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Legend of Korra - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Style (Opening 3)

“Golden Time Lover” by Sukima Switch

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Okay, here's the problem about how Makorrians turn down Korrasami

There’s been stuff in the korrasami tag lately that I feel I need to address in my own analytic way. 

If you ship makorra but don’t ship korrasami, no, that doesn’t make you homophobic. However, there is a problem I’m not sure you’ve taken into account. Unless you actually, legitimately are homophobic, in which case go away forever.

No, the problem is that the basis for makorrians denouncing korrasami comes from a different, unequal place than the basis for korrasamians denouncing makorra. That is to say, a problem with the initial mindset.

All the time, I see (admittedly good-natured) makorra shippers saying they don’t ship korrasami for non-homophobic reasons when confronted, and that’s fine. But I’ll ask: do you consider korrasami on equal footing to your own?

What I mean is, we korrasami shippers openly admit that makorra was a past romance that the show said yes to, but we prefer to ship korrasami for our own reasons regardless of how “good” we consider the makorra ship. They were lovers in the past and are at least friends now. We admit that.

On the other hand, I get the feeling makorra shippers so quick to jump on the “friendship/sisterhood” train regarding korrasami don’t even consider korrasami a romantic option in the first place; they stop at mere friendship and say ‘no more, okay?’

This is unequal. If you are a makorra shipper, openly admit that korrasami is a romance option, then still prefer to ship makorra for your own reasons, then go right ahead. I have no issue with you. If you fall into the former category, there is a serious bifurcation in your shipper brain and you need to explain why you do this; your reasons could actually divulge an answer that is a homophobic one or one that isn’t much of a problem as stated earlier in this paragraph. 

This inequality is what drives us korrasami shippers up the wall, not the fact that you have reasons for not shipping korrasami.

I could be wrong about how you all feel, of course, but that’s the vibe I keep getting from everything going on with the “shipping war”-esque negativity in the tag.