for lovers and fighters

Signs as Lovers or Fighters

Aries: Lover; Fuck with their friends, and you’ll be dead, though.
Taurus: Fighter; For what they believe in.
Gemini: A little bit of both.
Cancer: Lover; A very nuturing person, and normally a behind-the-scenes reverger.
Leo: Lover; Unless someone questions their postion.
Virgo: Lover; Just don’t fuck with their passions.
Libra: Both. On equal bits.
Scorpio: Fighter; Will stand up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
Saggitarius: Fighter; When someone they love is in trouble, they’ll kill a bitch. Someone insults them, they’ll kill a bitch twice as hard.
Capricorn: Fighter; When emotionally hurt, they tend to get into a very “fight me” mode.
Aquarius: A little bit of both; They go with the wind. Whatever seems to be best for the situation, really.
Pisces: Lover; Too sweet to fight, but will if it is absolutely nessassary. They normally don’t get in that postion though.

Why is no one talking about Valentine (“Michael”) and Jace’s training session?

He told this boy he was weak.  

He told him he wasn’t a good enough, that a true shadowhunter wouldn’t let himself get hit, even while injured.  

He beat him over the frickin head with a training mitt, jabbed him mercilessly, catching him at his weaknesses on purpose.  

He made Jace exert himself, not giving him the chance to heal, or to rest (which is the whole point of Clary leaving him behind).  

Then after all of that, he fed his poisonous teaching into Jace’s mind, convincing him again, after so many years, that love destroys, that the man he raised him to be was supposed to be special, different.  

A fighter, not a lover.   

This show didn’t just tell us about the parental abuse and trauma Jace experienced in his childhood.  It showed us.  

The Difficult Thing About Being A Pisces

You’re a lover and a fighter…in every sense of the words. You know how to love with all your heart and you have a serious backbone, not one to back down from anyone. The problem is that you often give those you love a hard time when they don’t deserve it because you feel the need to stand your ground or may feel slighted by something that wasn’t even done intentionally. When that feeling of being hurt overwhelms you, there is no psyching you out of it. You must act on it in some way. And this can push people away when you really only needed to talk things out and gain some understanding, something you want so bad from others.

I’ve been disturbed to see dynamics emerge where people create the new poly norm and then hate themselves if they cannot live up to it. If they are not perfect at being non-jealous, non-threatened, and totally delighted by their partners’ exploits immediately then they have somehow failed. I have felt this way myself. Frustrated at how my intellect can embrace this approach to sex and yet my emotional reaction is sometimes enormous and undeniably negative. At times, this has become a new unachievable perfection I use to torture myself, embarrassed even to admit to friends how awful I feel when overcome by jealousy, and becoming increasingly distant from partners as I try to hide these shameful and overwhelming feelings.

This doesn’t seem like the radical and revolutionary practice I had hoped for. In fact, it feels all too familiar, like the other traumas of growing up under capitalism—alienation from myself and others, constant insecurity and distrust and fear, self-hatred and doubt and inadequacy. I do not have a resolution for this dilemma. I only have hopes, for myself and others, and lots of questions. How do I recognize the inadequacy of the romance myth while acknowledging its deep roots in my emotional life? How do I balance my intellectual understandings with my deep-seated emotional habits/expectations? It seems like the best answer to all of this is to move forward as we do in the rest of our activism, carefully and slowly, based on our clearest principles, with trust and a willingness to make mistakes. The difficulty of having open relationships should not be a reason not to try it, but it should be a reason not to create new punishing norms in our communities or in our own minds. We’ve done difficult things before. We struggle with internalized oppressions, we chose to live our lives in ways that our families often tell us are impossible, idealistic or dangerous, and we get joy from creatively resisting the limits of our culture and political system that are both external and part of our own minds.


Dean Spade  

“For Lovers and Fighters”

who you should fight: sherlock edition

john watson: dO NOT FIGHT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. unless u want your ass handed to you by 5ft’6 of suppressed rage and bisexuality.

mrs hudson: no, she might seem soft but she’s tough as fuck. will probably drug you before you get the chance, and even if you did fight her john and sherlock would literally beat the shit out of u

moriarty: please. do it. do it for your country, your honour, he has no friends so no one will come for you. thats a lie u better watch out for mary

mary: i encourage you to fight satan but damn she’s Villain Supreme she’d put up a fight 👀 👀 👀 only take on this Final Boss when you have maximum XP points

mycroft: he’s a Lover not a Fighter you could take mycroft out with one hit but 0.5 seconds later you’d either be on Europe’s Most Wanted list or sherlock would have got john to kick ur ass. john would love to. any excuse.

sally: she will Destroy you

lestrade: he old , you could probably beat him, you’d make a lot of enemies tho he is Papa Greg after all

sherlock: why would you fight an innocent smoll he is only 1 inch tall u sick fuck