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Little child, you’ve got a whole future ahead of you
Tell yourself, not to feel so dark and blue

Your legs are strong, but you still feel a bit weak
Because you haven’t conquered the confidence
That will get you outta here

Embrace your innocence and gullibility
Trust with all your heart, that the damage always comes from others
And tell yourself, that you really understand them

The air feels fresher when you haven’t sinned
You are just a young soul full of potential, bright little thing
I know myself that I would have never recognized you
But I don’t want to ruin you, at least not so soon

Because I respect all the versions of yourself
And I know that when you were a little bit younger
The love you felt was authentic
And as your own conflicted feelings corrupted you
You no longer were the one who made me all these promises

I am very protective of the memory that I have of you
Of our burning hot showers, of the humor, of the bad news
That you told me just after you changed your mind
And let the demons convince you I was no longer the one

I mean, I have also aged, my pupils are dilated
Because of the substances that I take
Seeking to replace the love that was stolen
That I can never have again

However, young man, all the compassion can only be found in the child
That you no longer are, you are very far away and I am not on your mind
You went from dark blue to just pale, faded grey

Little child, if I could go back in time, I would
And I would tell you not to be so cruel
To tell yourself to never stop being the kind gentleman I once fell in love with
But then again, we just cannot change fate

Little child, I will let you grow, I will let you be a man
Don’t you worry, because my memories of you are intact
And I will always honor the kind gentleman I once fell in love with.

Cashmere and Silk

Genre: Fluff/suggestive Prince!Jinyoung AU

“And this is cashmere from the lands of India along with silk from the neighboring lands of China”, you explained to prince Jinyoung as you took a sample of the fabric out of the big case you had brought with you.

You and his majesty were standing in front of a bunch of different materials that were splayed out on his huge ebony desk, a collection of what you had brought back from your trips. He had hired you for your knowledge and your diplomacy so that you could accompany him in his diplomatic voyages. As a woman, it was not a common position to have but your competency had piqued his interest. He always asked for and valued your opinion over matters he needed a second point of view or couldn’t make up his mind on. Whenever you visited a foreign territory, you loved to get souvenirs, fabrics being one of your favorites so that you could make robes, sashes, and various pieces of clothing out of them.

Jinyoung picked up the fabric and felt it in his hands, the smooth material caressing his digits in a delicious way almost slipping out of his grip, so soft that it reminded him of the lightest touch of a feather.

“Is this to your liking, your majesty?”, you inquired as he studied the sample in his hands.

“Yes. Very much. How much of it did you bring back with you, Y/N?”, he asked you as he turned to face you.

“About 4 yards of the cashmere and 5 yards of silk, your highness”, you answered as you indicated the two materials that were neatly folded in your luggage.

“Good. Now”, he paused raising the pastel lilac colored silk “the weather is getting warmer every day as spring is approaching. Lighter clothes will be needed. How about a silk robe?”, Jinyoung thought
out loud.

“It would be a good idea, your highness. Especially for your next voyage to P-”

“Not for me. For you”, he interrupted you, placing the fabric close to your skin with an appreciative hum to see how well it looked against your complexion.

“F-for me..?”, you stuttered. Never in a million years you thought prince Jinyoung was planning on having something custom made for you. Gifts of this kind were often made and given to him or the royal family, never to a subordinate.

He smiled at your reaction, lines similar to eye whiskers appearing at the outer corner of his eyes as he was pleased to have caught you off guard for once.

“Yes, for you”, he confirmed in a firm tone, the smile still present but not diminishing the intensity of his words. As he said so, he let his hand grab your wrist gently holding you in place as his other hand caressed from your inner forearm all the way up to your shoulder, raising the sleeve of your hanbok in the process.
You were frozen on the spot, his touch leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake as your heartbeat picked up its tempo.

“Your skin is as smooth as the finest of China’s silk”, he commented appreciatively, almost absentmindedly.

Still with a hold on your wrist, he made you move so that your lower back rested against the desk behind and you stood right between it and his body. He got closer to you, his free hand brushing the neckline of your hanbok down your shoulder as he leaned forward, his nose barely grazing the skin on our neck to inhale your aroma.

“And your scent is just as delicious as the perfume of the first blooming flowers in spring. Orange blossom.. It suits you, Y/N”, he noted with his eyes closed appreciating the smell.

Your breath was caught in your throat, your mind caught in a daze as his touch and his words gradually made you lose your grasp on reality.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you released the breath you were holding until now as he let the material of your hanbok fall off your shoulders.

“Your m-majesty. I don’t.. this is not appropriate”, you attempted, trying to convince yourself more so than him.
Your body was now almost fully exposed to him, the cool air of the room and the whole situation making your nipples perk up.

He shut your protests up with a kiss that grew more urgent and searing by the second, his toned body pressed against yours as you could feel him grow more aroused against your leg.
When you parted, you both were out of breath, lips glistening and swollen after the passionate exchange.
Slowly, he started undoing the sash of his royal uniform, letting the clothing fall casually on the wooden floor until himself was almost completely bare.

