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Your “hapy” picture with camel, 5 piastras

BTS Imagine: Traveling w/ maknae line


-While the both of you were waiting for your flight, both of you would wander around the airport, looking at each food or clothing stalls

-The type who loses his belongings and would forget that he’s bringing a bag, so you would constantly remind him

-Both of you loves snacks so every stops, you would buy variety of snacks

-Both of you also loves souvenir shopping

-He would hold your hand, he doesn’t like it when you’re far away from him

-He pushes you in asking strangers about directions because he’s too shy to even approach them

-Cuddles every night, and he would constantly tell that he had fun and he would also lay out what he wants to do the very next day

-You love taking pictures of him, and he would get shy when he caught you taking snaps

-Sometimes, he’s like a baby and you would act like his mother


-He’s so carefree and positive even though you guys are already lost

-He’s a good navigator 

-You would worry a lot if you guys are lost, while he would take pictures of the scenery and he would take selcas/selfies with you

-He wants you to take pictures of him, he likes posing as a model

-Sometimes, you would also act like his mother and tell him not to spend too much

-But then, he’ll pull out his credit card and innocently smile at you

-And there’s nothing you can do but smile back at him

-In the end, he would be still spending a lout because you both ate in an expensive restaurant

-He loves to back hug you even though you guys are in the public

-He’s so friendly with the local kids and you’ll end up pulling him away from them 

-And he’ll suddenly pull a stunt, and you’ll end up face palming and repeatedly ask yourself why did you date him but if someone asked you if you know him, you’ll instantly reply “he’s my boyfriend”


-“Jungkook? Where’s jungkook? Kookie!”

-10% of your trip is looking for him because he just suddenly disappears

-Then when you find him, he’s busy taking pictures and you couldn’t scold him because the smile on his face when he shows you his pictures

-Muscle man! (LOLS) He’s the one who carries your bags because he doesn’t like it when you’re in a difficult situation

-You guys would sleep a lot while traveling 

-He’s not the type who shows skin ship in public, but he does your brush your hair to side or pat your head

-BUUUUT he’s touchy when you guys are in your hotel/motel room

-The type of person who would instantly look for the washing machine, he also washes your clothes while you are ordering food

Someday we’ll all be together, as a community, as friends. Someday we’ll have our Woodstock, our On The Road, our generation. We are the counterculture, we’re the new beatniks, the new hippies, the new rock babies. We are. See you soon my friends.

Nos anciennes amours

Désormais seule devant l’infini du ciel je me compare à celle que j’étais. Je n’aperçois plus mes repères et mon chagrin s’en trouve aggravé. Te souviens-tu de nos amours, celles où nous dansions jusqu’au matin, où nous n’avions que d’éloges l’un pour l’autre? Il y avait nous et tous ces petits riens qui comblaient à la fois nos âmes et nos cœurs. Rassure-moi. Dis-moi que tu n’as rien oublié et ce, malgré ton départ.

Vérona DeBroca