for marya

balaga is fun, bolkonsky is crazy, mary is plain, dolokhov is fierce, hélène is a slut, anatole is hot, marya is oldschool, sonya’s good, natasha’s young, and aNDREY IS GONEDREY

you shameless good-for-nothing you vile shameless girl in my house in my house a nice girl very nice you dirty nasty wench of a thing now don’t you say one word in my house in my house horrid girl h u s s y it’s lucky for him he escaped but I’ll find him now you listen to me when i speak to you nOW YOU L I S T E N TO M E WHEN I SPEAK TO Y O U IN MY H O U S E IN M Y H O USE DO Y OU HE AR WHAT I’M SAYING OR N  O  T  ? ? ?

Cool things from seeing the Great Comet live (in no particular order)

Also this is based off my personal experience, so it may be different for others!


-walking through the theatre onto the stage
-old Russian war songs like ‘katyusha’ being played over the speakers before the show and during intermission
-the air raid sirens to tell people the show’s starting
-In the opera how Natasha being in 'a state of intoxication’ involves her seeing Andrey being killed by enemy soldiers
-Dolokhov’s boot strap things that go up his legs
-Balaga being so utterly chaotic
-Anatole’s narcissism
-The whole theatre having a blast during the abduction while violently shaking their egg shakers
-the dumplings
-pages of war and peace being flung at you
-Dolokhov spitting all over Anatole’s face during Preparations
-the costume design
-Anatole flirting with audience members
-Anatole holding the 'WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH’ in the abduction for like thirty seconds
-Anatole being drunk basically the entire show
-Hélène’s look of terror when the elopement fails
-prince bolkonsky greeting Natasha in his undergarments
-Paul Pinto as the servant during the private and intimate life of the house
-prince bolkonsky hitting his powdered wig and powder flies out
-the opera singers
-Everyone wearing golden bear heads while dancing (I believe during the ball)
-every single one of marya’s entrances
-Dolokhov skipping along the stage while screaming at Anatole
-Hélène and Dolokhov getting touchy feely right in front of Pierre
-Pierre basically just being in His study the entire show
-The whole cast running around the entire theatre, including up in the mezzanine
-did i ever mention anatole
-Denee’s childlike innocence as natasha
-Andrey appearing in Natasha’s memories and she always reaches for him as he runs away
-The strobe lights during the duel
-Pierre standing completely still to let Dolokhov shoot at him
-Pierre hunching over before realizing he wasn’t hit
-The costume/prop design during the duel
-some ensemble members being paired with partners of the same sex while dancing
-Natasha poisoning herself with the super electric part of Pierre and Anatole
-Anatole’s green coat (not purple anymore) during the abduction
-Anatole not letting Natasha leave during the ball and they end up kissing
-The audience needing to pass Anatole’s love letter to natasha
-Sonya taking Natasha’s letter out of her sleeping hand before reading it
-Anatole striking poses when he enters during the opera
-the guy who plays the announcer at the opera/the guy who gives Pierre Marya’s letter is so good
-“what…. whaT…. wHAt…. WHA T?!”
-the moments that rely on audience participation
-people with eggshakers accidentally moving during a quiet song (myself included)
-Natasha and Sonya’s reactions to the opera
-Pierre basically saying “fuck you” to Napoleon


In a city by the sea, there stood a long, thin house on a long, thin street, and by a long, thin window, Marya Morevna sat and wept in her work clothes, and did not look out into the leafy trees. The winter moon looked in at her, stroking her hair with a silver hand. She was sixteen years of age, with seventeen’s shadow hanging heavy on her every tear. Old enough to work after school, old enough to be tired in her joints and her heels, old enough to know that something irretrievable had passed her by. 

If she had looked out the window, she might have seen a great, hoary old black owl alight on the branch of the oak tree. She might have seen the owl lean perilously forward on his green-black branch and, without taking his gaze from her window, fall hard—thump, bash!—onto the streetside. She would have seen the bird bounce up, and when he righted himself, become a handsome young man in a handsome black coat, his dark hair curly and thick, flecked with silver, his mouth half-smiling, as if anticipating a terribly sweet thing. 

But Marya Morevna saw none of this. She only heard the knock at the great cherrywood door, and rushed to answer it before her mother could wake. She stood there in her factory overalls, her face turned bloodless by moonlight, and the man looked down at her, for he was quite tall. Slowly, without taking his eyes from hers, the man in the black coat knelt before her. 

“I am Comrade Koschei, surnamed Bessmertny,” he said with a low, churning voice, “and I have come for the girl in the window.”

Great Comet Characters as stuff I've heard at school
  • Natasha: "I'm just a perpetual parade of sickness and bad decisions."
  • Pierre: "Silence is the sound of thinking... or death."
  • Sonya: "I am a donut."
  • Marya D: "I am the momma bear of this friend group. Although NO ONE ever listens to my advice."
  • Anatole: "Prison is an institution, marriage is an institution; I rest my case."
  • Hélène: "Well I've been debating whether I'm bi or a lesbian, because I seem to lean toward girls but I like to take as much as I can get."
  • Dolokhov: "Turns out there was a murderer outside my house the whole time! I could've been killed! I could've been the murderer!"
  • Andrey: "What the fuck am I even here for anyway?"
  • Bolkonsky: "*middle of March* I haven't had any idea what's been going in this class since October"
  • Balaga: "If manslaughter wasn't illegal I'd have committed it by now."
Great Comet x Things I've Heard In Improv
  • <p> <b>Pierre:</b> This Wine tastes oddly like Apple juice.<p/><b>Natasha:</b> What if, I don't go to my own wedding?<p/><b>Marya:</b> You irresponsible child how could you think summoning satan at school is a good idea?<p/><b>Sonya:</b> My best friend is better than your best friend because my best friend has 7 boyfriends.<p/><b>Anatole:</b> Hi, You don't know me but I'm here to ruin everything.<p/><b>Hélène:</b> Boys are hot. Girls are hot. I'm hot. Why doesn't everyone just love me?<p/><b>Dolokhov:</b> Listen, listen. We've been friends for years. You know I'm gonna support all your bad ideas, right?<p/><b>Bolkonsky:</b> *throws glasses across room* I realize now I need those.<p/><b>Mary:</b> My brother may be the worst man I've ever met. But, he's also very much out of your league.<p/><b>Andrey:</b> I'm just gonna... Bye.<p/></p>

For those of you wondering about why people speak lots of French and basically no Russian in the Great Comet, it’s because back in the day, pretty much only the peasants spoke Russian, and the entire aristocracy spoke almost exclusively French (though often English or German as well). Many would be fluent in Russian, but you could easily get by not speaking a word. So since the only characters in the Great Comet are aristocracy, they speak French, not Russian.