“Tonight, and from the moment the sun will rise tomorrow onward I won’t be just your majesty to you”, he proclaimed as he lifted your naked form on the big table opening your legs for him to step in between them.

“What will you be then?”

A breath away from your lips, he looked into your eyes with burning intensity, and he spoke one word that held a world of promises:


-Admin Dream
Jeff being in love with you Would Include...

Originally posted by its-my-yard

Requested by Anon

ღ Jeff telling you he loves you all the time.

ღ Sweet and romantic dates

ღ Long walks on the beach 

ღ Exploring new things together 

ღ Getting tattoo’s together

ღ Hand holding all the time

ღ Public Displays of affection

ღ Jeff loves showing his love for you

ღ Cute souvenirs from the places he’s visited

ღ Loving text messages 

ღ Jeff leaving love notes everywhere

ღ So much cuddling

ღ Planning your future together 

ღ Jeff treating you like a Queen/King

ღ Jeff being the one for you…

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anonymous asked:

How about rfa + v + saeran with an MC that is constantly traveling? Like she has some job where she's an assistance or team member or attache to someone or something and so she's always traveling around the world. She's can be in Korea one day, France another, a few days later visit South Africa, come back to Korea, and the next week be in America. She's been almost everywhere and absolutely loves it and is always bringing back things with her from her travels to share.

This is a fun request anonny! I’ve never been a big fan of traveling myself but I bet it’d be a lot of fun to travel with the RFA and friends! Thank you very much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung is honestly pretty sad at first when he finds out that you have to travel a lot due to your job
  • He doesn’t like the fact that he can’t be with you since he has to stay at the Vet clinic when you’re out
  • But after he gets over his sadness, Yoosung is genuinely interested to learn about all of the different places you’ve been to
  • He loves hearing you talk about your different adventures and adores scrolling through photos of your past trips
  • Always makes it a point to call you whenever you have cell reception because he’s super clingy and misses you dearly
  • When you come back, Yoosung will give you the biggest hug of your life
  • But there was once an instance where Yoosung had a week off and decided to go with you to your next destination, a place where he’d always wanted to visit, India
  • He loves all of the bright colored clothing and has a newfound love for Indian food, something that Yoosung promise to learn how to make so he can start cooking lots of Indian food for you when you two get back home
  • You always bring home snow globes from the various countries you travel to and Yoosung’s eyes always light up when he sees the new one you’ve brought home
  • Yoosung uses his vacation days to go travel with you to whatever country your destined to next because no matter where you go, he always adores spending time with you


  • Zen’s highkey excited for you being able to travel so much because of your job but is lowkey jealous as well
  • He wishes that he’d have the opportunity to travel along side you, but with his acting career it’s almost impossible
  • The minute you land in a new country and turn your phone on, you have about a hundred texts and voicemails from Zen with him telling you how much he misses and loves you
  • When you tell him that your next country destination is Paris, Zen immediately takes time off from work because no way your going to the city of love without him
  • But when Zen isn’t able to go traveling with you, he’ll always call you before you go to bed, no matter what time it is in Korean, since he made a little promise to himself to always wish you goodnight and have you fall asleep to his voice
  • This boy is always waiting for you at the airport whenever your supposed to arrive home and will give you the most passionate kiss in front of everyone there
  • Zen loves the little souvenirs you bring home, especially any new articles of clothing, and will treasure the heck out of it because it’s a reminder to him how much you love him


  • Jaehee is so happy for you when she finds out that you’re an avid traveler for your job
  • She wishes that she could go along with you but she knows that the only reason why you do travel so much is because of your job so she doesn’t want to interfere
  • Before you leave on a trip, Jaehee will plan out your travels so she knows exactly when the appropriate times to call you are
  • And she’ll definitely call you the second she knows you’ve landed and won’t stop calling until you pick up
  • When you tell her that your newest travel location is Brazil, Jaehee starts packing her bags
  • She explains that Brazil is famous for their coffee exports and she’d absolutely love to go there especially with the woman she loves
  • But for the times Jaehee can’t go, she loves when you bring back little souvenirs for her, the two of you now have a collection of coffee mugs and cups from all of the countries you’ve been to
  • Jaehee is honestly so happy and excited for you because you get to travel so much, she likes the fact that you enjoy your job so much and is secretly looking into applying to the same company as you now


  • Jumin’s an avid traveler himself so he’s pleased to learn that you travel a lot as well due to your job
  • He still doesn’t get why you’d just quit your job since he can provide enough for you but after you explain why, he understands
  • When you’re away, he misses you so much to the point where he’ll just get on his own private jet and fly to wherever you are to see you
  • You tell him that you’re visiting Napa Valley for your next trip and the second those words leave your mouth, Jumin’s got the jet ready
  • He tells you that Napa Valley has the best wineries and the views are stunning so there’s no way he’s not going along with you
  • You have to explain to Jumin that you’re going there for your job but he still goes because no one can deny Jumin Han his wine
  • If there’s ever a time he can’t go along with you, you always make sure to bring back some kind of alcohol for Jumin, which he greatly appreciates
  • Jumin never likes being without you but since the two of you work all of the time, he makes sure to set some time aside to go on luxurious trips with just the two of you


