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prompt: aliens. interpret it however you want uwu

Somehow Maggie had gotten put on the job of keeping an eye on Daryl as he came out from under the anesthesia. It was like watching a train wreck. Luckily, the surgeon at Alexandria had said the breaks in his ankle had been clean. They’d set the bones and stitched him up, and Daryl was not having any of it as he clawed back to the land of the living, still loopy from it all.

“Maggie,” he said it like a statement of fact, like he was assuring himself.

Maggie pursed her lips against a smile. “Yeah, Daryl. I’m Maggie.”

He was slightly propped up in the hospital bed, an IV line coming out of the back of his hand and a monitoring clip on his index finger. His leg was in a thick blue brace from his toes to halfway up his calf, and at some point they’d wrangled him into a pair of scrubs.

“Hey…” he whispered, lifting his arm up off the bed and waving. “Hey…Where am I?”

Maggie smirked. “The clinic. You just got out of surgery.”

He stared at her for a long moment, one eye narrowing as he struggled to comprehend what she was saying. “Right,” he said slowly. “They…they wanted my kidney.”

“No…No, you still have both your kidneys,” she assured. “Put your arm back down.”

He frowned and moved his hand under his back, as though to make sure there were no incisions there. “Did they use lasers? They always have lasers in the movies…”

“Who has lasers, Daryl?” Maggie played along, just happy that he’d woken up calm instead of the raging ball of aggression that they’d all been worried about.

“The aliens,” he said, as though this was obvious. “Did they—“ He gasped, so cartoonishly loud that Maggie nearly bit her lip trying to contain a laugh. “…probe me?”

He whispered it, but the wide-eyed fear in his eyes nearly sent her to the floor.

“No,” she assured with a solid nod. “Nobody…There was no probing. The doctor here just fixed your ankle. You remember, you broke it?”

“There was a rock…”

“Yeah, a lot of rocks…You fell down the side of a small cliff,” she explained. “Lucky you weren’t hurt worse.”

He looked confused, glancing around the room and not seeing what he wanted.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

He started to sit up, and she touched his shoulder.

“Hey, easy, lay back down. What are you looking for?”


“Yeah, there were a lot of rocks…”

“My mouth feels weird.” He smacked his gums loudly, looking to her for explanation.

Maggie smiled. “They said that might happen.”

“The aliens?”

“The doctors.”

“Aliens can be doctors.”

“Well, they aren’t.”

“That’s racist.” He blinked and seemed to reset. “Did they take the rock? It was in my pocket…the…bluey one…Jasper.”

“Hold on, okay, let me see.” She made sure he wasn’t going to try and climb out of bed, and she crossed over to the stack where Carol had folded his clothes for him. She rummaged through his pants pockets and found, sure enough, a little blue stone, about the size of her thumb. “This it?”

She held it up, and relief sent Daryl back into the pillows with a grin. “Yup.”

Maggie brought it over and let him take in his other hand.

“It’s pretty…Not sure it’s worth fallin’ down a cliff for…”

“It was,” he muttered, making a noise close to a giggle. “S’for Carol.”

Maggie smiled. “She was in here a while ago, just before you woke up. You want me to get her?”

He mumbled something unintelligible and nodded, eyes focused on the little stone. Maggie touched his shoulder as she stood.

“Hey, Maggie?” he asked as she turned to walk away.

“Yes?” She looked at him.

His eyes were still on the stone. “Would you’a married Glenn if he didn’t have that diamond ring?”

Maggie softened. “Of course. Why?”

Daryl rolled his head on the pillow, suddenly bashful. “Just thinkin’…this ain’t no diamond, but I think it’ll work.”

Maggie’s eyes widened, and warmth gushed up inside her chest. “You…You’re going to propose to Carol?”

Daryl blinked, looked at her, blinked again, and then lifted a finger to his lips, blowing loudly. “SHH! The aliens’ll hear you!”