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Happy 27th Birthday Leyla Hazal Kaya! (October 1, 1990)

I am not someone distant, on the contrary, I am sociable and very friendly but sometimes as I said, when there is someone malicious or someone whom I wouldn’t like, that distant face of mine comes in handy.

Il materiale di origine: @angelasarafyan (Instagram) / “You haven’t seen this beautiful scene!! This scene was originally meant to be in the beginning of the film.”

Deleted scene from “The Promise.” The Armenian priest married Oscar and Angela for real while shooting this scene. I guess they had to get an annulment afterwards. So, technically, Oscar is still on his second marriage now…😂

The trial, which lasted two days, was supposed to allow the people to enjoy watching the humiliation of a despised sovereign. But with her dignified manner and the conviction of her answers, little by little the queen seemed to be winning over the crowd. The inconsistency of prosecution witnesses soon became obvious. The journalist Jacques Hebert though he had caught her off guard by raising the accusations of incest with her son. Marie-Antoinette remained silent. One of the jurors persisted and asked the presiding judge to demand she reply. Marie-Antoinette rose to her feet and answered loudly and forcefully, “If I did not reply, it is because nature refuses to answer such a charge against a mother. I appeal to all mothers who may be here present.” a murmur of sympathy and indignation ran around the hall. This was not how the trial was supposed to go.  When Robespierre heard of the incident, he cursed “that imbecile Hebert”.

Marie-Antoinette - Helene Delalex, Alexandre Maral, and Nicolas Milovanovic