for making korra cry


“I really am the last airbender….”

“Leave no airbender behind!”

This is probably my favorite video that I’ve made.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all my videos (even if some people don’t) but this one always gets to me (not to sound egotistical or anything). I just always felt so bad for Aang being the last airbender and then when book 3 happened I just cried when Tenzin said, “I just wish your grandfather were here to see this”.

So to just have it all laid out like this, in a video, along with the amazing music produced by Jeremy Zuckerman… I always get hit with feels when I watch it.

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#11 - Best Quote

“You have light and peace inside of you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you.”

-Iroh, A New Spiritual Age

There are so many little things in A New Spiritual Age that are said during Iroh’s encounter with Korra that I completely love because I believe in them so completely. This is one of them.

I honestly believe in what I can best say is the divinity within every human being. There is light inside of every soul on this planet, and it our individual responsibilities to nurture it in ourselves and each other. The world is filled with darkness, pain and chaos, and often it seems like we’ll all get swallowed up in it. I do not have the power to stop that in the world, in others or in myself.

But there is light where there is dark. And I do my best to balance it, for my part.

So when I can, I choose kindness and love. I choose hope and healing. I choose understanding. I try. And then when times get tough for me or others, it’s easier to remember:

I have the light inside.


“Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else.”

I had a bit of a lightbulb-moment earlier tonight, and I’m going to be shocked if this hasn’t been brought up before, but I just realized that Korra inviting Asami on a vacation to the Spirit World, “just the two of us”, is a direct parallel to Asami’s offer to accompany Korra at the start of the book.


I’m proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership… you remind me of dad.


Rating: M

Summary: Sometimes they like to play rough. Very rough.

A/N: The refined, compiled version of this (posted also to FF and AO3). Back when I wrote that I’d only intended to post ‘Part 1’, however I just couldn’t help myself and had to finish it. It was quite liberating to write Korra/Mako this way. I’ve definitely censored myself before when writing smut, which I refused to do here, and so I was able to write with a very comfortable ease. Not sure if that makes this my headcanon for the dynamics of the pair’s sexual relationship, but I can confidently say that I’ve never written or been able to picture it as vividly. But enough chatter. Enjoy!

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Legend of Korra Book 3 was so good I actually was inspired to make art for it. I wanted to make a piece leaning towards the last episode where we saw Korra crying.

I decided to also relate that to how at the time she is feeling most vulnerable and feeling her worst as “The Avatar”, to emphasize this with the fact she broke ties with the past lives of the avatar.

I really like this piece, expect to see this in color ASAP.

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