for making me think i worth something when i absolutely don't


sometimes if i haven’t replied to a thread yet, but i’m replying to others, it really isn’t a lack of interest. it’s a lack of being able to come up with what to say.
a lot of times, the threads that i leave for last (even though i try and be very fair) are ones that i have to think a little harder on because i absolutely don’t want to make someone wait, only to have it be difficult for them to reply. sometimes these threads end up having me be the most wordy i’ve been in a while. 

and sometimes replies can just take forever. it’s just the way it goes unfortunately – some days we have all the time in the world and zero desire for anything. it’s frustrating, but it happens!

so it’s not necessarily the other writer or the content – a lot of the times it’s just me trying to come up with something worth waiting for.