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mogblin  asked:

11 and 15 for the ask meme >:3c

11.Top five favorite desserts

Flan, tres leches cake, arroz con leche (im not used to calling it rice pudding), lemon cake and I really love the slushies from Sonic.

15.Top five favorite characters.

I tend to hyperfocus on whatever series is my current fixation so Aphrodite, Hyoga, and Shun. I also really like Diego from Steel Ball Run and I love Killua.

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Relationship status: taken

Favourite colour: white, pink

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last movie I watched: matilda

Last song I listened to: hate to see your heart break

Top 3 fictional characters: sherlock holmes, veronica mars, liz lemon

Top 3 ships: johnlock, evak, LoVe

Books I’m currently reading: the adventures of sherlock holmes

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binwooed  asked:

🍰💥🐴 (pancakes)

🍰 what are some of your favourite sugary foods?!!! and lemon bars are soooo good and to top it off I LOVE UBE CAKE PLEASE HAVE UBE CAKE IT IS SO GOOD

💥 what are some unpopular opinions that you have?

I actually don’t know how popular my opinions are so?? like i’m sure i have some i just don’t know which ones

🐴 opinion on pancakes?

mmmm yes I love pancakes nice n fluffy, we get this pumpkin pancake from trader joe’s that’s pretty bomb imo

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