for lyn!!

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I paired brave lyn with linde and its so cute! when I pick them, they make matching lines! lyn says "stay close" and linde says "ok". Linde says "what's next?" and Lyn says "The enemy!"??? I love them? they are such good wives to each other?

d’awwwwww they sound absolutely adorable!!! they probably joke about how similar their names are a lot, too ;p 

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I did Lyn/Lucina before I realised the supports went up to S-Rank and can you imagine the pleasant surprise I got after one tempest trial

through braving the tempest together, the two swordswoman found a bond like no other in one each other~~ 

strong fe sword girls x strong fe sword girls forever tbh 

here’s my anti-brave lyn enemy phase cecilia.

she’s not the tankiest unit, but with horse emblem buffs it would take a +atk brave lyn with +7 merge and horse emblem buffs to 1RKO her with this set.

gronnraven reduces her damage taken by 20%, and bowbreaker limits lyn’s attack to 1, she then gets 1RKO’d by a 20% boosted gronnraven followed by a another 20% gronnraven boosted by a fully charged moonbow.



“Lyndis, you look so cute I wanna pinch your cheek!”
“Lady Camilla… How do you even fight in this!?”


“Thanks for combing my hair, Camilla! Now I’ll tie yours up like mine~”
“You’re as sweet as pie, Lyndis darling.”

Someone gave me the genius idea of their outfit swap and I just had to♥
They’re both very lovely ladies and I adore them.