for lovers and fighters

  • Aries: Warrior
  • Hunter, Survivor, Fighter, Thinker
  • Taurus: Seducer
  • Enchanter, lover, philanderer, temptress
  • Gemini: Fool
  • Clown, Lunatic, Madman, Scatterbrain
  • Cancer: Patriarch
  • Ancestor, Mother, Old One, The Great Mother
  • Leo: Ruler
  • Aristocrat, Empress, Superior
  • Virgo: Servant
  • Assistant, Subordinate, Right-hand person
  • Libra: Seducer
  • Deceiver, enchanter, temptress
  • Scorpio: Magician
  • Priestess, Shaman, Sorcerer, Witch
  • Sagittarius: Seeker
  • Explorer, Monk, Wanderer, Wonderer
  • Capricorn: Patriarch
  • Ancestor, Father, Old One, The Great Father
  • Aquarius: Destroyer
  • Change-Maker, mischief-maker, Rascal
  • Pisces: Martyr
  • Great Soul, Saviour, Unfortunate victim
Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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Warnings: A bad relationship with a significant others family (?). Fluff. Involves reader being a muggle-born.
• He’s literally so sweet to you.

• He’s a lover not a fighter.

• After the war his dark mark turned into a scar and you had a muffler specialist remove it and skin graph the area on his request, of course.

• His mom is more excepting of your muggle roots than his father is.

• She doesn’t care as long as you take care of each other and she tries especially hard to get over the muggle-born stigma she’s been taught because she can see how much Draco loves you.

• But Lucius hates you.

• “I can’t believe he ended up with a mudblood.” / “Call me that again and I’ll kick you so hard your dick goes inside your body.”

• “Lucius!” / “Y/n.”

• “I mean it. Next time you talk to me like that I will kick your testicles inside your body.”

• “She means it, father.” / “I believe her.”

• Narcissa fucking loves how badass you are.

• But Draco loves that you’re only really a badass around them. When your both in private you turn into a tiny ball of cuddles and hair stroking.

• You don’t like being woken up.

• You can cook. To an extent.

• You introduced him to muggle fast food and now you get him McDonalds on his birthday.

• You were feeling pretty vengeful on your birthday one year so you took the Malfoy’s all out for Chinese.


• He is the best kisser EVER

• He loves to kiss you. It’s like an addiction.

• Draco is the little spoon.

• You are prohibited from going to the public wizard library because you come home with a book bag full of books and then ignore him for a week while you read.

• He likes hearing muggle fairy tales.

• One time he was super sick and he was in Mungo’s and you sat at his bedside the whole time.

• Narcissa and Lucius were listening to you two talk from behind a curtain because Lucius was sick too.

• “Tell me the one about the beast.” / “Beauty and The Beast?” /“Yes… that one..”

• Lucius was listening too, secretly.

• Draco just wanted to hear fairy tales the whole time, if he wasn’t sleeping or drinking healing potions that is.

• “What do they do in muggle hospitals?”

• “They give you IV’s of medicine depending how sick you are.”

• “Odd..” / “Get some rest, sweetheart. I’m gonna go get some food, want anything?” / “Pudding..” /“ ‘Course baby.”

• He loves you so much. It’s his only weakness.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I wish someone would say I’m an 11.
And those numbers feel like more than just numbers.
Please tell me, who are you to give me more insecurities?
And please tell me, who are you to talk about all the different possibilities?
I’m stuck wondering how to over work myself to not be myself.
While thinking of ways to make myself something better, anything else.
I wish you knew we women are more than just our appearances and features.
I wish you knew that we can be fighters or lovers or maybe even teachers.
Bless my father, for he always told me I was priceless.
That somehow I’m worth than 1,000 diamonds and nothing less.
But when you rate me, those numbers feel like more than just numbers.
And every word you say, strips me deep into gray, away from my bright colors.
As you also strip away all the confidence that I built inside lovers.
—  Written by lexorina  © 
the signs as women in star wars
  • padme amidala: kind, gentle-hearted, with hidden claws and unwavering morals // virgo, pisces, aquarius, cancer
  • rey: independent, loyal, loving, and ferocious, intensely sensitive and kind // aries, libra, scorpio, capricorn,
  • leia organa: tough, with a core as soft as velvet, a lover and a fighter, fragile but fierce // gemini, saggitarius, leo, taurus
Girl as wolfess. Girl as continuum. Girl as matchstick.
Girl as titanium. Girl as porcelain. Girl as fighter.

Girl as lover. Girl as born into the protest. Girl as revolution 
lungs. Girl as never known another way. Girl as witch.

Girl as Eve. Girl as Adam. Girl as born from her own rib.
Girl as stormy sky. Girl as larger than life. Girl as shriek.

Girl as gold. Girl as blood. Girl as the quiet before the storm.
Girl as shards. Girl as love. Girl as life. Girl as light.