  • Seven is hyped that you travel a bunch but is somewhat upset that you typically go only for work
  • He gets super sad whenever you leave but he has a tracker on your phone so he knows where you are at all times
  • Definitely hacks into street and building cameras in whichever country your in so he can keep and eye on you and to make sure that you’re alright
  • He’ll also try to take time off of his own work to go with you but you have to explain to Seven that your going to these places because of work
  • Still, there have been times when Seven’s secretly stowed away on the airplane and much to your surprise, you see him when you’re in a new country
  • He takes some time off his own work to go with you when you tell him that you’re going to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome
  • When the two of you get there, Seven admires all of the great architecture and runs around excitedly while holding your hand
  • He also takes time to pray to thank God for giving him you to have in his life
  • Whenever Seven doesn’t go with you on trips, you always brings back some random souvenirs to show him and the two of you have a collection of miss-matched items from all over the world
  • Seven tries to travel as much as possible with you because his time with you is precious, so be prepared for lots of surprise visits from Seven when you’re in new countries


  • V travels the world all of the time so he’s excited when he finds out that your job has a lot of traveling to different countries involved
  • He loves seeing your eagerness when it comes to traveling so when your work company allows it, V usually comes along with you
  • But when there are times when he can’t go with you, V becomes very lonely and yearns for your warmth
  • So expect a lot of phone calls from V where he’s almost in tears as he tells you how much he misses you
  • One of V’s favorite countries to visit is Berlin, Germany so when you tell him that your job has it as your newest destination, he becomes extremely excited
  • When your done with work, you and V wonder the streets of Berlin as V takes about a hundred photos of all of the older buildings and nature scenes
  • Since there are times when V can’t go along with you, you make sure to take lots of photos of the country that you’re in to show V, who’s proud that he’s making a little photographer out of you
  • V never likes not being by your side so with his smooth talking, and some of his wealth, V becomes your new escort and happily accompanies you to all of the countries you visit


  • Saeran is somewhat annoyed that you have to travel so much because of your job
  • Although he’d never admit it, Saeran loves having you around since you’ve become his pillar of support so he becomes quite sad whenever you leave to another country
  • He’ll send a few texts to you to make sure that you’re okay but Saeran will also hack into any kind of camera, phone, or video feed to make sure he can see you safe and sound
  • You’ve offered for him to come along a few times since your company would allow it but Saeran always refused, saying that traveling to a completely new country made him feel uneasy
  • That is until you told him that you’re next destination was Greenland, a country that Saeran had always dreamed of going to because of the peaceful nature and colder weather
  • When you finish up work for the day, you lead Saeran around, taking in the beauty and tranquility that Greenland has to offer
  • If Saeran doesn’t go on a trip with you, you always send him postcards with little messages of love to him and he secretly keeps all of them in a drawer
  • Saeran is always begging you to let him travel with you and your company after that trip, saying that he’d even be willing to get a job there if it means that he can travel the world with you
BTS Imagine: Traveling w/ maknae line


-While the both of you were waiting for your flight, both of you would wander around the airport, looking at each food or clothing stalls

-The type who loses his belongings and would forget that he’s bringing a bag, so you would constantly remind him

-Both of you loves snacks so every stops, you would buy variety of snacks

-Both of you also loves souvenir shopping

-He would hold your hand, he doesn’t like it when you’re far away from him

-He pushes you in asking strangers about directions because he’s too shy to even approach them

-Cuddles every night, and he would constantly tell that he had fun and he would also lay out what he wants to do the very next day

-You love taking pictures of him, and he would get shy when he caught you taking snaps

-Sometimes, he’s like a baby and you would act like his mother


-He’s so carefree and positive even though you guys are already lost

-He’s a good navigator 

-You would worry a lot if you guys are lost, while he would take pictures of the scenery and he would take selcas/selfies with you

-He wants you to take pictures of him, he likes posing as a model

-Sometimes, you would also act like his mother and tell him not to spend too much

-But then, he’ll pull out his credit card and innocently smile at you

-And there’s nothing you can do but smile back at him

-In the end, he would be still spending a lout because you both ate in an expensive restaurant

-He loves to back hug you even though you guys are in the public

-He’s so friendly with the local kids and you’ll end up pulling him away from them 

-And he’ll suddenly pull a stunt, and you’ll end up face palming and repeatedly ask yourself why did you date him but if someone asked you if you know him, you’ll instantly reply “he’s my boyfriend”


-“Jungkook? Where’s jungkook? Kookie!”

-10% of your trip is looking for him because he just suddenly disappears

-Then when you find him, he’s busy taking pictures and you couldn’t scold him because the smile on his face when he shows you his pictures

-Muscle man! (LOLS) He’s the one who carries your bags because he doesn’t like it when you’re in a difficult situation

-You guys would sleep a lot while traveling 

-He’s not the type who shows skin ship in public, but he does your brush your hair to side or pat your head

-BUUUUT he’s touchy when you guys are in your hotel/motel room

-The type of person who would instantly look for the washing machine, he also washes your clothes while you are ordering food


Your “hapy” picture with camel, 5 piastras