a life with her child far from Cordonia, so long as she not jeopardize the Beaumont House by telling a living soul about their problem. (Maybe Bertrand even tells Savannah that Maxwell is disgusted by her since getting her pregnant, and that he now hates her. Or he tells Savannah that if she really cares about Maxwell, she won’t jeopardize his life, honor, and reputation by staying in Cordonia.) So distraught, Savannah cuts all ties with her family and leaves to France to birth and raise her child. But the stipend the Beaumont house pays her is taking a toll, and is slowly driving them bankrupt. Bertrand blames Maxwell for this ( Even though maxwell has no idea that it’s his fault the house is losing money) and that’s why Bertrand seems to always be angry with Maxwell for no good reason, and that’s why Maxwell is so confused as to why Bertrand acts this way toward him. If Maxwell isn’t made a love interest, then by the end of the book, we might see him reunite with Savannah, and his child.

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MC and Jumin have a son who is spitting image of his father he's like 6 he's always in one of his parents arms even with RFA he's shy

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You had both been ecstatic when you found out about your pregnancy, to say the least.

 It hadn’t been planned, only going to the doctor after bouts of peculiar morning sickness, having been told the news with wide, jaw dropped expressions.

Yet once you found out, you couldn’t have been happier. 

Jumin almost immediately began making room for a nursery, doting on you even more so than usual, a hint of a smile somehow always etched on his expression. 

You would both scribble down ideas for a name, switching between them in the later hours of the night, your husband’s arms cradled around you as you spoke to each other.

“I was thinking of perhaps Do-Yun if it’s a boy?” Jumin offered, his words drowsy as he slipped off, his head resting against your own.

“You want our child’s name to mean road?” You stifled a snicker, twisting to face him. “I love you so much, but there’s no way we can go with that name.” 

He pressed a light kiss to your temple, a murky, adoring gaze aimed to you. “What have you chosen then?”

“I was thinking…” You flipped through the numerous pages for your favorite one, pointing it down. “Jeong.” 

“Jeong…” He repeated the name again, nodding as it seeped into his brain. “It’s perfect, just like you darling.” 

And soon enough, Jeong was born.

A boy.

A boy with wide dark eyes like his father, curly wisps of hair that twirled about his gaze, and the tiniest hint of a smirk that painted his features whenever he saw his family.

Just like his father.

He was almost always attached to one of your hips as he became a child, shrouding himself back even when around other RFA members, quiet as a mouse as he’d cling to your leg.

“Here, come on, say hello to Aunt Jahee!” You exclaimed, Jahee nervously approaching, kneeling down before him.

She herself was a bit uneasy, never having interacted with kids much she nervously raised a hand for him to shake.

“U-Um…hello, I’m Jahee Kang. I’ve been close to your family for a very long time.” 

He didn’t say a word but dipped his head nervously, his small hand returning her gesture, nearly entirely enveloped by simply Jahee’s palm. 

“Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

He looked to you, almost afraid before you squeezed his shoulder, encouraging him. 

And he mustered up his courage to speak.

“H-Hi,” He murmured. “I-I’m Jeong H-Han.” 

Jahee laughed just a bit. “I know, your father won’t stop talking about you and your mother, even more than Elizabeth 3rd.” 


She nodded. “Yes, he really does love you both.” 

And though he shrunk back between your leg, you noticed his face light up.

He would always seem thrilled whenever you or Jumin were mentioned, sometimes even a giggle slipping from his lips. 

But just as raising a child, it has its downs just as much as its ups.

And for Jeong, it came in the form of nightmares.

They were rare, but on the occasions that they did happen, they left him sobbing, stifling up wheezes and sputtering up coughs.

The worst occasion had been recent, the two of you jerking awake as you heard the initial yell from your son, his whimpers quieting.

He never wanted to wake you up, always apologizing whenever one of you came in, curling back up further into a ball until scooped him up and dried his tears.

This time, Jumin unraveled his arms from you, pressing a chaste kiss to your knuckles as he sat up.

“I’ll handle it, get some rest darling.” 

You rose up slightly, lids heavy as you glanced at him. 

“I…I can go after him it’s fine-” 

“Dear, it’s fine,” He assured you, his tone soft. “

You let out a small huff, sinking back against the cushions, watching as he made his way out. 

You tried to slip back to sleep but couldn’t bring yourself to do it, stirring with a certain set of worry brimming inside. 

You left the bed, yawning as you scrambled to your feet, trudging out into the hall, your feet brushing against the carpet as you passed by the bedroom, caught by the words being said.

“I-I had a nightmare…” Jeong whispered, sniffling through his tears. 

“What happened in it?”

“Y-You left Mommy and I…a-and you didn’t come back.” He answered, his voice brittle and breaking. “Y-You never came back!” 

Jumin was silent for a moment when he spoke almost sad at the very idea his son presented.

“You know I would never do that,” He cooed. “You and your mother are my entire world, I can’t imagine a day without you.” 

Your son didn’t respond.

“…Did I ever tell you of how I fell in love with your mother?”


You pressed your back against the hall’s wall, listening curiously, despite sleep lulling inside of you.

“Well, I used to be very shut off, very closed off from the rest of the world- I had very poor experiences with other people,” He said. “but then your mother appeared in my life-purely by accident but she…she changed it entirely. She gave me something I never thought I’d truly have.” 

“W-What was that?”

“Happiness. Honest and true happiness. She lights up my days like the sun lights up the night sky. And I knew I loved her from the instant I first saw her-just as I loved you the moment I first laid eyes on you.” 

“S-So y-you’re not going anywhere dad?” 

“No, not in a million years.” 

“You promise?”

He didn’t hesitate.

Not for a second.

“I promise.”