Girl as fist. Girl as coil. Girl as sugar rain. Girl as gentle meets
strong. Girl as soft. Girl as dandelion fluff. Girl as scorpion.

Girl as a spoonful of poison. Girl as burn. Girl as drown.
Girl as wings. Girl as momentum. Girl as promise.

Girl as melody. Girl as harmony. Girl as song. Girl as sing.
Girl as anthem. Girl as impulse. Girl as warrior. 

Girl as hope for a better tomorrow. Girl as roses. Girl as
the thorns on roses. Girl as complete. Girl as her own.
—  GIRL, COMPLETE, angelea l.
Controversy 101

I read the Snape tag some evenings, and instead of basking in an insightful discussion about my favourite character, I often come away from it genuinely worrying about the intensity of hatred that some (not all) posters have for a fictional character.

I appreciate that not every character can be universally adored, and I understand that Snape is Marmite (for the record, Marmite is awful) - and amongst those who hate him are those who love to hate him (which is slightly different).  

…but I do think there’s a real difference between thoughtful critique, genuine questions, and thought provoking conversations versus the type of baiting, vitriol and virulent spreading of antagonistic misconceptions that the tag is mired in.

Of course, it is each to their own – if you’re having fun, well, have at it, I suppose.  …but personally, I can’t help but feel that it seems a little miserable, petty and self-defeating - and I would argue that those are some of Snape’s worst traits.

Which makes me wonder - have we come full-circle?  There’s a rather beautiful irony in the idea that the really passionate Snape haters have somehow embodied the most negative aspects of his personality.  

Because, y’know, that is really quite funny.

In all seriousness, why not do something awesome with your free time?  Why rally against a fictional character when you could be embracing the series and celebrating those that you love?  Why not write an insightful piece about your favourites, or the characters you find most interesting?  Why not draw or paint something you love?  Why not write a story, or do a craft?

Life really is far too short to be so incredibly angry.  Don’t waste time on what you hate; do what you love instead.  And in a world filled with hate…why not be kind?  :)


Day 6

Imagine Kissing Jace

For My Jace Lovers ;)

You’ve never been a stellar fighter but you have talent in healing and persuasion so you were allowed to stay at the Institute. You could have been asked to leave if you didn’t serve enough use to it.

Soon you became a favored member of the Institute due to the fact you patched up the fighters privately at all hours and never spoke a word to the Clave about unsanctioned missions.


“So the invincible prince can be harmed?” you tease as Jace drags himself into the infirmary. Most times you have to drag him in while he insists his mortal wound is only a scratch. Lately though he’s come in by himself. “Back again Jace? What happened this time?”

“Ravenor scratch,” he grunts and flops onto his usual bed.

“What? Jace! Those are bad!” you exclaim and start rooting through your cupboards to find the antidote. “How long?”

“Hour, maybe more,” he groans.

“Not long, okay that’s good,” you sigh in relief finally finding the drug and going to his bedside. “Already used the healing rune I presume.”

“Course,” he mumbles and holds his arm up for you. The ravenor got him deep right on his arm. Holding his arm with one hand you bite the cork off the antidote bottle and hold it up.

“This will sting,” you warn and he nods. You pour the antidote into the wound and quickly press a clean gauze on top. Jace hisses and recoils from your grip but you hold him tight. Being a medic you do have the strength to hold your patients down. “Now in case the antidote doesn’t get into your blood stream from your wound fast enough you have to drink it too.”

“Damn,” he swears but takes the bottle and chugs the rest down. Once it’s gone he slams it down and lays back on the bed. “You’re a good healer.”

“I try my best,” you reply.

“You’re better than the others we’ve had. You’re funnier, you’re a badass, and not to mention you’re way more attractive,” he muses confidently and you blush.

“Jace Wayland are you flirting with me?” you accuse and laugh lightly. Truth be told you’ve always had eyes for the blood demon hunter.

“Yes,” he answers and reaches up with his good hand to cup your face. “I’ve tried to stay away but I can’t anymore.”

“Then don’t,” you whisper and lean in to kiss him softly.

Jace kisses with a gentle ferocity and holds your face close. It’s sweet and passionate.

Pulling away for a second you smile at him.

“No more of that now, you need bed rest. Doctors orders.” Jace cackles and you peck him quickly before pulling the sheet over and tucking him in. “Rest.”

In a year where tyranny, bigotry, and hate seems to be winning. A year where artists, rebels, and outcasts keep being taken from us…The world needs us: the freaks, queers, artists, writers, activists, resisters, revolutionaries, rebels, dreamers, creators, thinkers, poets, philosophers, deviants, outcasts, pacifists, fighters, and lovers more than ever.

Rise up and unite against the Empire, my rebel friends. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

RIP Carrie Fisher. ❤